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Iron Ore 2009

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2009

The fourth in the internationally respected collaboration series between The AusIMM and CSIRO, Iron Ore 2009 looks at the status of the ore industry during a state of economic crisis, focusing on the theme of ‘Ensuring Ongoing Growth’. These proceedings explore local and international advancements in processing, predictive modeling, the development of new haematite/goethite ores to replace existing resources and techniques in waste reduction, as well as investigating established and newer mine sites.

Topics involve ore characterisation, project development and processing. Regions of interest include; in Western Australia – the Hamersley Ranges and province, Kollanooka South, Koolyanobbing, the Pilbara and Yilgarn, Labrador West in Canada, and the Carajás province in Brazil while developments in India and China are also covered.

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A Geostatistical Contribution to Assess the Risk Embedded in Resource Classification MethodsL E de Souza, J F C L Costa and J C Koppe
174.7 KB
A New Magnetic Drum Separator for Superfine MagnetiteQ Li, Z Tong, X Wang and M Gao
101.5 KB
Advances in Mathematical Modelling of Sintering Performance of Iron Ore FinesE Donskoi, J R Manuel, L Lu, R J Holmes, A Poliakov and T Raynlyn
128.8 KB
An Alternative Genesis for Pisolites and Channel Iron Deposits in Western AustraliaP B Schwann
9.3 MB
Application of SLon Magnetic Separators in Modernising the An Shan Oxidised Iron Ore Processing IndustryX Dahe
510.4 KB
Applying Modular Transporters to Relocate Large Hydraulic ExcavatorsM Bastock, P Knights and B Flynn
2.1 MB
Be Open to Closure – It Can Save You MoneyK Sommerville and J Heyes
8.2 MB
Channel Iron Deposits – A Major New District Around the Caliwingina Creek, Central Hamersley Ranges,Western AustraliaH J Dalstra, T Gill, A Faragher, B Scott and V Kakebeeke
13.7 MB
Characteristics and Sintering Performance of Iron Ore SinterL Lu, J R Manuel, R J Holmes, R Smyth, M Adam, A Edenton, N Ware and T Raynlyn
10.4 MB
Comparison of Supergene Mimetic and Supergene Lateritic Iron Ore DepositsE R Ramanaidou and R C Morris
8.7 MB
Dampier Port Upgrade Project – An Overview of Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management Project ManagementP Beddoes, S Russell and A Radici
8.4 MB
Delineate Three-Dimensional Iron Ore Geology and Resource Models Using the Potential Field MethodD FitzGerald, J-P Chilès and A Guillen
3.2 MB
Discovery of the Solomon Iron DepositsN Clarke, D Kepert, C Simpson and D Edwards
9.2 MB
Dust Management – Thinking Outside the SquareJ Harper
293.1 KB
Dynamic Simulation in Iron Ore Pelletising PlantsP Lavoie, P Navarra and R Kuhne
208.3 KB
Effects of Using Electronic Initiation Systems on Blast ImprovementR Turnbull
187.7 KB
Evaluation of Gravity Spirals for Beneficiation of Banded Haematite Jasper Iron Ore of IndiaG E Sreedhar, D R Venkatesulu and N K Nanda
7.1 MB
Half a Century of Iron Ore Growth – Lessons Learnt for Future DevelopmentR Court
In-Pit Crushing and ConveyingD Morrison and I Lourel
2.6 MB
Integrated Landforms for the Storage of Tailings and Waste Rock at Magnetite Mines in Western AustraliaD A Williams and D R Anstey
10.0 MB
Journey to the Edge of the Basin - Stratigraphic Setting and Iron Mineralisation at the Davidson Creek and Robertson Range Projects, Hamersley Province,Western AustraliaP Darvall, R McCarthy and P Hawke
