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Sixth International Conference on Acid Rock Drainage (ICARD)

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2003

With a theme of ‘application and sustainability of technologies’ the 6th ICARD continued the tradition of the previous International Conferences on Acid Rock Drainage in providing an outlook of cutting-edge research and innovative technologies relevant to acid drainage.

These proceedings provide a timely review of the innovative approaches that have been developed for the prediction, prevention, treatment and monitoring of acid drainage.

This publication is aimed at assisting the mining industry in meeting the challenge of more effective management of acid drainage reiterated in the MMSD process.

Topics covered include:

  • Case Studies including Freeport, Indonesia; Mt Whaleback, Australia and Ok Tedi, Papua New Guinea as well as other regions throughout the world;
  • Coal Characterisation/Assessment;
  • Covers;
  • Non-Mining;
  • Pit Lakes;
  • Prediction;
  • Regulations;
  • Surface Flux Modelling;
  • Tailings;
  • Treatment;
  • Underground;
  • Waste Rock
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A Comparison of Methods for Mine Tailings SterilisationG Ebenå, E Ferrow, M Fuchs, R Herbert, M E Malmstr
88.1 KB
A Meso-Scale Column Test for Co-Mixed Tailings and Waste RockB Wickland, G W Wilson and G Johnson
892.4 KB
A Method to Quantify Wall Rock Mineralogy in an Active Open Pit Mine, and its Application Toward Pit Lake Prediction, Waihi, New ZealandD Castendyk, J L Mauk, K Brodie and M Simpson
609.4 KB
A Method to Separate Phases of Sulfur in Mine-Waste Piles and Natural Alteration Zones, and to Use Sulfur Isotopic Compositions to Investigate Release of Metals and Acidity to the EnvironmentM LW Tuttle, P H Briggs and C J Berry
189.8 KB
A Methodological Approach Towards a Global Environmental Impact Assessment of Acid Mine Drainage Using Copper Mining Processes as an ExampleS Coeppicus, C Bauer, J Grassmann, M Ruhrberg and
375.6 KB
A Novel Approach for Control and Prevention of Acid Rock DrainageG J Olson, T R Clark, T I Mudder and M Logsdon
332.9 KB
A Rapid and Cost-Effective Method for Bench Screening of Geochemical Performance and Disposal Options for High-Sulfide TailingsR Verburg, B Johnson, M Fordham and M Logsdon
2.5 MB
A Review of European Acid Rock Drainage InitiativesM Lindvall and B Dold
140.3 KB
A Review of the Acid Rock Drainage Potential and Hydrological Implications of Selectively-Placed Waste Rock at a Gold Mine in NSW, AustraliaD J Williams, J Jeffrey, L Gilbert, G W Wilson, C
365.5 KB
A Strategy for Managing Acid Rock Drainage in Arid Climates — The Mt Whaleback StoryD C Porterfield, S Miller and P Waters
241.9 KB
A System Approach to Mine Waste Remediation, the Kristineberg Mine, Northern SwedenB Öhlander, M Lindvall, A Widerlund, H Holmström,
984.8 KB
Acid Drainage From Derelict Coal Mines in an Urban – Rural Environment of New South Wales — Holding a Tiger by the TailG Summerhayes
363.4 KB
Acid Generation Behaviour of Chalcopyrite and Pyrite Under Column Leach ConditionsJ E Thomas and A R Gerson
223.6 KB
Acid Rock Drainage From Highway and Construction Activities in Virginia, USAW L Daniels and Z W Orndorff
985.3 KB
Acid Rock Drainage Management at the Ok Tedi Mine, Papua New GuineaB R Bolton, H Kundapen, S Miller, C Rumble and J J
