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13th Australian Tunnelling Conference

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2008
The 13th Australian Tunnelling Conference had a theme of ‘Engineering in a Changing Environment’ and reflected the challenges and changes in which we work to meet the expectations of the community and our society. The topics covered by these proceedings included:
  • Australian Tunnelling Projects
  • Design and Development of Ground Support
  • Developments in Tunnel Lining
  • EastLink Tunnels
  • Fire and Life Safety
  • Geotechnical and Hydrogeological Developments
  • International Projects
  • Landmark Projects
  • Mining Projects
  • New Zealand Focus
  • Risk Management in Tunnelling
  • Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) Tunnelling
  • Workshop – Concrete Segmental Linings for Tunnels and Shafts

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An Appraisal of Tunnelling in the Auckland Region for Infrastructure DevelopmentA Hodgson and J St George
83.1 KB
Analysis of the Creep Behaviour of Tunnels in Sandstone/ShaleR Chen and J C Small
265.0 KB
Aspects of the Design and Construction of the Chong Ming Tunnel ShanghaiF Ng, R Frew and E Wong and G Ferguson
1.4 MB
Big Diameter Tunnelling Beneath Low Rock CoverD Meyer, F Brodbeck and N McKenzie
985.4 KB
Creating a Geotechnical Baseline Report for Project Hobson, AucklandH Asche, M Sheffield and M Sheffield
204.4 KB
Deluge System Operating Effectiveness in Road Tunnels and Impacts on Operating PolicyM Bilson, A Purchase and C Stacey
263.4 KB
Design and Construction of the City West Cable Tunnel, Sydney AustraliaJ J Ashley
1.6 MB
Design and Construction of Tunnels for Northern Gateway Project, New ZealandD Sykes, B D Hegan and M Behrens and A McPhee
628.4 KB
Design Basis and Construction Experience for a Bolt and Shotcrete Lined Tunnel for the Wambo Rail SpurB Shen and I Chan
257.1 KB
Design of a Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Segmental Tunnel Lining – City West Cable Tunnel Project, Sydney, AustraliaL Drowley and A Kuras
320.1 KB
Design of Shallow Caverns in an Urban EnvironmentH Lagger, A Amon and S Pollak
686.1 KB
Design of Steel Fibre Reinforced Segmental Lining for the Gold Coast Desalination TunnelsW Angerer and M Chappell
999.7 KB
Design, Inspection and Rehabilitation of the New Croton Aqueduct, New York CityA Noble, D Roberts and A Fareth
1.1 MB
Developments in the Use of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete (SFRC) in Precast Segments for Tunnel LiningsJ Greenhalgh, C Roberts and J Brown
250.1 KB
EastLink Tunnel – Permanent Concrete Lining and Waterproofing DesignK Assi, F Lebbing and E Taylor
646.2 KB
Effect of the Patternised Pin Drain on Reduction of Pore Pressure Behind Waterproof Shotcrete Linings for TunnellingH-S Shin, D-J Youn, Y-S Jung, G-J Bae and J-H Shin
1.0 MB
Excavating a Tunnel in the Foothills of the Southern Alps of New ZealandJ Edwards and E Giles
936.9 KB
Fire and Life Safety – The EastLink PerspectiveP S Smith and C MacDonald
245.7 KB
Geotechnical Shaft Reconciliation at Oyu Tolgoi, MongoliaP Voulgaris, M F Lee and A Purvee and L J Mollison
638.3 KB
Impact of Rock Mass Characteristics on Hard Rock Tunnel Boring Machine PerformanceA Ramezanzadeh, J Rostami and D Tadic
316.4 KB
Improving Roadway Development in Underground Coal MinesG Lewis and G Gibson
129.9 KB
Lower Lea Valley Cable Tunnels – A Case Study of a Program Critical ProjectS Woodrow
571.7 KB
Management of Hydrogeological Risk in Tunnelling ProjectsK Srivastava
703.7 KB
Managing Underground Risks in Singapore Through Geotechnical Interpretative Baseline ReportsJ Rozek and L N Loganathan
62.5 KB
