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Sustainable Mining 2010

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2010

As our mining businesses emerge from the trough in the global commodity cycle, we face increased community and media scrutiny in tackling the ongoing challenge of maintaining the triple bottom line. These social, environmental and economic pillars are critical to the mining industry’s ‘social licence to operate’. Mining activities are expected to be more than financially and technically sound – they must also balance and embrace the evolving needs of the environment and community.

The papers in this proceedings cover themes such as: Sustaining the Business; Increasing Energy Efficiency of Mining and Processing Operations; Reduction, Reuse and Remediation; Sustainable Water Use; Sustaining People, Regions and Communities; Communities and Local Adaptation; Regulatory Frameworks and the Business Case; Health and Safety and Human Resources; Looking Backward, Moving Forward – Lessons from the Goldfields; Climate, Energy and Environmental Risk; and The Future of Mining.

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A Due Diligence Approach to Environmental and Social Business Performance AssessmentP Baker and C Wyatt
59.5 KB
A Sustainability Framework Approach to Understanding the Value of By-Product ReuseB Howard and S Harris
117.5 KB
A Sustainable Minerals Sector in Australia? Thoughts from a Science and Technology PerspectiveP A Lilly and A Littleboy
844.4 KB
Climate Risks to the Australian Mining Industry – A Preliminary Review of VulnerabilitiesJ H Hodgkinson, B Loechel, K Moffat, M Howden, A K Littleboy and S Crimp
159.3 KB
Closure Planning for a Going ConcernD van Kampen
29.8 KB
Contributions from Improved Surface Mine Haulage Road Design, Operation and Management Techniques to Sustainable DevelopmentR J Thompson
769.9 KB
Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures – The Use of Sea water in Mineral ProcessingH Aral, S Mead, J Cuevas, K Davey and W Bruckard
656.3 KB
Dry Granulation to Provide a Sustainable Option for Slag TreatmentD Xie, S Jahanshahi and T Norgate
1.0 MB
Environmental Leaching – Predicting Real Long-Term Site-Specific Leaching PerformanceH Poynton and S Peacock
341.3 KB
Imminent Water Utility Markets for Minerals and Energy Sectors in Western Australia, 2010G Degebrodt and B Shackleton
106.9 KB
Impact-Response-Monitoring-Evaluation Framework – Well-Being of the Australian Mining and Regional CommunitiesD Akbar, J Rolfe and L Greer
327.5 KB
Improvements in the Understanding and Applications of Backfill for Improving Ground Stability in Underground and Open Pit OperationsS Webster, T Clark, A McCallum
1.8 MB
In-Pit Crushing and Conveying (IPCC) – An Economic Alternative to Trucks that Delivers on Safety and the EnvironmentD Turnbull
1.7 MB
Integrating Native Title Agreement Implementation with the Culture and Operation of a Business to Deliver Social Licence and Commercial Licence to OperateJ Gawler
93.1 KB
Interpreting the Story of the Mining Landscape – Using Geotourism for Sustainable Community DevelopmentP Maher
88.8 KB
Is it so Hard? Getting the Balance RightB Skarratt
199.2 KB
Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines – The Golden Pike Cut-Back – Approvals to MiningT Berryman
27.9 KB
Linking the Internal and External Players of the Mining Game – Corporate Public AffairsK Eglinton
760.4 KB
Managing Human Rights and Sustainable Development – Effective Corporate-Community RelationshipsS Lillywhite
136.6 KB
Mineral Property – Rights, Royalties and RentsD Mather, J Saavedra and R Kilian Polanco
130.4 KB
Mining the Future and the Future of MiningJ Klawitter, A K Littleboy and K Moffat
43.3 KB
Mining Under Indonesia’s New Environmental LawS Brown and K Spitz
71.9 KB
Opportunities and Technologies to Reduce the Energy and Water Impacts of Deteriorating Ore ReservesT Norgate, N Haque, S Wright and S Jahanshahi
128.4 KB
Paiam – A Plan for a New Sustainable High Altitude Equatorial Town in Papua New GuineaA Prowse
3.8 MB
Preventing Fatalities Arising from Corporate Memory Loss within the Resources SectorX Hill
221.0 KB
Reducing Mining Environmental Impact – Through Innovative Vibrating Screen TechnologyR Ogawa
1.7 MB
Responding to Risk by Going with the Top Ranking Performers to Achieve Sustainable Mining in a Global IndustryS Hall
34.6 KB
Soil Washing and Bioremediation of Slime Dam Material from a Gold And Uranium MineL Lorenzen and T Shumba
911.5 KB
SUSOP®: Embedding Sustainable Development Principles into the Design and Operation of Resource Extraction and Processing OperationsS R Green, G D Corder, B McLellan, D van Beers, and PJ Bangerter
722.2 KB
Sustainability in New Projects – Achieving Outcomes Which are Beyond ‘Business as Usual’D Pershke, M Wakefield, V Narayanaswamy and P Elliott
225.6 KB
Sustainable Carbon in Steel Making – Plant Trials at the Sydney Steel MillM Somerville, S Jahanshahi, P Ridgeway, M Davies and J G Mathieson
666.1 KB
Sustainable Water Supply Development in Central South AustraliaD Lyons and K Hulmes
1.3 MB
Tackling the Gorillas – Hairy Scary Complacency to Safety in Mining or a Banana Packer’s StoryS Stenvers and E Downs
60.3 KB
The Impact on Communities and Sustainable Development Through Furthering Investment in Extractive IndustriesR Hicks
926.0 KB
The Ultimate Sustainability of Mining – Linking Key Mega-Trends with 21st Century ChallengesG M Mudd
1.6 MB
Trade-Level Skills Formation to Support Automation in the Mining IndustryJ Dudley, R McAree, P Lever, D Jones and M Sprigg
291.4 KB
Understanding What Constitutes the Mining Industry’s ‘Social Licence to Operate’ in AustraliaK Moffat, G Paxton, R Parsons, C Mason, J Parr and A K Littleboy
145.0 KB
Uranium Mining, Nuclear Power and Sustainability – Rhetoric versus RealityG M Mudd and M Diesendorf
6.4 MB
What Does This Place Look Like in 2050?S Ludlam
27.1 KB
What Women in Mining WantF Burgess
30.2 KB
Yesterday’s Tailings are Tomorrow’s Resource – Rehabilitation of Stilfontein Gold Mine for ProfitJ A Wates, P Jardine, B C S Robinson and M Marais
3.6 MB