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Monograph 28 - Australasian Mining and Metallurgical Operating Practices - Third Edition

40% OFF!

This prestigious and well-known publication provides an invaluable technical reference and comprehensive record of operating practices in the Australasian minerals industry.

Monograph 9 - Field Geologists' Manual - Fifth Edition

30% OFF

This highly sought-after manual is a key reference source in geoscience offices and field camps throughout the world.

Monograph 31 - Mineral Deposits of New Zealand - Exploration and Research

20% OFF

An essential reference on the geology, exploration, research and mining of New Zealand mineral deposits.

Monograph 27 - Cost Estimation Handbook - Second Edition

20% OFF

One of our most popular publications, it sets out useful techniques for capital and operating cost estimation in the minerals industry.

Monograph 26 - Mine Managers' Handbook

20% OFF

A comprehensive volume describing all important aspects of managing a mining company.

Spectrum 23 - We are Metallurgists, Not Magicians

10% OFF

Landmark papers by practising Metallurgists and Engineers published last year.

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