Microtunnelling Solution for Bulimba Creek Trunk SewerR Bhargava, C Jewkes and A Domanti
669.3 KB
Microtunnelling the Ocean Outfall Pipeline, Christchurch, New ZealandJ Moore, R Fleming and G Jones
705.6 KB
North Shore Connector Tunnel Project, Pittsburgh, USAA J Miller, M D Boscardin and P A Roy
330.3 KB
Northern Sewerage Project – Liner Selection in a Corrosive EnvironmentG W Davidson, M E Trim, D G Franklin, J V Myers and P J Hansen
200.1 KB
Operational Management of Fire Suppression SystemsA Dix
786.4 KB
Peanuts and Tunnel Stuffing – The Brightwater Conveyance System East ContractD N Adams, J J Johnson, M E Trim and W Cranston
421.0 KB
Perth City Rail Tunnel Project – Overview, Geotechnical Conditions and Building ProtectionE Hudson-Smith and M Grinceri
850.3 KB
Planning and Investigation of the Airport Link Tunnel and Northern Busway, BrisbaneD Stewart, A de Aboitiz and T Peglas
575.8 KB
Polymer-Based Alternative to Steel Mesh for Coal Mine Strata ReinforcementC Lukey, G Spinks and E Baafi and I Porter and J Nemcik
341.8 KB
Predicting Carbonation of Concrete in TunnelsM L Berndt
445.1 KB
Prediction of Rock Mass Properties Ahead of Tunnel Face Using Drilling ParametersK-Y Kim, K-S Kim, C-Y Kim and D-G Kim
715.8 KB
Project Overview – EastLink TunnelJ Gardiner
Recent Advances from the United Kingdom Tunnelling Industry – The A3 Hindhead ProjectT Ireland and T Rock
553.8 KB
Recent Developments in Tunnel Fire and Life Safety Standards and GuidanceJ Munro
79.6 KB
Results and Experiences with Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Measurement in Road TunnelsC Seewald
191.0 KB
Risk ‘Thinking’ for Australian TunnellingP Standish
344.7 KB
Risk Management Through Design – Experiences from the United Kingdom Tunnelling IndustryT Ireland
891.4 KB
Road Tunnel Protection by Water Mist Systems – Implementation of Full-Scale Fire Test Results into a Real ProjectS Kratzmeir
246.1 KB
Selection of Primary Support in the EastLink TunnelsA Bennett, P Campi and M Dodds
559.3 KB
Shaping our FutureK Mathers
Shotcrete Lining Design for Underground Excavations in Rock – The Current State of PracticeS Barrett, L McQueen and B Bendtsen
811.2 KB
Soft Ground Tunnelling in Melbourne – Investigation and Design of the Melbourne Main RelieverP Clark, M Dixon and T O’Shannessy
1.9 MB
Stability of Raise Bored Shafts in Australian MinesW A Peck and M F Lee
680.7 KB
Static Testing of ShotcreteE C Morton, A G Thompson, E Villaescusa and D Howard
926.8 KB
The Bosphorus Rail Tunnel ProjectV Tellioglu and A Unlutepe
369.3 KB
The Code of Practice for Risk Management of Tunnel Works – Future Tunnelling Insurance from the Insurer’s Point of ViewH Moll
395.2 KB
The Design and Construction of a ‘Batcave’D Lees and D Dickson
923.0 KB
The Use of Risk Analysis to Achieve Consistency in the Fire and Life Safety Design of Road TunnelsL Poon
106.3 KB
Three-Dimensional Modelling of Construction Tolerance in Trapezoidal SegmentsG Swarbrick and R Bertuzzi
321.7 KB
Traffic and Emission Modelling for Surface Roads near the Lane Cove Tunnel CorridorM Vasilovska
26.5 KB
Tugun Bypass Tunnel Using Top-Down Cut-and-Cover MethodJ Hsi, S Lambert and M Thomas
956.8 KB
Tunnel Groundwater Inflow MeasurementW Meynink, R Witt and M Lowing
98.2 KB
Tunnelling for Bogong Hydropower DevelopmentR Rooney and A Kindred
797.5 KB
Twin Stacked Tunnels – KDB200, Kowloon Southern Link, Hong KongD R Hake and I P W Chau
550.6 KB
Urban Tunnelling Challenges – Mechanised Tunnelling to Improve Life Quality in CitiesM Herrenknecht and U Rehm
839.4 KB
Use of Shotcrete Arch as Tunnel Support – A Case StudyI Chan and B Shen
470.5 KB
When the Portal is in the Sea – Design of the Marine Risers and Tunnel Connections for the Gold Coast Desalination PlantJ Garnier and W Angerer
392.9 KB