416.7 KB
Acid Rock Drainage Potential of a Brazilian Gold OreL X L Capanema and V S T Ciminelli
342.0 KB
Acid Rock Drainage Prediction and Waste Rock Segregation Plan for Ankerite-Containing Mine Waste — Restigouche Mine Case StudyB Mattson and R Carreau
502.2 KB
Acid Rock Drainage Treatment Technologies — Identifying Appropriate SolutionsJ C Waters, S Santomartino, M Cramer, N Murphy and
262.1 KB
Acidic Airport Drainage, 20 Years and $20 Million Worth of ExperienceS A Hicks
378.3 KB
Acidic Drainage From Calcareous Coarse Kimberlite Reject, Ekati Diamond MineTM, Northwest Territories, CanadaS Day, K Sexsmith and J Millard
1.3 MB
Addressing the Dilemmas of Long-Term Mining Impacts Using a Framework of Sustainability and Adaptive ManagementH Kempton
162.1 KB
An Experimental Study of the Chemistry of Iron Precipitation Within Anoxic Limestone DrainsS Santomartino and J Webb
292.8 KB
An Overview of Prediction and Control of Air Flow in Acid-Generating Waste Rock DumpsC Wels, R Lefebvre and A M Robertson
487.9 KB
Application of an Active Treatment System for the Reduction of Acidity and Dissolved Metals From Acid Sulfate Soil Drainage WatersR Desmier, J Dixon, B C T Macdonald, M D Melville
176.1 KB
Background Characterisation Study of Naturally Occurring Acid Rock Drainage in the Sangre De Christo Mountains, Taos County, New MexicoS Shaw, C Wels, A Robertson, S Fortin and B Walker
2.1 MB
Benefits and Risks of Submarine Tailings Disposal — Lessons Learnt From Two Historic Mine Sites in Newfoundland and Other Canadian Case StudiesY T J Kwong and T P Hynes
517.3 KB
Case Study — Final Closure Water Balance of a Tailings Impoundment Using Direct VegetationE M Rykaart, G W Wilson, N Currey and P Ritchie
376.0 KB
Case Study of Non-Mining Prediction and Control of Acid Rock Drainage — The Vancouver Island Highway ProjectK A Morin, N M Hutt, T S Coulter and W M Tekano
1.5 MB
Case Study on the Remediation of a Remote Acid Mine Drainage Site in South Africa With Emphasis on Low Cost Measures and Cost Benefit AssessmentsC Waygood and N Swiegelaar
1.7 MB
Characterising the In Situ Conditions Within Rehabilitated Spoils at South African Opencast CollieriesB H Usher and F D I Hodgson
161.4 KB
Co-Mixing of Tailings, Waste Rock and Slag to Produce Barrier Cover SystemsP Fines, G W Wilson, D Landriault, L Langetine and
303.5 KB
Comparative Cost Analyses of Technologies for Treating Sulfate- and Metal-Contaminated GroundwaterH Kempton, M Martin and T Martin
376.4 KB
Comparative Study of Surface Flux Boundary Models to Design Soil Covers for Mine Waste FacilitiesM M Noël and E M Rykaart
271.9 KB
Comparing Different Prediction Techniques, and Field Results From South African Opencast CollieriesB Usher, L-M Cruywagen, E de Necker and F D I Hodg
364.9 KB
Comparison of Acid Production From Pyrite and JarositeK Lapakko and M Berndt
250.7 KB
Comparison of Sulfide Oxidation in Unweathered Pyritic Mine TailingsM Gleisner, R Herbert, S U Salmon and M E Malmströ
191.5 KB
Concepts for Co-Mixing of Tailings and Waste RockG W Wilson, H D Plewes, D Williams and J Robertson
1.6 MB
Control of Acid Mine Drainage From Partly Oxidised,Polymineralic Mine Wastes Using Phosphate CoatingsD L Harris and B G Lottermoser
266.9 KB
