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Ninth Underground Operators' Conference 2005

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2005

The Underground Operators’ Conference has been gathering strength ever since the first conference was held in Broken Hill in 1977. The 2005 conference was once again an outstanding opportunity for owner and contract miners and their associated suppliers, consultants and researchers to engage in a common forum to discuss a number of operating issues that have confronted and been solved by the underground mining community.

The papers delivered and co-authored by owner and contract miners from across Australia was leavened by a sprinkling of overseas papers. It is fairly obvious that regardless of country, education standard of personnel or sophistication of mining methods, the issues confronting our mines are much the same. Their solutions, at times, are quite novel and we can all learn from fellow operators in other countries.

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A Review — Pillar Stability Issues at DOZ Block Cave MineA Sinuhaji, D Flint and O Rindriatmoko
1.3 MB
Application of Conveyors for Underground HaulageA G L Pratt
2.1 MB
Backfill Technology Development at Xstrata Mount Isa Mines Between 1995 and 2005K Kuganathan and L Neindorf
602.7 KB
Benchmarking — A Practical Technique for Measuring and Improving Operational PerformanceA J Hall and P J Harper
185.0 KB
CAF Backfill of Primary Stopes at Callie Underground MineR Kintzel
7.4 MB
Common Infrastructure Project — Development for the Future of PT Freeport IndonesiaJ Barber, B Mennie, R Poedjono and G Coad
1.5 MB
Controlling Stope Ring Relief in Multi-Level Mass BlastingS H Chung and Q Liu
2.5 MB
Conveyor Loading of SkipsR Terlich
844.0 KB
Current Trends and Future Opportunities in Underground Hardrock Ventilation PracticesD J Brake and A Nixon
137.0 KB
Differential Cut-Off GradesT P Horsley
276.5 KB
Driver Fatigue Through Nightshifts in SuccessionN Mabbott and R Lloyd
176.2 KB
Excavation of the Lift 2 Crusher Hydroset Chamber and Orepass in Seismically Active Conditions at Northparkes MinesJ Nixon and A Weston
2.0 MB
From Inception to Completion — A Blind Bored Ventilation Shaft and Watertight Lining for the Springvale Coal MineR O’Brien and J Zeni
1.9 MB
Future Directions in Australian Contract MiningJ Luxford
75.5 KB
ImPact — Extending Wireless LAN Technology UndergroundP Cunningham, D Kent and J Kirkpatrick
961.4 KB
Installation of an Underground Dispatch System and its Use in Business Performance Management Within Osborne’s Mining DepartmentP Willcox
290.4 KB
Integrating North American Shaft Sinking Practices into Australian Operations — Telfer Hoist Shaft DevelopmentB Upton and P Bonniwell
1.8 MB
Introduction of Autonomous Loaders to Olympic Dam Operations, AustraliaC McHugh
1.2 MB
Investigations and Improvements to Ground Control Systems Used at Xstrata Copper — Mount Isa Copper OperationsN Slade, B Andrew and L Krois
3.2 MB
Long Shaft — A Deep Level Mining Success StoryR J Butcher, T Moran and G McLeay
400.1 KB
Maintaining Health and Retiring HealthyM Armstrong
127.5 KB
Managing Seismic Hazards in a Narrow Vein Underground OperationJ V Slade
490.5 KB
Minimising the Effects of Environment on Health and ProductivityG P Bates
121.4 KB
Mining Open Stopes at Cannington Mine Using a Vertical Retreat Open Stoping (VROS) MethodM L Bloss
873.2 KB
Mining Over 100 Stopes Per Year? — The Perilya Broken Hill Approach to Mine PlanningA Henderson, B Mitchell and C Mroczek
1.2 MB
Modern Underground Drilling Rigs and Their Effect on Mine Production and PreparationG Nord
514.0 KB
Northparkes Mines — Design, Sudden Failure, Air-Blast and Hazard Management at the E26 Block CaveI Ross and A van As
2.2 MB
Off to a Good Start with Lift #2: Drawbell Extraction — NorthparkesA C Silveira, M Lovitt and T Hewitt
769.2 KB
Optimising Raising Development Using the Drop Raise Method at DOZ Mine PT Freeport IndonesiaH Siswanto and M E Rakidjan
880.5 KB
Ore Pass and Chute Maintenance at Xstrata Copper — Mount Isa Copper OperationsC J Carr and L E Krause
2.7 MB
Organisational Improvement Through Graduate Program EvolutionC Lousberg and M McCarthy
237.2 KB
Paste Fill Operations and Research at Cannington MineM L Bloss and R Rankine
630.6 KB
Perimeter Control in Development MiningD K Miller, L Bottomley and A J Tucker
685.1 KB
Recent Developments in Australian Shaft Excavation Practice — Raise Bored Shafts in Highly Stressed RockD O’Toole and D Sidea
1.2 MB
Secondary Breakage Practice at the DOZ Block Cave MineD C Flint, A Sinuhaji, T B Setyoko and H Kalangi
673.3 KB
Solving the Problems of Precharging Sublevel Caving Rings at Ridgeway Gold MineM Wiggin, P Trout and B Macaulay
401.5 KB
Specialised Equipment and Mining Techniques for Narrow Vein MiningJ Blunt, P Ganza and D Moss
312.0 KB
Spontaneous Combustion and Simulation of Mine Fires and Their Effects on Mine Ventilation SystemsA D S Gillies, H W Wu and D Humphreys
1.9 MB
Spraying the Surface or Just Scratching the Surface — What Are the Real Benefits of In-Cycle Fibrecrete?G R Davison
861.7 KB
Stope Performance at Olympic Dam MineM E Oddie and M J Pascoe
688.1 KB
Technical Challenges Faced With Extracting a Transverse Pillar at Mount Isa Mines, Xstrata CopperI Thin, D Grant and A Winchester
11.8 MB
The Application of Computer Modelling for Blasting and Flow in Sublevel Caving OperationsA Minchinton and P Dare-Bryan
4.5 MB
The Effect of Stress Damage on Dilution in Narrow Vein MinesP Stewart, J Slade and R Trueman
740.3 KB
The New Management of Risk — Competency-Based SafetyC Pitzer
215.8 KB
The Use of Customer Operated Bulk Emulsion Systems for Improved Productivity at the Tara Underground OperationsS Freeman and A Suokas
1.4 MB
Underground Bulk Cooling at Callie Underground MineD Smith
183.2 KB
Underground Trucking into the FutureA C Robertson, P B Ganza and C J Noack
154.9 KB