2.1 MB
Lump Ore Characteristics and their Impact on Blast Furnace OperationL Lu, R J Holmes, J R Manuel, A Edenton, M Adam, R Smyth and S Hapugoda
4.7 MB
Microbial Aspects of Environmentally Benign Iron OreK A Natarajan
1.7 MB
Mineralogical and Textural Characterisation of Iron Ore from a Peruvian Magnetite-Haematite Skarn ProspectS Hapugoda, M J Peterson and J R Manuel
9.2 MB
Modern X-Ray Diffraction Techniques as a Fast Industrial Analysis Method for Iron Ores – From Exploration to Process ControlU König and L Gobbo
735.7 KB
Multivariate Conditional Simulation of Iron Ore Deposits – Advantages Over Models Made Using Ordinary KrigingC Boyle
223.0 KB
Paving the Future – A Case Study Replacing Truck-and-Shovels by Shovel-and-Conveyor Continuous Mining at Carajás Open Pit MinesJ C Lucio, C T Senra and A Souza
9.1 MB
Phanerozoic Ooidal Ironstone Deposits – Generation of Potential Exploration TargetsF McGregor, E R Ramanaidou and M Wells
81.0 KB
Phosphorous Removal from Iron Ore with a Low Temperature Heat TreatmentM J Fisher-White, R R Lovel and G J Sparrow
87.2 KB
Predicting Iron Ore Losses and Dilution Factors Using Conditional SimulationsD T Ribeiro, J F C L Costa, M Vidigal and D Roldão
367.3 KB
Predicting Lump and Fines Finished Product Grades and Lump Percentage from Head GradeJ E Everett, T J Howard and K Jupp
160.3 KB
Present Situation and Future Trends in the Chinese Steel Industry and Utilisation of Low-Grade Iron Ore ResourcesD Zhu, G Qiu and J Pan
77.5 KB
Probabilistic Slope Design and its Use in Iron Ore Pit OptimisationsS Narendranathan
592.1 KB
Processing of Magnetite Iron Ores – Comparing Grinding OptionsB McNab, A Jankovic, D David and P Payne
1.3 MB
Renewed Exploration in Canada’s Premier Iron Ore District – Labrador WestC Seymour, L Winter, J O’Driscoll and R Butler
5.7 MB
Simulation Modelling of Grade Variability for Iron Ore Mining, Crushing, Stockpiling and Ship Loading OperationsJ E Everett, T J Howard and K Jupp
136.6 KB
Some New Concepts in Dry Beneficiation Possibilities for Iron OresR Pax, M Germain and D Henderson
92.4 KB
Team Alignment Towards Alternative Project Delivery MethodsJ Jeffery
2.4 MB
The Differences Between the Iron Formations of Grão Pará Group and Greenstone Belt Andorinhas in the Carajás Mineral Province, Pará State, BrazilA A Seabra G Jr, A de C Zapparoli, G J I dos Santos and H F Galbiatti
12.6 MB
The Fortescue Metals Group Story – From Exploration to the Third Largest Iron Ore Producer in AustraliaJ M F Clout and W G Rowley
16.7 MB
The Geology and Mineralisation of the Carina Iron Deposit, Yilgarn Mineral Field,Western AustraliaB E Nicolson, D C Kettlewell and J Lea
2.7 MB
The K Deeps Magnetite Mineralisation at Koolyanobbing, Western AustraliaC P Guarin Jr, T Angerer, N H Maund, D R Cowan and S Hagemann
18.3 MB
The Use of Gravity as an Exploration Tool for the Robertson Range and Davidson Creek Iron Ore Deposits, East PilbaraP Hawke, P Darvall and R McCarthy
4.7 MB
The Use of High Pressure Grinding Rolls for Crushing MagnetiteB C Povey
117.6 KB
Three-Dimensional Combined Gravity and Magnetics Inversion Modelling as a Guide to Target Haematitic Iron Ores – An Example from the Koolanooka South (Western Australia) ProspectL Ailleres, J Finlay, P Betts, H Williams and D Milton
15.0 MB
Trends in Magnetite Ore Processing and Test WorkN Dowson, D Connelly and D Yan
2.9 MB
Upgrading Sishen Iron Ore Slimes by Reverse Cationic FlotationX Ma, K Davey, A Giyose and V Malysiak
113.8 KB