Cost-Benefit Comparisons of Ecological Risk Against Water Management Options in the Finniss River System, AustraliaJ Twining
194.2 KB
Cover Design of a Backfilled Open Pit Based on a Systems Approach for a Uranium Mining SiteM Paul, R Kahnt, M Eckart, S Jahn and D Baacke
443.6 KB
Design, Construction and Performance of a Passive Treatment System for the Reduction of Acidity and Dissolved Metals in Acid Sulfate Soil WaterwaysR Desmier, B C T Macdonald, M D Melville and T D W
438.5 KB
Developing Assessment Methods and Remediation Protocols for New Zealand Sites Impacted by Acid Mine DrainageD A Trumm, A Black, J Cavanagh, J Harding, A de Jo
1.8 MB
Development of a Cover System Design for Potentially Acid-Forming Tailings at Peak Gold MinesB Ayres, C Silveira, C Ellice, D Christensen and M
339.8 KB
Development of a Real Time In Situ Zinc Analyser and Water Sampler — Results From High Resolution Monitoring of a Stream Impacted by Acid Rock DrainageT P Chapin and R B Wanty
264.8 KB
Development of a Sustainable Rehabilitation Strategy for the Management of Acid Rock Drainage at the Historic Mount Morgan Gold and Copper Mine, Central QueenslandC Unger and T Laurencont
2.5 MB
Development of an Empirical Geochemical Model (OkARD) to Predict Acid Rock Drainage Risks From Mine Derived Sediments, Ok Tedi Copper and Gold Mine, Papua New GuineaS Miller, C Rumble, B Bolton and K Voigt
202.7 KB
Development of Integrated Passive Water Treatment Systems for the Treatment of Mine WatersW Pulles, P Rose, L Coetser and R Heath
273.6 KB
Discharge Chemistry From Above-Drainage Underground Mines in 1968 and 2000J Skousen, J Demchak and L M McDonald
187.6 KB
Dry Cover Trials at Mt Whaleback — A Summary of Overburden Storage Area Cover System PerformanceM O ’Kane and P Waters
762.4 KB
Evaluation of a Single-Layer Desulfurised Tailings CoverB Sjoberg Dobchuk, G W Wilson and M Aubertin
344.0 KB
Evaluation of Complex Systems to Develop Key Water Quality Influences at the DeBeers Snap Lake Diamond ProjectK J DeVos, D F Haley, R L Verburg and R Johnstone
630.3 KB
Evaluation of Limestone Covers and Blends for Long-Term Acid Rock Drainage Control at the Grasberg Mine, Papua Province, IndonesiaS Miller, R Smart, J Andrina, A Neale and D Richar
1.9 MB
Evaluation of Management Options for Acid Generating Tailings Deposited on an Arid Peruvian CoastV Bertrand, M Rankin, R Verburg and F Medina
145.2 KB
Evaluation of Technologies to Prevent Acid Mine Drainage Generation From Open Pit HighwallsL McCloskey, R Wilmoth, J LeFever and D Jordan
355.0 KB
Evaluation of the Effects of Organic Matter on the Net Acid Generation (NAG) TestW Stewart, S Miller, J Thomas and R Smart
399.6 KB
Evaluation of the Net Acid Generation (NAG) Test for Assessing the Acid Generating Capacity of Sulfide MineralsW Stewart, S Miller, R Smart, A Gerson, J Thomas,
313.8 KB
Evaluation of the Sulfide and Carbonate Distribution in Waste Rock Dumps and Development of Operational Guidelines for Acid Rock Drainage Control at the Ok Tedi Mine,Papua New GuineaC Rumble, S Miller, H Kundapen and B Bolton
1.0 MB
Field Characterisation of Two Full-Scale Waste Rock PilesP Fines, G W Wilson, D J Williams, A B Tran and S
733.2 KB
Field Demonstration of an In Situ Passive Biological Acid Mine Drainage Treatment ProcessS Nordwick, D Bless and M Zaluski
200.2 KB
