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ICAM 2008 - Ninth International Congress for Applied Mineralogy

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2008

The ICAM series has become a very important quadrennial event for the applied mineralogy fraternity to share information and new developments, this conference follows on from the previous inaugural meeting which was held in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1981.

This ninth conference carried on the ICAM tradition with a diverse but concise series of themes across the field of applied mineralogy, including environmental and medical mineralogy, geometallurgy and process mineralogy, and conventional ceramics and construction materials. Application driven automated quantitative mineralogy was one of the main themes of the conference and explored existing technologies and innovations which are currently under development. This is a range of topics that will contribute to the shared knowledge of exciting research and current developments within the field.

The profession of applied mineralogy is in great demand. Universities and research centres are under pressure to produce urgently needed engineers and scientists, as well as new technologies. New tools and methods are being developed to help the mining industry recover more metals, reduce operating and capital costs and minimise environmental and social impact. This volume reviews the current state of development in these areas.

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A Comparative Study on Potassium Nitrate Occlusion in 4A and 13X Zeolite Molecular SievesH Zheng, H Ma, B Hu, B Zhang, L Han, D Liu and J Wang
160.5 KB
A Mechanism of Fluid Infiltration Through Minerals – Implications for Element Mobilisation Within the EarthC V Putnis, H Austrheim, A K Engvik and A Putnis
595.1 KB
A New Look at Mineral Maps and the Potential Relationships of Extracted Data to Mineral Processing BehavioursJ A Hunt, R Berry, S G Walters, N Bonnici, M Kamenetsky, K Nguyen and C L Evans
373.3 KB
Adsorption of 17b-Estradiol Onto Organo-MontmorillonitesJ Zhou, Y Wan and L Liao
83.9 KB
An Overview of New Integrated Geometallurgical ResearchS G Walters
61.0 KB
Analysis of Heavy Mineral Sands by Quantitative X-Ray Powder Diffraction and Mineral Liberation Analyser – Implications for Process ControlE Spicer, S M C Verryn and K Deysel
189.9 KB
Analytical Fingerprint of Columbite-Tantalite (Coltan) Mineralisation in Pegmatites – Focus on AfricaF Melcher, T Graupner, F Henjes-Kunst, T Oberthür, M Sitnikova, E Gäbler, A Gerdes, H Brätz, D Davis and S Dewaele
995.1 KB
Apatite from Alkaline Complexes – Geological Aspects, Behaviour in Mineral Processing and Characterisation TechniquesH Kahn, L M Sant’Agostino, M M M Lé Tassinari, C Ulsen and A B Braz
694.5 KB
Application of Cryo Scanning Electron Microscopy and In Situ X-Ray Diffraction for the Investigation of Early Time Portland Cement HydrationH Pöllmann, R Wenda and M Fylak
523.6 KB
Applied Mineralogy in Characterising Origins of Natural Sapphire and RubyF L Sutherland, K Zaw, S Meffre, G Giuliani, A E Fallick and I T Graham
86.8 KB
Applied Mineralogy of Refractory Copper Ores from the Nchanga Mine in the Copperbelt of Northern ZambiaO Sikazwe, A M Hagni and R D Hagni
324.2 KB
Applied Mineralogy of the Kevitsa Nickel-Copper-PGE Deposit, Sodankylä, Northern FinlandK Kojonen, J Laukkanen and F Gervilla
970.5 KB
Applied Mineralogy of the Suurikuusikko Refractory Gold Deposit, Northern FinlandK Kojonen, L J Cabri, G McMahon, B Johanson, J Leppinen and R Kalapudas
1.2 MB
Asbestiform Antigorite Occurrence in South AustraliaJ L Keeling, M D Raven, P G Self and R A Eggleton
964.3 KB
Automated Mineral Identification by Optical MicroscopyR Berry, S G Walters and C McMahon
82.4 KB
Automatic Ore Texture Analysis for Process MineralogyG M Leigh
672.7 KB
Carbonate in Synthetic and Biological ApatitesM E Fleet and X Liu
259.1 KB
Cathodoluminescence, Laser Ablasion Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry, Electron Probe Microanalysis and Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Analyses of Natural SphaleriteM Karakus, R D Hagni, A Koenig and E Çiftçi
