AusIMM – The Minerals Institute

The AusIMM represents 14,000 individuals working in the global minerals industry and provides leadership and opportunities for minerals industry professionals. Read more

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  • Online Content

    The AusIMM has a range of online content from technical sessions, lectures and presentations available for public access via our AusIMM YouTube channel, click here.

  • Societies & Committees


    • The Community and Environment Society of The AusIMM
      The Community and Environment Society was formed to provide a balanced, informed voice which supports professionals in the minerals sector in sustainability related issues.

    • The Consultants Society of The AusIMM
      The Consultants Society is a dedicated society for those professionals employed, operating or interested in the area of mineral industry consulting.

    •  The Geoscience Society of The AusIMM
      The aim of the Geoscience Society is to represent the professional needs of AusIMM members who have an interest in geoscience, and to promote the geosciences among our peers and to the general community.

    • The Metallurgical Society of The AusIMM
      The role of the Metallurgical Society is to meet the professional needs of AusIMM members whose field of interest and profession is metallurgy and to promote their profile in the community generally.

    • The Mining Society of The AusIMM
      The Mining Society represents the mining engineering profession within The AusIMM.


    • The AusIMM Health and Safety Committee
      The Health and Safety Committee is committed to investigating and promoting safety in all its forms and supporting the safety education, training, assessment and preparedness of AusIMM members.

    • The AusIMM Heritage Committee
      The Heritage Committee aims to foster knowledge about the heritage of the minerals industry among members and the public and to identify and encourage conservation of significant sites, documents and objects.

    • The AusIMM Women in Mining Network (WIMnet)
      WIMnet aims to promote, attract and retain women in the mining industry and to encourage membership and active participation of women in The AusIMM and WIMnet activities. Membership is open to all.