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Water in Mining 2009

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2009

The Water in Mining 2009 Conference addressed two technical issues of the time: water and energy. The Proceedings includes papers covering areas such as treatment technologies and treatment practices, water efficiency and quality, water accounting and auditing, as well as probabilistic forecasting and systems modelling and a number of papers from operating mines. Management of groundwater was an important theme for the conference. This is supported by a number of papers dealing with groundwater management in different regions around Australia. A welcome elaboration of this conference, compared to the previous Water in Mining events, are the papers dealing with minerals processing; improving the flow sheet and understanding of emergent phenomena arise in several papers.

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A Simple and Proven Technology for Reclaiming Acidic Mine WatersC Bourke and B Mack
2.3 MB
An Assessment of Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines and Boddington Gold Mine Water Sources and Proposed Water Auditing Framework Underpinning Improved Water Allocation Compliance and ReportingR J Cocks, G E Ho, M Anda and S Dallas
284.3 KB
Application of Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis for Mine Wastewater ReuseE Shao, J Wei, A Yo and R Levy
3.3 MB
Biological Sulfate Reduction with Primary Sewage Sludge in an Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Bed ReactorJ Poinapen and G A Ekama
1.8 MB
Developing a Water Accounting Framework for the Australian Minerals IndustryC M Cote, C J Moran, J Cummings and K Ringwood
342.6 KB
Dewatering Bore Pumps – Reducing Costs and Emissions by Maximising Pumping Efficiency Over TimeI Rea and D Monaghan
61.6 KB
Factors Affecting Flocculation Within Gravity ThickenersP D Fawell, A T Owen, A F Grabsch, F A Benn, D M Labbett and J D Swift
707.9 KB
Groundwater Management Guidelines for Mining Industry in Arid Western Australia – Examples from the PilbaraG Humphreys and D Abbott
57.9 KB
Holistic Management of Sulfides at Rio Tinto Iron Ore’s Pilbara Mine SitesR Green
980.6 KB
Isaac River Cumulative Impact Assessment of Mining DevelopmentsR Lucas, J Crerar, R Hardie, J Merritt and B Kirsch
7.1 MB
Managing the Cumulative Groundwater Impacts of Multiple Iron Ore Projects at Cape Preston (or … One Plus One Plus One Plus One Does Not Equal Four)G Sheppard, A Gallardo, J Hall and M Strizek
2.9 MB
Pardoo Groundwater Investigations – Deriving Aquifer Parameters of the Ord Range, Western AustraliaD Nyquest and M Kozikowski
1.6 MB
Pit Water Management in a Mine Planning Cycle, Olympic Dam Case StudyB Douglas, S Mercer, S Wright and D Barclay
4.1 MB
Salt Dissolution Dynamics on Surface Mine SpoilsE Gozzard, S Vink, V Nanjappa and C J Moran
645.0 KB
Storage and Time – A Paradigm for Aquifer Pressure Management Beneath Open Cut MinesJ Schaeffer, S Yuen, S Khan and T Rana
4.1 MB
Sustainable Water Use at Olympic DamC Torrisi and P Trotta
464.5 KB
The Impact of Recycling on Process Water Quality in Mineral ProcessingR Schumann, G Levay and I Ametov
372.3 KB
The Post-Mining Water BalanceL E Eary and A Watson
1.5 MB
The Use of Major Ion Analysis and Stable Isotopes dO18 and dH2 to Distinguish Groundwater Flow in Karijini National Park, Western AustraliaP Hedley, S Dogramaci and W Dodson
3.1 MB
The Use of Stable Isotopes of Oxygen, Hydrogen and Carbon to Understand Groundwater Dynamics in the Hamersley Basin, Western Pilbara Region, Northwest AustraliaS Dogramaci and W Dodson
545.2 KB
The Water Efficient Plant of the Future – Towards a Holistic Process Chain ApproachR G de Kretser, M Powell, P J Scales and J Lim
145.5 KB
Thinking Outside the Lease – Towards a Strategic View of Regional Water Management by the Mining IndustryD J Barrett
858.5 KB
Understanding Mine Site Water and Salt Dynamics to Support Integrated Water Quality and Quantity ManagementS Vink, C J Moran, S D Golding, K Baublys and V Nanjappa
1.6 MB
Water Management Issues with Processing Magnetite OresD Connelly
4.1 MB
Water Resources in Australian Mine Pit LakesR N Kumar, C D McCullough and M A Lund
3.5 MB
Water Resources Management in Iron Mining in the State of Minas Gerais (Brazil) and Some Benefits of an Automation SystemA H M Rocci
911.3 KB
Water Supply Options for the PilbaraP Rosair, P Fraser, K Zic and P Pickering
809.7 KB
Water Treatment Upgrade at Sepon MineS La Brooy, R Whittering and D McClelland
447.1 KB
When Best Water Use Efficiency is Not Enough, What Can the Mining Industry Do?J V Wiertz
102.4 KB
Worth its Salt – How Eutectic Freeze Crystallisation Can be Used to Recover Water and Salt from Hypersaline Mine WatersA E Lewis, D G Randall, T Reddy, R Jivanji and J Nathoo
703.1 KB