1.0 MB
Characterisation of Glassy and Heterogeneous Cementing Phases of Municipal Solid Waste of Incineration (MSWI) Bottom AshD Dabo, L Raimbault, R Badreddine, P Chaurand, J Rose and L De Windt
319.2 KB
Characterisation of Ilmenites from Western Eucla Basin Heavy Mineral ConcentratesM I Pownceby, G J Sparrow and M J Fisher-White
692.1 KB
Characterisation of In Situ Gold Particle Size and Distribution for Sampling Protocol OptimisationS C Dominy, Y Xie and I M Platten
404.0 KB
Characterisation of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Structural Mortar of Glass Insulators Employed in Transmission LinesL C da Silva, D M F de Santana, L R P Leite, J A Yanaguizawa, A H Shinohara and C K Suzuki
168.6 KB
Characterisation of Portland Cement Blended with Pitchstone Fines Aiding Carbon Dioxide Emission ReductionK Vessalas, A S Ray, P S Thomas, P Joyce and J Haggman
159.8 KB
Chemical Compositions of Manganese Nodules – In Situ Microenergy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (m-EDXRF) and Bulk DataT Graupner, A Wittenberg, F Melcher and M Wiedicke
404.1 KB
Chemically Pure Synthetic Standards for Wide Range Analysis of Oxides in Geological Material Using Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence SpectrometryM S Olde Weghuis and M N Ingham
211.2 KB
Combination of Novel Mineralogical Methods in the Study of Noble Metal Ores – Focus on Pristine (Bushveld, Great Dyke)T Oberthür, F Melcher, M Sitnikova, N S Rudashevsky, V N Rudashevsky, L J Cabri, J Lodziak, D Klosa and L Gast
1.1 MB
Computer Simulation Studies on the Mechanisms of Toxic Element Incorporation in JarositeK Wright, K A Hudson-Edwards, A M L Smith and W E Dubbin
141.3 KB
Co-Site Microscopy – Combining Reflected Light Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy to Perform Ore MineralogyO F M Gomes and S Paciornik
332.4 KB
Cr-Ni-PGE in the Mafic-Ultramafic Enclaves Around Arsikere- Tavarkere Lineament, KarnatakaP V Sunder Raju, S Madoom Hussain, R K W Merkle and T Yellappa
1.4 MB
Crystal Chemistry and Synthesis of Carbonate Apatites – Main Minerals in Living OrganismsO V Frank-Kamenetskaya
228.3 KB
Current Approaches for the Process Mineralogy of Platinum-Group Element Ores and TailingsL J Cabri, N S Rudashevsky and V N Rudashevsky
1.3 MB
Distribution of Minor Elements in Co-Processed Commercial ClinkersV C G de Souza, J C Koppe and J F C L Costa
999.3 KB
Don Hausen, Pioneering Newmont Mineralogist and Mentor – His Influence Continues on at Newmont TodayM B McComb
567.7 KB
Electron Microscopy Study of Mineral Deposits on the Bioprostheses of Heart ValvesA T Titov, P M Larionov and V I Zaikovskii
232.5 KB
Evaluation of Pyrrhotite from Selected Ni and Platinum Group Element (PGE) Ore Deposits and the Influence of its Mineralogy on Flotation PerformanceM Becker, J R R de Villiers and D Bradshaw
314.3 KB
Evidence of Reduced Water Infiltration by Microhardpans – Electrical Resistivity Measurements at Peña de Hierro, Rio Tinto, SpainD Rammlmair, C Grissemann, M Furche, U Noell, T Graupner, J A Meima and A Romero-Baena
939.3 KB
Experimental Study on the Mineral Processing of a Large-Scale Scheelite Mine in Jiangxi ProvinceX Xu, X Zhang, R Lin and Z Guang
70.8 KB
Fixation and Phase Transformation of Phosphate at Calcite Surfaces – Implications for Eutrophic Lake RestorationE Eiche, U Berg, Y Song and T Neumann
174.1 KB
Fluorspar Deposits at Okorusu, Namibia with Emphasis Upon Electron Microprobe Analyses of Carbonatite Minerals and Fluorite Fluid Inclusion Temperatures and SalinitiesP Shivdasan-Gebhardt and R D Hagni
242.8 KB
From Bauxite Mining to Aluminium Production – Applications of the Rietveld Method for Quantitative Phase AnalysisK Knorr
309.1 KB
From Spectrophotometry to Multispectral Imaging of Ore Minerals in Visible and Near Infrared (VNIR) MicroscopyE Pirard, H-J Bernhardt, J-C Catalina, C Brea, F Segundo and R Castroviejo
774.7 KB
Gemstones in Australia – The State of PlayR R Coenraads and S R Pecover
1.3 MB
Geometallurgical Challenges of Namakwa Sands – A South African Titanium-Zirconium Heavy Minerals MineC Philander and A Rozendaal