Field Determination of the Intrinsic Oxidation Rate of Sulfidic Materials in Waste Rock DumpsJ W Bennett, J Crawford and Y A Stepanyants
434.3 KB
Field Performance of Dry Covers and Limestone Addition for Acid Generation Control of Lavrion Sulfide Tailings, GreeceE Mylona, N Papassiopi, A Xenidis and I Paspaliari
478.8 KB
Field Studies of Semi-Passive Biogeochemical Treatment of Acid Rock Drainage at the Island Copper Mine Pit LakeG W Poling,C A Pelletier, D Muggli, M Wen, J Gerit
1.5 MB
Field-Scale Assessment of Bioremediation Strategies for Two Pit Lakes Using LimnocorralsA J Martin, J Crusius, J J McNee, P Whittle, R Pie
361.6 KB
Geochemical and Mineralogical Characterisation of Two Contrasting Waste Rock Dumps —The INAP Waste Rock Dump Characterisation ProjectA B Tran, S Miller, D J Williams, P Fines and G W
853.1 KB
Geochemical Characteristics of River Deposited Mine Wastes and Associated Contact Waters Downstream of the Ok Tedi Mine, Papua New Guinea — Implications for ARD ManagementJ L Pile, B R Bolton, H Kundapen and H Davies
1.1 MB
Geochemical Reaction Path Modelling of a Potentially Acid Forming Waste Rock — Effects of Framboidal PyriteP Weber and R Smart
772.0 KB
High-Resolution Pit Water Quality Model for the Highway Reward Mine, Queensland, AustraliaM Thienenkamp and B G Lottermoser
996.2 KB
In Situ Remediation of Heavy Metal Contaminated Soil or Rock Formations by Directed and Controlled Crystallisation of Natural Occurring MineralsG Ziegenbalg
119.6 KB
Influence of Iron Bearing Carbonates and Reactive Iron Sulfides on Acid Rock Drainage Static Predictive TestworkP Weber, W Stewart, W Skinner, R Smart and J Thoma
208.4 KB
Initial Prediction of the Decant Rate and Sulfate Concentration From Rehabilitated Open Cast Coal Mines in South AfricaG van Tonder, D Vermeulen, V Cogho and J Kleynhans
151.0 KB
Investigation of Weathering Properties of Tailings Sand From Boliden's Aitik Copper Mine, Sweden — A Summary of Twelve Years of InvestigationsM Lindvall and N Eriksson
287.8 KB
Kidston Waste Rock Dump Design and ‘Store and Release’ Cover Performance Seven Years OnD J Williams, N A Currey, P Ritchie and G W Wilson
2.6 MB
Laboratory Calibration and Initial Results of a Soil Moisture Monitoring System at the Mt Leyshon Tailings Dam and Waste Rock Cover SystemB Williams, R Neivandt, M O'Kane, D Browne and C W
656.3 KB
Laboratory Experiments of As(V) and As(III) Sorption Onto Pit-Lake Sediments From Three Different Orebody TypesR L Hershey, C Papelis, D L Decker and G C Miller
224.6 KB
Leaching of Sulfidic Backfill at the Thalanga Copper-Lead-Zinc Mine, Queensland, AustraliaM Thienenkamp and B G Lottermoser
108.0 KB
Limnological Processes in the Development of Acid Pit LakesN Tassé
562.6 KB
Long-Term Changes in Water Chemistry as a Result of Mine Flooding in Closed Mines of the Pittsburgh Coal Basin, USAJ J Donovan, B R Leavitt and E Werner
675.7 KB
Long-Term Monitoring of Water Infiltration Through Covers at White ’s Waste Rock Dump at the Rum Jungle Mine Site Using LysimetersE Y Kuo, A I M Ritchie and G P Timms
272.5 KB
Long-Term Performance and Cost Benefit Analysis of Passive Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Systems Installed in the Appalachian Coal Region of the Eastern United StatesP F Ziemkiewicz, J G Skousen and J S Simmons
172.2 KB
Management of Acid Drainage in the Australian Minerals IndustryL C Bell
171.1 KB
