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New Leaders' 2009

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2009

The AusIMM New Leaders' 2009 Conference was themed 'Mining, Our Generation', and allowed students graduating into the industry, as well as recent graduates and delegates, an opportunity to understand the strategic issues currently surrounding the mining industry as well as the innovations in mining practices.

Within the industry it is widely accepted that change is needed to sustain growth in order to see a strong future, for not only mining, but also for the economy and of course the environment. The papers in these proceedings focus on the strategic issues in mining, the improvement and optimisation of current mining practises and career pathways for recent graduates into the industry. In addition to this, both sides of the mining industry's role in the great climate change debate is represented.

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A New Algorithm for Stope Boundary OptimisationJ Sens and E Topal
177.5 KB
An Insight into the Swedish Heart of Atlas CopcoK A N Bunker
5.3 MB
Aren't You Too Young to be a Consultant?L J Buchanan
93.1 KB
Climate Alarm’s Lessons for New Leaders – Overcoming Fear with Facts for FreedomM Roberts
2.9 MB
Climate Change – Relative Solar and Anthropogenic ForcingsD Archibald
68.8 KB
How Can You Get Mining Equipment to Work to its Real Capacity?G Lumley
218.1 KB
Improving Quality Assurance and Quality Control Practices – Basic Methodology Using Worked ExamplesA Kaufman and P Stoker
87.4 KB
In-Pit Crushing and Conveying (IPCC) – A Tried and Tested Alternative to TrucksD Turnbull and A Cooper
868.2 KB
Mines in the Future – A Management PerspectiveV Schweikart
63.0 KB
Orica – Technology to Kick off a Career with a BangC Batten
2.9 MB
Professional Engineering Competency Standards in the Queensland Mining IndustryB Ham
68.6 KB
The Application, Economics and Environmental Aspects of Biodiesel in Sustainable MiningC Loveland and M Kuruppu
129.3 KB
The Use of Animated Dynamic Simulation in Mining and Mineral ProcessingH Askew
114.7 KB
Why be Sustainable if the World is About to End? A Case of Reaching for LeadershipC J Moran
410.7 KB