279.9 KB
Geometallurgical Characterisation of the Merensky Reef at Northam Platinum Mine – Comparison of Normal, Pothole and Transitional Reef TypesM Becker, C Brough, D Reid, D Smith and D Bradshaw
539.1 KB
Gold Process Mineralogy and its Significance in Gold MetallurgyJ Zhou and Y Gu
998.6 KB
Heavy Mineral Placer Deposits Along the West Coast of South Africa – A World-Class Resource of Zircon, Ilmenite and RutileA Rozendaal and C Philander
529.6 KB
Hydroseparation Concentrates and Automated Precious Metal Searches Used to Characterise Process Products from Selected MinesL J Cabri, Y Choi, C Hamilton, P Kondos and R Lastra
535.9 KB
Hyperspectral Quantitative Mapping and Microanalysis of Minerals at Submicron Spatial ResolutionC M MacRae, N C Wilson and A Torpy
184.3 KB
Immobilisation of Toxic Elements in Mineral ReservoirsH Pöllmann
1.8 MB
Impact of Soluble Salt in Oxidised Pb-Zn Ore on the Sulfurisation-Flotation ProcessB Li, D Liang, X He and L Zhang
115.1 KB
Improving Sampling Methodology for the Evaluation of Fines Production at Vanderbijl Park Sinter Plant, South AfricaT van den Berg and J P R de Villiers
214.5 KB
Instrument Developments and Applications of Applied MineralogyW Petruk and R Lastra
580.7 KB
Investigation of Minerals and Iron Oxide Alterations in Olivine Pellets Excavated from the LKAB Experimental Blast FurnaceE Ryösä, J Wikström, B Lindblom, E Rutqvist, A Benedictus and A Butcher
774.3 KB
Investigations of Calcium Aluminate Compounds by Different Synthesis MethodsB Raab and H Pöllmann
810.5 KB
Iron Ore Quantitative Characterisation Through Reflected Light-Scanning Electron Co-Site MicroscopyO F M Gomes and S Paciornik
301.0 KB
Measurement of a Stereological Transformation Function from Artificial TextureC L Schneider
112.0 KB
Mercury Sorption on ClinoptiloliteA Chimedtsogzol, K Friese and H Pöllmann
176.1 KB
Methods for Assigning Domains in the Primary Sulfide Zone of a Sulfide OrebodyN W Johnson and P D Munro
86.1 KB
Micro-X-Ray Diffraction Analysis of Pigments – Determination of Detection Limits of 14 Coloured Pigments in Three White Pigment MatricesP Nel and D Lau
426.1 KB
Mineral Phase Transitions in Fe-O Natural System – Magnetite and HaematiteP F Barbosa and L Lagoeiro
386.9 KB
Mineralogical Characterisation and Evaluation of Adsorption Properties of Synthesised Zeolites from the Flint Kaolin from the Rio Capim Kaolin District, BrazilL Muzzi, A F D C Varajão, J Yvon and M A Gonçalves
870.2 KB
Mineralogical Study of the Reaction Between Lime and Natural Zeolites Used as PozzolanG Mertens, R Snellings, K Van Balen and J Elsen
389.2 KB
Mineralogy of Gold in Polymetallic Deposits of SerbiaS Radosavljevic, V Kasic and J Stojanovic
435.7 KB
Modal Analysis of Mineral Blends Using Optical Image Analysis Versus X-Ray DiffractionH Bouzahzah, A Califice, M Benzaazoua, R Mermillod-Blondin and E Pirard
364.5 KB
Modern X-Ray Diffraction Methods for Process Optimisation in the Minerals Industry – Case StudiesJ P R de Villiers and S M C Verryn
885.9 KB
Morphological Characterisation of Spongillites from South-Eastern BrazilA C S Almeida, A F D C Varajão, N S Gomes, C A C Varajão, C Volkmer-Ribeiro and R C Weba
649.3 KB
Natural Semiconductor Minerals as Visible Light-Induced Photocatalysts Applied for Pollutant DegradationY Li, C Wang and A Lu
124.4 KB
Olivine Reactions During Pelletising of Magnetite Ore at High Temperature Under Oxidising ConditionsV Niiniskorpi
1.8 MB
Online Mineral Measurement Applications Using Magnetic ResonanceD W Bennett, B K Schwitter, D G Miljak and J Khachan
199.2 KB
Pore Structure of Surfactant Modified MontmorillonitesH He, J Zhu, P Yuan, Q Zhou, Y Ma and R L Frost
466.1 KB
Preliminary Results on the Reproducibility of Sample Preparation and QEMSCAN® Measurements for Heavy Mineral Sands SamplesT Hrstka
111.0 KB
Process Mineralogy as a Tool in Modelling Mineral Processing OperationsE Wightman, C L Evans, T Vizcarra and G Sandoval
511.0 KB
Process Mineralogy of a Low-Grade Tantalum-Niobium Ore in ChinaD Liang and Y Wang
61.1 KB
