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Fifth International Mining Geology Conference

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2003

The theme of this conference was ‘Mining Geology – Adding Value’, which reflects the critical importance of geology. Geologists input into all aspects of mining projects, from exploration to remediation. Most importantly they have a prime role in actually using geology to optimise production. As a result, geologists sit at the forefront of innovation and development. The Fifth International Mining Geology Conference provided a forum to discuss and develop the skills needed for using geology effectively. These proceedings contain papers on the latest developments and innovations that directly impact on the mine geologist’s work and provide insights to challenge the way we all do business.

Topics covered include:

  • Keynote Addresses
  • Role of the Geologist and Geology
  • Geostatistics
  • Grade Control and Reconciliation
  • Dealing with the Nugget Effect
  • Resource Estimation
  • Sampling

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3D Geological Modelling of the Campbell Mine, Ontario, CanadaA Vigar, V Wall, B New and G Kuntz
528.1 KB
A Review of Problems and Challenges in the Resource Estimation of High Nugget-Effect Lode-Gold DepositsS C Dominy, A E Annels, I M Platten and M D Raine
1.5 MB
Auditing Resources and Reserves at Newmont AustraliaD Sims
177.0 KB
Challenges of Sampling Extreme Nugget-Effect Gold-Quartz Reefs at the New Bendigo Project, Central Victoria, AustraliaG F Johansen, M D Raine, S C Dominy and J K Bartlett
3.3 MB
Drill Blast Versus Reverse Circulation Grade Control Sampling — A Case Study From the Mt Muro Gold Silver Mine, Central Kalimantan, IndonesiaH Hoogvliet
344.8 KB
Educating Tomorrows Geoscientists and Engineers: Minerals Education Australia — the MTEC InitiativeK D Tuckwell and S C Dominy
139.1 KB
Eloise Copper Mine Geology — Back to Basics I Hodkinson, E Grimsley and A Baensch
1.1 MB
Enigmatic Kinematics Resolved in the Taurus Shear Zone,Golden Pig Gold Mine, Southern Cross, Western Australia — Resource ImplicationsM J Nugus, T G Blenkinsop, S C Dominy and S Robson
3.1 MB
Ensuring the Quality of Geological Descriptions Used in Resource EvaluationA E Waltho, P J Leevers and G Solly
188.5 KB
Geological and Grade Risk at the Golden Gift and Magdala Gold Deposits Stawell, Victoria, AustraliaS Jackson, D Frederickson, M Stewart, J Vann, A Bu
1.0 MB
Geology and Ore Estimation at the Callie Underground Gold Mine, Tanami, NTP Voulgaris and J Emslie
351.2 KB
Geology, Mining and Grade Control at the Wemen North Mineral Sands DepositD Whitworth
498.1 KB
Geoscience Employment Trends — Analysis of the 1996 and 2001 Australian CensusesB Hall
130.1 KB
Lowering Orebody Risk in Complex Gold Veins — Application of Underground Mobile Supersucker WinzingK Biegaj and S C Dominy
407.8 KB
Mine Geology — The Professional ApproachG Yeates
110.1 KB
Mine to Mill Reconciliations at Paddington Gold MineT Berryman
217.1 KB
Minimising Dilution at the George Fisher MineA Morley
543.2 KB
Obtaining a Representative RCSample — The Cone Splitter Versus the Tiered Riffle SplitterB Catto and P Church
248.6 KB
Ore Control and Reconciliation to Maximise Metal Delivery — A Case Study at Ridgeway Gold MineJ Rutter, G Smart, D Ward and J Grace
18.2 MB
Practical Applications of Geology in the Grade Control Process at the Marvel Loch Gold Mine, Southern Cross, Western AustraliaM J Nugus and S C Dominy
1.3 MB
Practical Implicit Geological ModellingE J Cowan, R K Beatson, H J Ross, W R Fright, T J
3.9 MB
Problems of Sampling and Assaying in Mesothermal Lode-Gold Deposits — Case Studies From Australia and North AmericaL S Roberts, S C Dominy and M J Nugus
1.1 MB
Quantitative Kriging Neighbourhood Analysis for the Mining Geologist — A Description of the Method With Worked Case ExamplesJ Vann, S Jackson and O Bertoli
288.5 KB
Recording and Usage of Groundwater Data for a Mining OperationK H Morgan
1.2 MB
Resource Estimation Practices at the Mount Isa Copper MineI J Holland and J N Moncrieff
247.5 KB
Resource-Reserve History of the Estero Hondo Alluvial Gold Mine, EcuadorM Potter
414.1 KB
Squeezing More Out of Your Orebody at WallabyE Haren, E Maidens and M Titley
2.0 MB
Staff Development and Training at Geita Gold Mine, TanzaniaM Paterson, E Nyamusika and C Kusi-Manu
898.2 KB
Structural Controls of the Wannaway Nickel-Sulfide Deposit, Widgiemooltha, Western AustraliaB Daddow, T C McCuaig and D B Mapleson
1.8 MB
Structural Geology of the Emily Ann Nickel Deposit and Implications for the Mining ProcessR Mason, P Hodkiewicz, D Barrett and R Buerger
3.4 MB
Successful Mineral Resource Development at the Ernest Henry Copper-Gold Mine, NW QueenslandP A Collier and J D Bryant
12.7 MB
The 2003 JORC Code — How are Competent Persons and Public Companies Affected?P Stoker
146.9 KB
The Application of Conditional Simulation to Mine Planning at CanningtonA Edwards
420.6 KB
The Importance of Geological Information to AccountantsT Goldsmith
106.3 KB
The Measurement and Control of Dilution in an Underground Coal OperationM Noppé
353.4 KB
The Role of Geologists in Assessing and Quantifying Geological Uncertainty in the Conversion of Mineral Resources to Ore ReservesM Berry
985.6 KB
The Role of Historical Research in the Development of the ‘New Bendigo’ Gold Project, Central VictoriaR Fraser, J Bartlett and P Quigley
3.5 MB
The Value of the Company Geologist — A Forgotton and Increasingly Rare Commodity in the Australian Mining IndustryD Dunn and P Hanna
174.6 KB
Two-Dimensional Geostatistical Methods —Theory, Practice and a Case Study from the 1A Shoot Nickel Deposit, Leinster, Western AustraliaO Bertoli, M Job, J Vann and S Dunham
966.9 KB
Understanding the Structural Controls on Arsenic Mineralisation and Ore Distribution at the Miitel Nickel Mine,Widgiemooltha, Western AustraliaC P Cairns, D B Mapleson, A W Bewsher and T C McCu
1.6 MB
Use of Field Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrum Analysers for Grade Control — A Presentation of Case StudiesT Houlahan, S Ramsay and D Povey
270.0 KB
Using Mineralisation Indicators to Estimate Grade in the Structurally Complex, High-Grade Gold Orebody at the Golden Pig Mine, Western AustraliaP Jankowski, M Nugus, I Taylor and C Gordon
1.6 MB
X41 Mine, Mount Isa — Target Generation on a Mature MineL A Krois
4.8 MB