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SDIMI 2009 - Sustainable Development Indicators in the Minerals Industry

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2009

The Sustainable Development Indicators in the Minerals Industry (SDIMI) conference provided a unique opportunity for Australian and international researchers and industry practitioners to engage in dialogue about the future of the minerals industry and its contribution to society. The conference came at a critical point in the history of the industry, with the confluence of tighter controls on carbon emissions, increased competition for key resources such as water and land, rising community expectations and a prolonged global economic downturn presenting unprecedented challenges for the sector.

Reflecting the strong multi-disciplinary focus of SDIMI, the papers address a broad range of themes encompassing the social and human, as well as the environmental and technological, dimensions of sustainability.

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A Hybrid Life Cycle Assessment and Geographical Information System Model for Sustainable Recycled Aggregate Chain Management in Turin (Italy)G A Blengini, E Garbarino, P Molina and V Badino
1.3 MB
A Systems Approach for the Application of Eco-Efficiency Indicators for Process Design in the Minerals IndustryM Guma, H von Blottnitz and J L Broadhurst
245.3 KB
A Systems Perspective of Sustainability in the Mining Industry and Suggestions for Indicator DevelopmentT Lydiatt, P Mesquita and A Nolan
213.0 KB
A Water Accounting Framework for the Australian Minerals IndustryC M Cote and C J Moran
167.1 KB
Achieving Sustainable Community Development – Helping Build Appropriate and Resilient Community Governance StructuresM Barcham
66.9 KB
An Approach to Optimising Coal Mine Design for Sustainable DevelopmentJ R Craynon and M E Karmis
1.5 MB
Applying the Metrics Navigator™ to Establish Strategic Indicators for MiningM Latham, H Jones and D Tanzil
401.8 KB
Building Partnerships with Indigenous People to Improve their Economic Circumstances to Achieve Social Cohesion and Social Licence to Operate – A Case Study of the West Pilbara, AustraliaJ Gawler
1.3 MB
Challenges and Opportunities in the Development of a Cultural Heritage Management Strategy at the Lihir Gold Mine, Papua New GuineaN Bainton and J Cook
73.8 KB
Cost-Efficient Implementation of a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Roadmap in the Mining and Metallurgy IndustryJ Pflieger, J Gediga and M Russ
784.4 KB
Defining Sustainability Criteria in Project Design – A Case Study of the Olympic Dam ExpansionE Salazar, I Cawrse, H Bateman, G Carnes and S Cawrse
1.2 MB
Designing Energy Efficiency Assessments that Work – Thiess Australian Mining – Case StudyG Sartori and P Crittenden
72.1 KB
Development of a Sustainability Roadmap for the Kwinana Industrial Area, Western AustraliaK Schianetz and M John
360.3 KB
Evaluation of Remote Sensing Technology as a Tool for Mining ApplicationsS Raval, L Ge and D Laurence
5.0 MB
Exergy – A Useful Indicator for the Sustainability of Mineral Resources and MiningA Valero, A Valero and G M Mudd
186.5 KB
Exploring Community Involvement in a Major Infrastructure Project – Case of an Oil Pipeline in Eastern SiberiaN Yakovleva
144.9 KB
Extractive Industry – Sustainability Information SystemsP M J S Godinho
132.5 KB
Housing Stress and Location Choices in Bowen Basin Mining Communities – A Case Study of MoranbahD Akbar, J Rolfe, S Lockie and G Ivanova
3.5 MB
Human Development in Mining Zones of Chile 1990 - 2007 – An Analysis of the Impact of Poverty Reduction in AntofagastaC Parra
106.8 KB
Impartiality and Fairness in Stakeholder Engagement Through Triangular Value AnalysisA G Stacey and J L Stacey
103.4 KB
Improving Energy Efficiency Across Mineral Processing and Smelting Operations – A New ApproachC L Evans, B L Coulter, E Wightman and A S Burrows
480.9 KB
Integration of Sustainability Into Mining Schools – Counter-Cyclical StrategiesD Laurence and M Scoble
323.3 KB
Life Cycle Assessment and Tailings Management Trade-Off Studies – An Approach to ImplementationD van Zyl
188.4 KB
Local Resource Development Initiative – Developing a New Project Sustainability Model (Ambatovy Project Case Study)J-F Gascon and S Novak
95.8 KB
Measurement? Assessment? The Real Challenge is CommunicationA Murphy
78.2 KB
Modelling Mine Sustainability – Indicators Based on a Comprehensible FrameworkC J Moran and A Lyon
486.1 KB
Multidimensional Sustainable Development Indicators for the Minerals IndustryJ B Pateiro-Fernández and P N Martens
73.4 KB
Opportunities for Sustainable Development at Chinh Bac Mine Waste Dump in VietnamP N Martens, J B Pateiro-Fernández, S Ahmad, M Fuchsschwanz and G Deissmann
2.9 MB
Platinum Mining and Sustainability – Understanding the Environmental Costs of Future TechnologiesB J Glaister and G M Mudd
218.1 KB
Platinum Wealth, Community Participation and Social Inequality in South Africa’s Royal Bafokeng Community – A Paradox of Plenty?S C Mnwana and W Akpan
97.3 KB
Preparing for Uncertain Mineral Futures – A Survey of AusIMM Members on the Future Issues and Drivers for the Australian Minerals IndustryK Moffat, C Mason and A Littleboy
92.5 KB
Profitability, Sustainability and Community Development – Is There a Contradiction? A Case of Gold Fields’ Driefontein Gold Mine in South AfricaH Makuluma
255.8 KB
Signals of Mine Closure – A Strategic Approach for Retrenchment – A Case Study of Porgera Gold Mine, Papua New GuineaP B Kanaparo
98.4 KB
Stakeholder Engagement and Social Sustainability in the Mining SectorA Blood and H Tran
67.6 KB
Surrounded by Change – Collective Strategies for Managing the Cumulative Impacts of Multiple MinesD Franks, D Brereton and C J Moran
68.1 KB
Sustainability Aspects of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) – An Approach to a Holistic CCS AssessmentP N Martens, T Katz, L Rattmann and J B Pateiro-Fernández
107.2 KB
Sustainability in Mining Engineering – Strategies Through Education and ResearchR Chouinard and A J Gunson
191.3 KB
Sustainability Reporting and Mining – An Assessment of the State of Play for Environmental IndicatorsG M Mudd
2.0 MB
Sustainable Steel Plant on an Environmental Protection AreaM V Drumond and C A Chaves
181.6 KB
The Mineral Resources Landscape – An Expanded Conceptualisation of Minerals SustainabilityC Cooper and D Giurco
2.1 MB
The Minerals Sector and Sustainable Development in Saudi ArabiaM Aldagheiri
94.5 KB
The Relationship Between Mining and Socio-Economic Well-Being in Australia’s RegionsS A Hajkowicz, S Heyenga, R R J McAllister and K Moffat
315.0 KB
Use of the Logical Framework Approach to Establish a Simple Sustainable Development Framework for Application to a Proposed Mine at Aurukun on Western Cape YorkP Vidler
229.9 KB
Using Life Cycle Analysis to Assess the Toxicity Impacts of Waste Streams from Metal Production ProcessesT E Norgate and N Haque
100.5 KB
Using Life Cycle Assessments and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Models for Ex Ante Sustainability AssessmentD J Shields, G A Blengini and S V Šolar
575.6 KB