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Mine Waste and Tailings 2018

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2018
The Mine Waste and Tailings Stewardship Conference 2018 was held from 23–24 July in Brisbane, Queensland. The second in this series it aimed to be the benchmark for sharing knowledge and experience on mine waste and tailings management, sustainable practice and closure in Australia and the rest of the world. The conference was built around the following 12 themes: co-disposal of tailings and coarse wastes, tailings dewatering, mine waste geotechnics, stability of tailings dams and tailings run-out, tailings water balance and management, operational aspects and case histories of mine waste storage, selection of tailings storage, governance and management of tailings, emerging technologies, regulation of mine waste facilities, mine waste facility closure case histories and costs, mine waste facility liner and cover systems, and mine waste geotechnics, geochemistry and biology.

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A waste fines cell with a multitude of concurrent activitiesJ J Boshoff
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Accelerated degradation and modified slake durability testing of clay mineral-rich coal mine spoilT A Vangsness, D J Williams, J Ahn and B Miles
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Assessing the volume change behaviour of red mud through laboratory and field testingA Shokouhi, A Naderian and D J Williams
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Characterisation of pore pressure in tailings dams and the implications for designD Johns and L Murray
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Consolidation and shear strength of coal tailings slurriesS Islam and D J Williams
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Consolidation and shear strength testing and stability analysis of coal mine spoil degraded to mudT A Vangsness, D J Williams, S Islam, A Smith and L Bergin
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Excess pore water pressure induced during tailings run-outM A Llano-Serna, L Bu and D J Williams
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Experience with Capping of Tailings Storage Facilities for Decommissioning Projects in AustraliaW Ludlow and C Harrington
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Five years of cover performance monitoring and modelling for a store and release cover at Century MineP Defferrard and T Rohde
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Former metal mining areas in England and Wales – local residents’ preferences for the management of wastesD E Sinnett and A M Sardo
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Geomembranes – from design to handover and some of the lessons learntA Marta
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Geotechnical behaviour of spent ore – impacts of metallurgical factorsR Rimmelin and C Vergara
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Importance of the simple shear loading direction to the stability of tailings storage facilitiesD Reid
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Improving the dewatering efficiency of clay-rich tailings in saline waterD Liu, M Edraki and L Berry
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Instrumented column testing of salt uptake from compacted red mud into a coverC Zhang, D J Williams, X Lei, Y Zhu and M O’Neill
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Lessons learnt in geotechnical investigation and stability analysis for upstream tailings storage facility raise designB Wentzinger and C Armstrong
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Linking safety factor to probability of failureS M Gover
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Liquefaction behaviour of tailings under cyclic simple shear testingA Li, M Laxman and H Jinto
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Making use of potentially contaminating mine waste in cover designT K Rohde and N Jamson
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Material handling testing and control system requirements for dry stack tailingsK Rahal, A Nicholson, R Stefansen and T Wisdom
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Optimisation of constant rate of loading slurry consolidometer testing of fine-grained coal tailingsS Islam and D J Williams
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Optimisation of surface tailings storage and tailings backfill – a case studyN R Steward, B P Wrench and C Wu
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Optimum embankment design for a tailings damB Ghahreman-Nejad and A Fyans
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PanAust Limited’s approach to mine waste and tailings stewardshipL P Trout and D G Reid
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Plant rejects disposal strategies applied at Caval Ridge open cut coal mineJ Li, D Payne and H Hooi
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Potential improvement of tailings geotechnical behaviour using bacteriaH Cifuentes and D J Williams
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Predicting changes in static liquefaction susceptibility using cone penetration test resultsM A Styler, P W Mayne, D McGowan and J T Sharp
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Recent advances in tailings testing methodsD J Williams
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Risk-based approach for minimising tailings dam failuresH Li and M Barker
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Robust construction and quality assurance culture for tailings storage facilities – equally important as robust design and review practiceA Kundu and M Laxman
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Segregating tailings – effects on density and water retentionK Seddon
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Shear strength of compacted clay liner at McArthur River MineY Xu, D J Williams and J Hacker
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Spontaneous combustion hazard assessment of McArthur River Mine waste rockB Beamish, P Marianelli, J Theiler and A Spillman
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Starter dyke optimisation with Muk3D and GoldSimC A Cooper and G A Suter
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Surface and groundwater monitoring and seepage control at the Sungun Copper MineF Rashidi Nejad, S Naraghi and N Pirouznia
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Tailings governanceT Alexieva
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Tailings process optimisation through automation and controls integrationM Baxter, R Cunningham, R Williams and D Zink
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Tailings regulation – a South Australian perspectiveG B Smith, A Querzoli and G M Marshall
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The challenges of the reuse of tailings and overburdenL Resende and E M Gama
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The development of soil water characteristic curves for soil types classified according to the USCSK G Mercer, H Rahardjo and A Satyanaga
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The importance of rate of rise in life-of-mine planning of an upstream raised tailings storage facility – a case studyP J Chapman and D A Williams
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Water balance management 101M Rafty and C Lane
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