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Sampling 2008 Conference

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2008

Triggered by the resources boom in Australia, the theme of Sampling 2008 was ‘Getting it Right in the Commodity Boom’ and the conference examined all aspects of sampling mineral commodities, from resource estimation to quality control and export.

The papers assembled in these conference proceedings covered an impressive range of areas, including development and application of the theory of sampling, drill and blasthole sampling, the role of sampling in blending, quality control and metallurgical accounting, sampling of commodity exports, and sampling and sample preparation equipment.

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A Brief History of Pierre Gy’s Sampling Theory and Current Trends in its Acceptance in the Mining WorldD François-Bongarçon
50.2 KB
A Chronostatistical Approach to Hydrometallurgical Plant Process ControlR C A Minnitt and T Gluck
465.8 KB
A Fractal Sampling Model for Minerals CommoditiesC D Rose
138.8 KB
A Proposal for Standard Reference Material RecertificationD François-Bongarçon
65.0 KB
A Variable Split Sample Divider – A New Tool for Sample PreparationG J Lyman and R Simonato
236.7 KB
An Unbiased Flap SamplerG K Robinson
46.1 KB
Automated Sample Sizing Using Online Computer Vision TechnologyP T Clarke, M Fimeri and R Williamson
231.8 KB
Blasthole Sampling for Grade Control – The Many Problems and SolutionsF F Pitard
114.1 KB
Bulk Sampling of Complex Gold Deposits – Material Characterisation and Program Design and ManagementS C Dominy, I M Platten and Y Xie
1.1 MB
Can Cross-Belt Cutters be Trusted?G K Robinson, M D Sinnott and P W Cleary
341.6 KB
Checking Precision and Bias Before and After Construction of Sampling SystemsG K Robinson
91.4 KB
Considerations on Quality Assurance/Quality Control and Sample SecurityA Simon and G Gosson
74.5 KB
Difficult Sampling Problems in Mineral ProcessingP J Guerney
56.7 KB
Estimation of the Sampling Constant for a Run-of-Mine OreG J Lyman
70.3 KB
Forty Years of Sample Preparation – A Personal JourneyI Devereux
47.4 KB
On the Use of Dry Pulp Duplicates in Quality Assurance/Quality Control – A New Tool of the TradeD François-Bongarçon
763.1 KB
Prediction of Cross-Stream Sample Bias Using Discrete Element ModellingP W Cleary and G K Robinson
326.2 KB
Sampling – Current Practices and ChallengesF T R Vieira
24.1 KB
Sampling and Heterogeneity Studies – Creative MethodsD François-Bongarçon
46.5 KB
Sampling and its Integration with Online AnalysisI Cottle
190.3 KB
Sampling for the Boom – An Iron Ore PerspectiveB Zieglaar
22.9 KB
Some Key Facts and Concepts in the Evolution of Sampling and Assaying Practices at CodelcoP Carrasco
622.2 KB
The Development of Large Capacity Sample Pulverising Techniques for the Sample Preparation of Gold SamplesD Stevens
336.7 KB
The Importance of Sampling in Grade ControlR J Holmes
309.7 KB
The Need for Quality Control in Sampling Due to Evaluation Advances at Anglo PlatinumC Kruger
138.1 KB
Value Creation Through Sampling of a Gold OreP González Jiménez and S Cossío Torres
70.0 KB