Properties and Utilisation of Analcime-Bearing Rocks of the Timan Region, Komi Republic, Russian FederationO B Kotova and D A Shushkov
137.2 KB
QEMSCAN® and Microprobe Studies on the Chromitite of Sittampundi Anorthosite Complex, Tamil Nadu – Implications for Platinum Group Element MineralisationP V Sunder Raju, R K W Merkle and E Whiteman
673.8 KB
Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation of Iron Ore Sinters Through Digital MicroscopyJ C Alvarez, D T Wagner, G Schinazi, O da Fonseca Martins Gomes, M H de Pinho MaurÍcio, S Paciornik and M B Vieira
736.5 KB
Quantitative X-Ray Diffraction as a Tool for Smelting Optimisation of Kalahari Manganese OresD Chetty and J Gutzmer
364.1 KB
Rare Earth Elements (REE) in Banded Iron Formations – Link Between Geochemistry and MineralogyA J B Smith, J Gutzmer, N J Beukes, C Reinke and M Bau
499.8 KB
Reflectance Spectroscopy Monitoring of the Petroglyphs of the Burrup Peninsula, Western AustraliaE Ramanaidou, D Lau, A Hacket, M Caccetta, S Furman, M A Wells and B McDonald
555.7 KB
Relating Textural Attributes to Mineral Processing – Developing a More Effective Approach for the Cadia East Cu-Au Porphyry DepositN Bonnici, J A Hunt, S G Walters, R Berry and D Collett
468.9 KB
Risk Assessment of Historical Mine Waste Using Chemical Analysis and Ocular Mineral/Rock Classification – A ComparisonM Bäckström and S Sädbom
320.0 KB
Shedding Light and Electrons on Altered Ilmenites and ‘Leucoxenes’T Wallmach, L Reyneke, H Horsch and E Whiteman
1.1 MB
Speciation of Arsenic in an Anaerobic Treatment System at a Pb-Zn Smelter Site, Gold Roaster Products, Cu Smelter Stack Dust and Impacted SoilD Paktunc
551.2 KB
Speciation of Arsenic in Pyrite by Micro-X-Ray Absorption Fine-Structure Spectroscopy (XAFS)D Paktunc
322.0 KB
Specular Reflectance Data for Quartz and Some Epoxy Resins – Implications for Digital Image Analysis Based on Reflected Light Optical MicroscopyR Neumann and C J Stanley
66.5 KB
Stereometric Analysis of Ore Aggregates for Predicting Energy Savings During Disintegration of OresR L Brodskaya and E L Kotova
271.4 KB
The Behaviour of Barium, Strontium, Aluminium, Chromium and Molybdenum when Leaching Fly Ash with Acid Rock DrainageL Sartz and M Bäckström
130.8 KB
The Carbonatite-Hosted Apatite Deposit of Jacupiranga, South- East Brazil – Styles of Mineralisation, Ore Characterisation and Association with Mineral ProcessingP R Alves and R D Hagni
1.2 MB
The Control of Environmentally Sensitive Elements in Alternative Fuels by X-Ray Fluorescence SpectrometryM S Olde Weghuis, F De Beurs and S Davies
243.3 KB
The Mechanism of Experimental Oxidation and Leaching of Ilmenite in Acid SolutionA Janssen, A Putnis, T Geisler and C V Putnis
496.8 KB
The Ore Deposits of the South-East Missouri Cobalt-Copper-Lead-Zinc District – Mineralogy, Ore Textures, Applied Mineralogy and Ore ControlsR D Hagni
803.1 KB
The Potential Use of Various Metallurgical Slag and Fly Ash from South Africa as Cement ExtendersJ T Mogoru and S M C Verryn
171.1 KB
The Role of Morphology and Host Rock Lithology on the Flotation Behaviour of Molybdenite at Kennecott Utah CopperB Triffett and D Bradshaw
976.9 KB
The Tajo Largo Gold Deposit, Argentina – Mineralogy and Fluid Inclusions StudyJ C Avila, L Bengochea, A S Fogliata, G Mas and J E Lazarte
188.6 KB
The Thermophysical Properties of Australian OpalA G Smallwood, P S Thomas and A S Ray
199.3 KB
The Viability for Industrial Use of Acid-Activated Bentonites from the Santa Elena Peninsula, EcuadorA M Morales-Carrera, A F D C Varajão, M A Gonçalves and S A Stachissini
231.3 KB
Tribute to Dr Donald Martin HausenW Petruk
242.7 KB
Use of Scanning Electron Microscopy-Based Automated Quantitative Mineralogy for the Characterisation of Ni-Rich and Ni-Poor Goethite in LateritesJ Andersen, G Rollinson, B Snook, R Herrington and R Fairhurst
54.5 KB
Utilisation of Iron Ore Texture Information for Prediction of Downstream Process PerformanceE Donskoi, R J Holmes, J R Manuel, J J Campbell, A Poliakov, S P Suthers and T Raynlyn
236.4 KB
X-Ray Diffraction-Referenced Rietveld Analysis of Clinker and Cement When Using Alternative Fuels and Raw MaterialsR Meier
251.2 KB