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First International Future Mining Conference and Exhibition 2008

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2008

The First International Future Mining Conference and Exhibition proceedings discuss the future needs of the international mining industry, and current and prospective innovations in the mining industry. In addition, the papers aim to present new scientific and technological developments from other disciplines which may find application within the mining industry. The proceedings will be of interest to researchers, senior engineers, technical managers, economists, scientists, equipment manufacturers, government representatives and other stakeholders.


Topics covered by these proceedings include future mining scenarios, innovation, challenges and opportunities and needs and issues in 2025 and beyond. It is intended that this conference will be repeated at regular intervals in the future, in order to pursue these important initiatives through ongoing international presentations and discussions across the mining industry.

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A Day in the Life of a Mine Worker in 2025J Bassan, V Srinivasan, P Knights and C T Farrelly
880.3 KB
Australian Innovations in MiningM M Hedges
64.9 KB
Can Bacteriophage be Used to Separate Minerals?W S Dunbar, S B Curtis and R T A MacGillivray
5.6 MB
Design of a Continuous Monorail Drilling System for Decline DevelopmentE Chanda, B Besa and M Kuruppu
562.2 KB
Development Concept in the Mining Industry – An Accelerator to Achieve Regional Sustainable DevelopmentA P Wibowo and F A Rosyid
672.1 KB
Development of a Taxonomy for Indexing Web-Based Mining Safety and Health ResearchA F Glowacki
139.3 KB
Developments in Processing to Match Future Mining OpportunitiesG Lane, C Fountain and S La Brooy
246.1 KB
Do You Learn More When Your Life is in Danger? How to Successfully Utilise Virtual Simulators in the Minerals IndustriesD Schofield
1.4 MB
El Teniente New Mine Level ProjectJ Revuelta, F Reyes and R Pozo
19.6 MB
Environmental Impact Modelling for In Situ Leaching of UraniumD Przhedetsky and A Roshal
2.5 MB
Future Mining – Workers’ Skills, Identity and Gender When Meeting Changing TechnologyL Abrahamsson and J Johansson
111.7 KB
Future Mining Engineers – Educational Development StrategyM Scoble and D Laurence
112.3 KB
Future Mining of the Australian Seafloor – Do We Have the Social License?N Boughen, J Parr, A Littleboy, S Johns, P Ashworth and C Yeats
1.3 MB
Improving Health and Safety Through Conveyor System Training in a Virtual EnvironmentJ D Lucas, R P McMahan, R Engle, D A Bowman, W Thabet, S Schafrik
1.7 MB
Integrated Communications for Surface and Open Pit ApplicationsP Lenard and G Booth
8.7 MB
Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) and its Potential to Monitor Subsidence Over Caving Zones Induced by Underground MiningA Jarosz and H Zahiri
3.1 MB
Internet-Based Remote Machinery ControlM S Kizil and W R Hancock
1.1 MB
Introducing a New Model to Forecast Mineral Commodity PriceS Shafiee and E Topal
184.3 KB
Location Aware Mine Machinery for Productivity and Safety ImprovementsM Nix
601.4 KB
Mechanised Tunnelling Technologies for Mining ApplicationsS Weiner
10.8 MB
Meeting Resource Constraint Demands in Future Mining to 2050S Hancock and D Sinclair
62.7 KB
Mining and the Future of Space ExplorationH H Schmitt, C T Farrelly and D C Franklin
425.2 KB
Possible Impact of New Safety Technology Developments on the Future of the United States Mining IndustryR G Gürtunca
7.4 MB
Potential Benefits of Underground Processing for the Gold Sector – Conceptual Process Design and Cost BenefitsT Hughes and G Cormack
1.4 MB
Spaceborne Radar Interferometry for Mine Subsidence Monitoring in AustraliaL Ge, H-C Chang, A Ng and C Rizos
9.7 MB
Taxonomy of Interactive Computer-Based Visualisation Systems and Content for the Mining Industry – Part OneP Stothard, A Squelch, E van Wyk, D Schofield, K Fowle, C Caris, M S Kizil and M Schmid
134.7 KB
The Critical Path to Automated Underground MiningD Noort and P McCarthy
69.3 KB
The Future of Water in Mining – Treatment of Mine Water for Sustainable BenefitC Madin
919.9 KB
Underground Information Technology Infrastructure – A Sound Basis for Efficient Future Mining OperationsJ Skirde and M Schmid
7.7 MB
Utilisation of Underground Space in Final Open Pit Walls at Surface MinesK Matsui, T Sasaoka and H Shimada
7.4 MB
Virtual Environment Training for Preshift Inspections of Haul Trucks to Improve Mining SafetyR P McMahan, D A Bowman, S Schafrik and M Karmis
1.4 MB
Working in the Classroom – A Vision of Miner Training in the 21st CenturyL Mallett and T J Orr
2.8 MB