Mechanisms of Metal Immobilisation in Mine Drainage Treatment Wetlands — A Sustainability PerspectiveÅ Sjöblom
188.1 KB
Mechanisms of Metal Release From Subaqueous Mine Waste at Circum-Neutral pH — Examples From Four Case StudiesA J Martin, T F Pedersen, J Crusius, J J McNee and
1.7 MB
Methodology for Calculating the Closure Water Balance for an Acid Generating Tailings ImpoundmentE M Rykaart and G W Wilson
160.6 KB
Mine Environment Neutral Drainage (MEND) InitiativeG A Tremblay, C M Hogan and E J Gardiner
140.6 KB
Mine Waste Cover System Design — Linking Predicted Performance to Groundwater and Surface Water ImpactsM O'Kane and C Wels
232.6 KB
Mine Waste Rock Hydrogeology — The Effect of Surface Configuration on Internal Water FlowJ R Marcoline, R D Beckie, L Smith and C F Nichol
688.1 KB
Minimising Arsenic and Mercury Mobility With Acid Rock Drainage, Northland, New ZealandD Craw
3.0 MB
Mining and Storage of Reactive Shale at BHP Billiton’s Mt Whaleback MineP Waters and M O'Kane
675.7 KB
Modelling of Mine Flooding in the Pittsburgh Coal Basin, USAB R Leavitt, J J Donovan, A J Morris and E Werner
985.9 KB
Neutralisation and Partial Sulfate Removal of Acid Leachate in a Heavy Minerals Processing Plant With Limestone and LimeA J Geldenhuys, J P Maree, G Strobos, N Smit and B
367.9 KB
Numerical Modelling of Unsaturated Flow in Uniform and Heterogeneous Waste Rock PilesO Fala, M Aubertin, J Molson, B Bussière, G W Wils
320.9 KB
Observations From the Magazine Dump Clay Capping TrialD Cook, D Brett and D Ray
811.3 KB
Overburden Geochemistry and Acid Rock Drainage Scale-Up Investigations at the Grasberg Mine, Papua Province, IndonesiaS Miller, J Andrina and D Richards
1.3 MB
Overview of the Acid Rock Drainage and Overburden Management Program at PT Freeport Indonesia Operations in Papua Province, IndonesiaA Neale, S Miller and D Michaelsen
387.9 KB
Oxidation of Pyrite by Ferric Iron in the Acidic Berkeley Pit Lake, Montana, USAJ P Madison, C H Gammons, S R Poulson and J P Jona
473.9 KB
Performance of Cover System Field Trials for Waste Rock at Myra Falls OperationsB Ayres, G Dirom, D Christensen, S Januszewski and
804.8 KB
Performance of Mono-Layer Evapotranspirative Covers in Response to High Precipitation and Extended Drought Periods in the Southwestern United StatesM Milczarek, Tzung-mow Yao, J Vinson, J Word, S Ki
1.2 MB
Performance of Shallow Water Covers on Pyritic Uranium Tailings I Ludgate, A Coggan and N K Davé
2.4 MB
Performance of Vertical Flow Systems for Passive Treatment of Acid Mine DrainageA W Rose
181.7 KB
Phase I Results From Ground and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Analysis of Natural and Anthropogenic Acidic DrainageP L Hauff, D C Peters, M A Sares, D W Coulter, D B
5.6 MB
Post-Mortem Findings on the Performance of Engineered SRB Field-Bioreactors for Acid Mine Drainage ControlM H Zaluski, J M Trudnowski, M A Harrington-Baker
534.1 KB
Predicting Field Performance of Lysimeters Used to Evaluate Cover Systems for Mine WasteM O'Kane and S L Barbour
318.6 KB
Predictive Groundwater Solute-Transport Models and the Permitting Process for Mine Waste Facilities in Wisconsin, USA — A Case Study From a Proposed Site Near CrandonC P Carlson, M B Gotkowitz and D T Feinstein
141.0 KB
Present Status of Remediation of Mt Lyell Acid DrainageL Koehnken, N Clarke, R Dineen and W Jones
