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Mining Geology 2014

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2014

This conference was jointly organised by the Australian Institute of Geoscientists (AIG) and The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (The AusIMM). The program showcased a variety of papers on aspects of mining geology, including geology, geophysics and drilling, mineral deposit evaluation, mineralisation controls and structural geology, and mining geology in action. In addition keynote speakers brought perspectives from industry and academia to illuminate the important areas of geoscience where mine geologists will play roles in the future evolution of our industry.

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‘X-Ray Plunge Projection’ – Understanding Structural Geology from Grade DataE J Cowan
161.7 KB
A Cost Benefit Analysis to Explore the Optimal Number of Blast Movement Monitoring LocationsJ Loeb and D Thornton
3.0 MB
A Mapping-based Approach to Geological Continuity Prediction Using Examples from the Balmat-Edwards-Pierrepont Zinc District, St Lawrence County, New York, USAR H Knight
2.2 MB
Application of Grade Engineering to Exploit Mineralisation Variability and Deliver Improved Life-of-mine ProductivityA Bye and S Walters
179.2 KB
Automated Identification of Geological Domains for Exploration Assays with Ambiguous Initial Domain Assignment in an Iron Ore DepositM Balamurali and A Melkumyan
1.9 MB
Automating Communications between Laboratories and Mines – A Case from the Coal IndustryJ Armstrong, S Mundell and M Evans
1.3 MB
Benchmarking – Does it have a Role in Improving the Performance of Mining Geology?M Berry
1.3 MB
Cook Open Pit Model – The Hurdles: How We Leapt, Lunged, Stumbled and Overcame ThemK Dudgeon, J Paradis and M Topping
1.8 MB
Determination of Bulk Density in Anglo American plc, Methods and Impacts, with a Case Study from Los Bronces MineM Makhuvha, R M Arellano and D M W Harney
5.0 MB
Dynamic Interpolation – Estimation in a Folded Environment at the Cosmo Deposit, Northern Territory, AustraliaA Finch and C Pridmore
7.2 MB
Effective Domain Selection for Grade Control in Narrow Vein Gold DepositsG D Matthews, M E Haylett, A Weeks and S Khosrowshahi
6.3 MB
Exploration and Innovation – The Discovery and Evolution of the 2 Moz Vogue Gold Resource, Sunrise Dam Gold Mine, Western AustraliaM Nugus, N Oliver, T Blenkinsop, J Hill, J McLellan, J Cleverley, L Fisher, N Brunacci, H Moore and A Jenkins
19.7 MB
Geologists and the Value Chain – How Material Characterisation by Modern Mineralogy can Optimise Design and Operation of Processing FacilitiesK Ehrig, V Liebezeit, M Smith, E Macmillan and C Lower
321.6 KB
Geomechanical Modelling of the Mount Isa Copper Deposit – Predicting MineralisationJ G McLellan, R O’Sullivan, B Miller and D Taylor
9.8 MB
Grade Estimation from Radial Basis Functions – How Does it Compare with Conventional Geostatistical Estimation?M Stewart, J de Lacey, P F Hodkiewicz and R Lane
5.4 MB
Identifying and Dealing with Outliers in Resource EstimationC De-Vitry
3.5 MB
Implementation of Localised Uniform Conditioning for Recoverable Resource Estimation at the Kipoi Copper Project, Democratic Republic of the CongoM G Millad and M Zammit
8.3 MB
Implicit Modelling Applied to Grade Control DataS Rose and J Ireland
7.3 MB
Improvement of Existing Ore-forming Models Due to Systematic Sampling During Mining – An Example from Kambalda, Western AustraliaS Staude, S Marriott, J Griffith, C Laming, D Hammond, S Stanfield and S Sheppard
1.6 MB
Incremental Improvement of Grade Control Models Using Resource DataA J Cornah
3.6 MB
Integrating Blastholes into Exploration Data to Improve Coal Recovery and ModellingH Stedman
8.0 MB
Integration of Geological and Geotechnical Data for Three-dimensional ModellingK Zunica and A R Penney
3.0 MB
Managing the Giant – A Mine Geologist’s Perspective to the Mining of the Olympic Dam DepositS C Nzama and M K Kapo
