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Capital Effectiveness for Mining Project Post Boom

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Published in 2017

Presenter: Christina Yip PhD, Senior Consultant, Independent Project Analysis Inc

Stability in commodities prices—namely iron ore, copper, gold, and coal—is driving increased confidence in the mining, minerals, and metals (MMM) market recently. However, we are still some time away from renewed large growth capital investment. While global exploration spend declined 26 percent in 2014, some MMM companies are now positioning themselves for growth, bringing forward studies and trials on key opportunities to benefit from the slowdown.

The performance of large MMM projects conducted in Australia (in fact capital project in general) has, on average, been very poor especially during the boom time. While MMM companies are planning for the new investment opportunity, what are the capital delivery learning can be captured in the last decade? This webinar will examine the reasons why the projects had poor outcomes and discuss how MMM companies can guard against poor performance in the future.

Duration: 00:50:19

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