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World Gold 2007

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2007

World Gold 2007 was a collaboration of efforts between Australia, Canada and South Africa. The key focus of the conference was sustainability with papers discussing best practice in social, environmental, economic and technical sustainability of mining operations. Several papers on exploration also feature in the volume.

The current ‘super-cycle’ in mining – spurred by voracious Chinese and Indian appetites for virtually all metals has created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for gold and all metals and yet amidst the opportunities there are also some threats for the industry. Limited gold exploration success over the last ten years, with little immediate prospect for revolutionary success, has resulted in a scarcity of new gold developments. To maintain supply the industry is redeveloping brownfields and revisiting known ‘old’ (submarginal) deposits with lower precious metals content and often higher costs.

All-time high non-gold metal prices present opportunities for by- and co-products from gold operations to improve the feasibility of previously marginal operations. The challenge for the industry is to ensure sustainability within these new opportunities – sustainability in all aspects, including environmental, technical, safety and community support. New developments will require greater focus for best practice in social, environmental, economic and technical sustainability of mining operations.

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A Technology of Precious Metals Recovery from Gold-Bismuth OresO D Khmelnitskaya and V P Beskrovnaya
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And Still we did not get a Permit …J F Anckorn
199.8 KB
Archaean Gold Systems of South AustraliaT Birt and A Reid
1.0 MB
Assessing Sustainability of Gold Mining Operations Using Fuzzy Logic MethodologyN Musee and L Lorenzen
112.3 KB
Assessment of Options for Economic Processing of Preg-Robbing Gold OresR Dunne, K Buda, M Hill, W Staunton, V Tjandrawan
93.0 KB
Australian Gold — Exploration, Discovery and Potential — Keys to a Sustainable IndustryM B Huleatt
44.8 KB
Boddington Gold Mine — An Example of Sustaining Gold Production for 30 YearsR Dunne, S Hart, B Parker and G Veillette
536.9 KB
Classification Improvements Using Air Core Booster (ACB) Assisted Cavex Cyclones in the Mt Charlotte Circuit at KCGMM Wilkens, K Paki, K Parker and J F Dupont
658.6 KB
Cost/Performance Evaluation of Gold Placer Mining Methods — For a Range of Gold Placer Deposits in the Bodaibo District, RussiaA V Neretin
707.2 KB
Effect of Preoxidation and Lead Nitrate Addition on Sodium Cyanide Consumption and Gold Recovery at the Morila Mine Gold PlantT Mahlangu, R F Sandenbergh, J Skudder and D C S M
197.0 KB
Electroformed Gold from Gold Mine Solutions — A New Approach to Gold RecoveryM J Sole
311.3 KB
From Production to Sustainability Reporting — Towards Quantifying Sustainable Gold MiningG M Mudd
216.4 KB
Gekko’s Gravity, Flotation and Intensive Leaching (GFIL) Process for Gold Recovery Improves Environmental and Cost OutcomesS Gray and T Hughes
625.7 KB
Gold in Tailings — Mineralogical Characterisation and Metallurgical ImplicationsJ Zhou and C A Fleming
1.2 MB
Gold Potential, Mining and Processing of TurkeyM Kaya
749.2 KB
Gold, Research and Development, and Exploration SuccessG N Phillips
375.9 KB
Innovative Treatment of Gold Mine Water for Sustainable Benefit — Processes and Case StudiesC Madin
990.2 KB
Lake Cowal Foundation — Environmental and Community Sustainability Beyond the Mine FenceB Shallvey and D Johnston
489.2 KB
Leaching of a Refractory Gold Ore Sample from the Central Zone, Clarence Stream Property, New Brunswick, CanadaG Deschênes, C Xia, M Fulton, L J Cabri and J Pric
837.8 KB
Loading and Elution of Gold Thiosulfate from Anion Exchange ResinsM I Jeffrey and S Brunt
95.0 KB
Mixing Requirements for Resin-in-Pulp and Resin-in-LeachW Baguley
346.4 KB
Modelling Undissolved Gold Losses in an Industrial Plant with Neurofuzzy MethodsN Musee, L Lorenzen and C Aldrich
398.6 KB
Monitoring of a Semi-Autogenous Grinding Circuit on a Gold Plant with Topology Preserving Projection Methods and Neural NetworksQ Wang and C Aldrich
566.3 KB
Online Cyanide Analysers Optimise Cyanidation and Ensure Cyanide Code Compliance for Plant TailingsT Mulpeter and D Kotzen
249.3 KB
Overview of Grinding Media Consumption in ComminutionG A Slabbert, R Paton, J S Moema and J Zimba
179.8 KB
Potential for the Utilisation of Micro-Organisms in Gold ProcessingF Reith, S L Rogers, D C McPhail and J Brugger
1.1 MB
Recovery Improvement Project for the Ridgeway Concentrator at Newcrest’s Cadia Valley OperationsM Weidenbach and F Cesnik
276.0 KB
Research on Leaching Gold from Cyanided Tailings by Nitric Acid Recycling OxidationD-x Li, Q-c Li and G-l Gao
93.6 KB
Secondary School Science Teachers as the Key to a Sustainable Workforce in the Mining and Mineral Processing Industry — Changing People’s AttitudesD Churach and N J Welham
194.6 KB
Technology of Gold Recovery from Preg-Robbing OresN A Dementyeva, V M Mullov and M A Vinokurova
78.9 KB
The Implementation of Snowden’s Reconciliation Software — A Case Study from TelferR Riske, J Froud, C Morley and J Gotte
764.7 KB
The Leaching and Oxidation of Sulfide Minerals in Cyanide Solutions — Quantification of Reaction Products and the Effect of Lead and OxygenP L Breuer, D M Hewitt, M I Jeffrey and J A Rumbal
115.8 KB
The Use of Equilibrium Diagrams to Better Understand the Influence of Lead Additions on Gold Leaching in Aqueous CyanideR F Sandenbergh and T Mahlangu
108.2 KB
The Use of QEMSCAN® in Practical Gold Deportment StudiesW R Goodall and A R Butcher
189.3 KB
Towards More Sustainable Minefills — Replacement of Ordinary Portland Cement with Geopolymer CementsD C Southam, G F Brent, F Felipe, C Carr, R D Hart
773.0 KB
Treatment of Sulfide Tailings from Base Metal and Gold Operations — A Source of Saleable By-Products and Sustainable Waste ManagementW J Bruckard and D A McCallum
153.9 KB
Use of Electronic Detonators at Cracow Gold MineS Combrinck and N Strong
339.5 KB
WAD Cynoprobe — A Case Study for the Development of an Online Weak Acid Dissociable (WAD) Cyanide Measurement DeviceW van der Merwe, P Lotz and V C Smith
317.3 KB
Wildlife Cyanide Toxicosis — Monitoring of Cyanide-Bearing Tailing and Heap Leach Facilities — Compliance with the International Cyanide Management CodeG B Smith and D B Donato
91.7 KB
World-Class IOCG Deposits and Potential Deposits in South AustraliaS J Daly, P S Heithersay and M McGeough
140.0 KB