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Hoist and Haul 2005

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2005

Recent Australian underground mine developments have led to a variety of different ore transport solutions being adopted for each specific new mine design. Design decisions are increasingly being influenced by developments in technology, which need to be factored into capital and cost considerations. For example, some new projects opt for trucking of ore up spiral ramps, while others utilise incline conveyors or conventional vertical shaft hoisting.

Similar trends are occurring around the globe and therefore the theme of this conference was broadened to allow shaft hoisting to be compared with a range of alternative underground ore handling technologies. ‘Hoist and Haul’ now includes any systems or technologies for the handling of ore from the point of extraction from the mine through to stockpiling on surface.

The papers in this volume cover a wide range of topics including shaft hoisting, incline and drift hoisting, conveying, hydraulic hoisting, rail haulage, tramming and truck haulage, as well as papers covering the design of systems and components, operating, economic and safety issues.

This volume is out of print - individual papers can be accessed below.

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A Fatigue Equivalent Static Load Methodology for the Fatigue Life Estimation of Load Haul DumpersJ Wannenburg
2.9 MB
A Quantitative Assessment of the Factors Influencing the Shaft Versus Trucks DecisionB E Hall
653.5 KB
Are Synthetic Fibre Ropes Suitable for Mine Winding?N O’Hear, O Grabandt, R E Hobbs and C Das
471.5 KB
Automating Hoist Rope Inspection ProcessesA Young and B Delaney
1.5 MB
Buckling of Sheave WheelsS R Grobler
507.4 KB
Calculation of Rope Life in Mine Hoisting ApplicationsU Briem
460.7 KB
Composite Steel Wire Ropes for Mine Hoisting ApplicationsG Rebel, R Verreet and U Briem
532.5 KB
Conveyor Loading of SkipsR Terlich
881.1 KB
Deep Wind Koepe Winders — Rational Selection of Koepe Head RopesM Greenway
533.1 KB
Development of Design Criteria for Upgradeable Friction HoistsC Rossetti
289.3 KB
Engineering Alternatives for Improved Shaft Sinking Project PaybackT E Wakefield
2.1 MB
Evaluation of a Monorail Haulage System in Metalliferous Underground MiningE K Chanda and M Roberts
316.6 KB
Guide Alignment in Mine ShaftsF Hecker
863.2 KB
Guidelines for the Design of Rope GuidesG J Krige
236.1 KB
Hoist Ropes for Double-Drum Winders — A New ConceptR Smith and R Verreet
648.6 KB
Hoisting Technology — Going to New Capacities and DepthsW Schubert
1.2 MB
Innovation in Haulage and HoistingP L McCarthy
84.6 KB
Kopanang Mine Rail Haulage Tramming SystemJ J van Rensburg
219.5 KB
Maintenance of Shaft Structures for Operational Safety in Older Deep ShaftsG J Krige
181.7 KB
Maximising the Capacity of the Ore Handling Systems at Xstrata Copper’s Mount Isa Copper OperationsC J Carr, G W Croft and L E Krause
1.0 MB
Mine Hoist Safety — Selected AspectsJ Hansel
953.0 KB
Mine Hoists for the Nickel Rim South ProjectG Scott and T Gartner
5.3 MB
Modern Hoisting System for Incline Haulage With Positive and Negative SlopeK Kacy and B O’Neil
2.0 MB
Olympic Dam’s Underground Rail Haulage System — Six Years OnT Stonehouse and C Fearon
1.4 MB
Opportunities With Underground Grinding and Hydraulic HoistingR S Francis, S E Turner and C J Larder
272.9 KB
Orepass Level MeasurementL Bester
4.1 MB
Planning and Execution of Shaft Pillar Extraction in a Deep Level MineJ L Louw
777.7 KB
Pulse Width Modulation Drives and Integrated Motors — The Ideal Solution for Large Friction Winder ApplicationsM Cock
945.7 KB
Quantifying the Advantages of Improved Performance During Supply Disturbances of AC Pulse Width Modulation Drives for Winders Compared With Earlier TechnologiesE Gilfillan and P Warner
1.5 MB
Rail Haulage TransportationS M Rupprecht
839.3 KB
Selection of an Ore Haulage System for Telfer DeepsA G L Pratt and P J Ellen
1.4 MB
Shaft Hoisting Based on Direct Torque Control TechnologyJ Zhou, F-J Ping and Y Wu
391.7 KB
Statistical Investigation of the Risk of Accidental Impact Opening of Mine Shaft Detaching HooksJ Wannenburg
968.9 KB
Techno-Economic Methods to Consider in Designing an Optimal Shaft System in Anglo PlatinumL G D Napier, J J Taljaard and C P de Jager
439.1 KB
Testing of Bunton Wall Connection CharacteristicsG J Krige
207.8 KB
Testing the Design of a Mine Winder Control System Using Simulation TechniquesH C Lambie
1.8 MB
The Applicability of Endless and Direct Rope Haulage Technology for Transportation Systems on Decline ShaftsA G Calver, O D A Deuchar, E N Sparg and F Needham
596.0 KB
The Design, Installation and Commissioning of the Northparkes Mines’ Lift 2 Ground Handling SystemM Betts and I Ross
2.3 MB
The Fatigue and Degradation Mechanisms of Hoisting RopesC R Chaplin
968.6 KB
The Los Pelambres Overland Conveyor Braking SystemP M Tiley and N R Johnson
617.3 KB
The Newcrest Telfer Hoisting System — A Very Large Friction Hoist InstallationB Johansson
2.7 MB
The Penna Hoisting Plant — Opportunities and Issues Related to Using Lower Rope Selection FactorsB McLaughlin and C Quirion
1.9 MB
Transforming the Rope Haulage Concept into the 21st CenturyG L du Plessis and B R Castley
6.5 MB
Trucking, Rail or Conveyor?C G Verkerk, R B Venugopal and P Staples
660.8 KB
Twin Decline Expansion Project for TauTona Mine at 4000 m Below Datum — Deepening the Deepest Mine in the WorldR A de Beer and J Naude
4.4 MB
Ultra-Deep Hoisting Technology at Moab KhotsongM Borello, M Dohm and L Pretorius
3.3 MB
Underground Ore Handling SystemsM Bailey, B Olsson and C Glassock
1.1 MB
Upgrading of the Mechanical Braking System of a Large Blair Multi-Rope Rock HoistB Roodt and J Harmse
3.2 MB