2.4 MB
Matching Brown Coal to the Next Generation of Latrobe Valley ProjectsS Maher and G Love
15.6 MB
Mines versus Mineralisation – Deposit Quality, Mineral Exploration Strategy and the Role of ‘Boundary Spanners’T C McCuaig, J E Vann and J P Sykes
1.2 MB
Modelling Blast Movement for Grade ControlE Isaaks, R Barr and O Handayani
2.0 MB
Modelling Blast Movement for Grade Control at an Open Cut Gold MineA Cocker and E J Sellers
20.0 MB
Modern Mining GeologyS Rose and G Fahey
370.2 KB
Moriarty was a Conglomerate – Experiences and Implications of Coal Mining under Massive Strata in the Newcastle CoalfieldM Creech
11.6 MB
Optimum Dig Lines for Open Pit Grade ControlE Isaaks, I Treloar and T Elenbaas
3.5 MB
Ore Block Design in Narrow Vein Gold Deposits – Estimate or Simulate?M E Haylett, A Weeks, G D Matthews and S Khosrowshahi
1.6 MB
Rapid Resource Modelling – A Vision for Faster and Better Mining DecisionsP F Hodkiewicz
2.2 MB
Reconciliation – Outcomes and ExpectationsW J Shaw
3.1 MB
Reconciliation of Orebody Model Predictions – System and PeopleT Burns and P Savory
5.5 MB
Redefining Competent Persons Criteria for Resource GeologistsJ Coombes
281.8 KB
Remodelling the Purnama Deposit – An Interpretation Case Study from G-Resources Martabe Project, IndonesiaD Sims, L Henim, J Hertrijana, A N Kusnanto and S Crispin
8.6 MB
Reporting and Converting Resources to Reserves – How Confident Are We?M A Noppé
158.9 KB
Resources versus Reserves – Towards a Systems-based Understanding of Exploration and Mine Project Development and the Role of the Mining GeologistJ P Sykes and A Trench
3.1 MB
Risk Associated with Rock Type Prediction using Simulation TechniquesL W Palmer and H J Glass
6.8 MB
Scenario-based Project Evaluation – Full Mineral Value Chain Stochastic Simulation to Evaluate Development and Operational AlternativesS Jackson, J E Vann, S Coward and S Moayer
4.9 MB
Structural Controls and Strain Partitioning in the Red October Gold Mine, Western AustraliaJ G McLellan, J Conn, D Howe and K Gates
11.8 MB
The Evolution of 21st Century Reconciliation Systems – Why Geologists and Geology will be at the Core of these Developments in the FutureH M Parker
150.0 KB
The Evolution of Diamond Drilling Practices at Olympic DamJ Taylor and A Dubowik
2.4 MB
The Future of the Global Mining SectorT Goldsmith
199.3 KB
The Geology of the Wilber Deposit, Andy Well Gold Project, Murchison District, Western AustraliaR Hingston, T Wellman and G Sternadt
13.2 MB
The Konongo Gold Project, Ghana – An Example of How Geology Makes All the Difference to a Resource EstimateR Sterk and B Reid
4.6 MB
The Superpit Schedule Model – A Time-efficient Data-driven Estimation for Short- and Medium-term PlanningL Griesel, C Buxton, C Adams and T Berryman
7.1 MB
Tropicana Gold Mine, Western Australia – A Case Study of Non-linear Mineral Resource EstimationM Kent, B Catto, M Doyle, D Gibbs, M Matheson, R Singer, B Kendall and J E Vann
162.9 KB
Understanding Mineralisation Controls – A Case Study of the Chesney DepositJ Channell and G Phillips
11.3 MB
Universal Reconciliation – A Multidisciplinary Approach across the Entire Mining Value Chain to Identify Loss of Value and Maximise Operational PerformanceR Hargreaves and C Morley
5.5 MB
Use of Geostatistically-constrained Potential Field Inversion and Downhole Drilling to Predict Distribution of Sulfide and Uranium MineralisationM Zengerer
11.8 MB
Using Ground Penetrating Radar to Enhance the Exploration-to-mining Value ChainJ Francke, D Smith and A Ramdhani
10.1 MB
Using Reverse Circulation Drilling to Improve Sampling in a Complex Underground Gold Operation – An Innovative Approach to Underground Grade Control at the Sunrise Dam Mine, Western AustraliaF Clark and J T Carswell
4.3 MB
Who is Responsible for Grade? – An Evaluation of the Value Chain at Mt Magnet Gold Project, Western AustraliaA Weeks, W J Shaw and A Kuk
1.5 MB