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Tenth Underground Operators' Conference 2008

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2008

The Tenth Underground Operators' Conference Proceedings reviews the current issues facing the underground mining industry, such as the changes in the industry due to the mining ‘boom’; alliance contracting and the development of a very large uranium mine. The papers are predominately focused on underground mining, with topics covering case studies, planning, technology, business improvement, ground support and mining methods, some papers are also devoted to human resources and the environment, discussing the best practice in FIFO, as well as ventilation challenges in mining.

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Analysis and Management of Loads on Paste Backfill BarricadesM Helinski, A B Fourie and M Fahey
120.3 KB
Automated Loading and Hauling Experiences at De Beers Finsch MineB Cook, D Burger, L Alberts and R Grobler
1.7 MB
Caving Technology Development and its Application by Newcrest Mining LimitedG Flores, B Cuthbert and A Logan
845.2 KB
Communications Systems for Underground Mass MiningT Shyu, C Rossetti and A G L Pratt
433.4 KB
Correctly Estimating Primary Airflow Requirements for Underground Metalliferous MinesD J Brake and T Nixon
104.8 KB
Development and Implementation of the Garford Dynamic Bolt at the Kanowna Belle MineR Varden, R Lachenicht, J Player, A Thompson and E Villaescusa
375.5 KB
Development Strategy of the Trident Underground Gold MineT James
378.8 KB
Extending Drill and Blast Limits – The Carpathia ExperienceA Molinia
88.9 KB
Fly-In, Fly-Out in the Western Australian Resources Sector – Trends in Responsible ManagementO Pisano
66.3 KB
Forecasting Life-of-Mine Deformation and Seismic Potential at Rosebery Mine Using a Mine Scale Non-Linear Numerical ModelD A Beck and W Zirima
477.2 KB
Going Deeper – Has Your Mine Plan Fully Considered Ventilation?D D’Angelo and P Gardner
385.7 KB
Improvements to Reinforcement Systems Through Dynamic TestingJ Player, A Thompson and E Villaescusa
461.4 KB
Inclined Troughed Belt Conveyor Systems for Underground Mass Mining OperationsJ C Spreadborough and A G L Pratt
262.1 KB
Introduction of and Experience Gained with Cemented Hydraulic Fill at the Gossan Hill Mine, Western AustraliaK Winder and E M Jones
343.5 KB
Low Voidage Blasting to Improve Underground Stope ProductivityM Lovitt
420.1 KB
Management of Seismicity at the Beaconsfield Gold Mine, TasmaniaP B Hills and A R Penney
1.5 MB
Mine Dewatering – Bendigo GoldfieldW Morrison
878.9 KB
Mine Haulage – Options and the Process of ChoiceA G L Pratt
238.8 KB
Mine Planning by QuartersJ Pilgrim, B Ascott, J Kennedy and A White
130.1 KB
Mine Real-Time Personal Respirable Dust and Diesel Particulate Matter MonitoringA D S Gillies, H W Wu and T Harvey
396.9 KB
New Rosebery – Discovering the Next 20 YearsT Ellice
747.1 KB
Production Drill Optimisation at Telfer Underground – A Move Towards AutomationH M Adams, P Boniwell and P F Knights
700.6 KB
Rapid Tunnelling Technologies at Cadia EastP Willcox
539.0 KB
Rock Mass Classification is Only Part of the Answer to Assess Raise BoringR Bertuzzi and J Wallis
972.8 KB
ROES® – A Low-Cost, Remotely Operated Mining MethodI Gipps, J Cunningham, G Cavanough, M Kochanek and A Castleden
583.9 KB
Standardisation of Mine Control at Newmont Australia Underground SitesR Ballantyne and B Ascott
57.1 KB
The Development of a New High-Energy Absorption MeshY Potvin and G Giles
590.1 KB
The Millennium Deposit – Design of a New Uranium Mine in CanadaD Beattie, J Hatley and T Smith
681.4 KB
The Rosebery Mine Underground Refrigeration ProjectC Walker and G Newling
485.7 KB
Underground Infrastructure Requirements for Underground Cave Mining OperationsR M Krek, A Leonforte, A G L Pratt and G F Dunstan
954.7 KB
Use of Electronic Detonators at Cracow Gold MineS Combrinck and N Strong
341.5 KB
Ventilating Deep Mines – Time for a Rethink of Ventilation DesignM Tuck
99.0 KB
Yet Another Use for ShotcreteG Davison and B Hartmann
554.4 KB