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PLUMECAST - Forecasting the Dispersion of Blasting Plumes Increasing Safety and Productivity

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Published in 2018

Mark NoppePresenters: Graeme Starke, Technical Discipline Manager - Air Quality and Fardaus Rahaman, Principal - Air Quality, SLR Consulting Australia Pty Ltd

Graeme leads SLR’s Air Quality Team in the APAC region.  He is an environmental scientist with seventeen years’ experience in air quality including twelve years as an environmental consultant specialising in air quality and an additional five working for QGC providing specialist air quality advice for the QCLNG Project. 
Fardaus has extensive knowledge and experience in developing meteorological and dispersion forecast models.  He was one of the first to develop a reliable forecasting model in Australia using a combination of the WRF, CALMET and CALPUFF models to provide forecasts of downwind NOx plumes from blasting for several mines in the Hunter Valley region of NSW. 

The webinar will outline the capability and applicability of a recently developed, innovative forecasting tool (PLUMECAST), designed to provide hourly meteorological and dispersion forecasts for air emissions (gaseous and dust) associated with on-site blasting operations on open cut mines.   PLUMECAST enables accurate predictions of blast plume impact areas maximising safety for employees and the community and minimising evacuation/shut down areas and therefore increasing productivity.
The webinar will provide information on:
•           Improvements in Safety and Productivity;
•           Forecasting methodologies and limitations;
•           Data requirements and model inputs;
•           Accuracy of the predicted meteorological forecasts;
•           Uncertainties associated with estimated emission rates; 
•           Customisation options for the tool.

Duration: 40.58

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