263.2 KB
Problems With Acid Rock Drainage Predictions at the Ekati Diamond Mine, Northwest Territories, CanadaK A Morin
1.4 MB
Pyrite Oxidation Rates Determined Based on Quantitative Mineralogy of Long-Term Column Leaching TestsD Paktunc and N Davé
224.1 KB
Quantification of Mineral Weathering Rates in Mill Tailings — Effect of Sterilisation MethodS U Salmon and M E Malmström
207.9 KB
Quantifying Evaporation From Soils Using Experimental and Mathematical MethodsE K Yanful and S M Mousavi
224.4 KB
Regulatory Perspective — Development of Closure Plan With Adequate Financial Assurance for the Protection of Ground Water Quality at the Chino Copper MineM Phillip and K Myers
333.7 KB
Rehabilitation of Mine Tailings by Simultaneous Prevention of Oxidation and Treatment of Acid Effluents Using a Wood-Waste CoverD Germain, N Tassé and J Cyr
977.2 KB
Rehabilitation of the Lake George Mine at Captains Flat NSW — 25 Years OnS K Dobos and J Brisebois
1.5 MB
Remediation of a Severe Acid Sulfate Soil Disturbance Near Cairns, AustraliaC D Smith, M A Martens and A E McElnea
493.0 KB
Remediation Planning at a Derelict Mine Site Affected by Acid DrainageT Farrell and J Brisebois
1.2 MB
Removal of Dissolved Metals From Groundwater Using Permeable Reactive Barriers — ApplicationsD J A Smyth, D W Blowes, C J Ptacek and J G Bain
275.4 KB
Repartitioning of River Water Trace Metals Following Addition of Minor Amounts of Ferrous IronÅ Sjöblom and K Håkansson
164.1 KB
Solid Stabilisation of Soluble Mine WasteD Sollner, C Ferron and R Massimi
106.7 KB
Stable Isotope Geochemistry of Acid Mine Drainage — Implications in the Assessment of Contaminant Sources at the Mt Morgan Minesite and the Dee River CatchmentM Edraki and S D Golding
669.2 KB
Status of In Situ Treatment of Anchor Hill Pit Lake, Gilt Edge Mine Superfund Site, South Dakota, USAN M Lewis, K W Wangerud, B T Park, S D Fundingslan
238.8 KB
Storys Creek Remediation ProgramW Grun and J Miedecke
753.5 KB
Suitability of Leached Ash as an Alternative Landfill Cover MaterialJ La Motta, J Kodikara and A Bouazza
240.1 KB
Surface Reactivity of High-Sulfide Copper Mine Tailings Under Shallow Water Cover ConditionsN K Davé and A D Paktunc
1.0 MB
Sustainability of the Flooding of Lignite Mining Lakes as a Remediation Technique Against Acidification in the Lusatian Mining District, GermanyD Lessmann, W Uhlmann, U Grünewald and B Nixdorf
206.1 KB
Tailings Dam Seepage at the Rehabilitated Mary Kathleen Uranium Mine, Northwest Queensland, AustraliaB G Lottermoser, M T Costelloe and P M Ashley
584.1 KB
Tasmanian Acid Drainage Reconnaissance — Acid Drainage From Abandoned Mines in TasmaniaS Gurung
1.3 MB
Technical Feasibility Studies and Uses of Treated Acid Mine Drainage at Kingsmill Tunnel, PeruN Kuyucak, J Chávez, J Rosa del Castillo and J Rui
814.2 KB
Testing Acid Generation in Cemented Paste BackfillJ Chapman, D Hockley, K Sexsmith, B Arthur and S D
693.3 KB
Testing of Soil Covers for Waste Rock in the Ronneburg WISMUT Mine ClosureD E Hockley, M Noel, E M Rykaart, S Jahn and M Pau
633.4 KB
The Acid Drainage Technology Initiative — An Evolving PartnershipR D Williams
390.6 KB
The Application of Measurement and Modelling of Sulfidic Coal Wastes at Pacific Coal's Kestrel Mine for Use in Development of a Closure PlanA M Garvie, P L Brown and T A Short
335.1 KB
The Brukunga Pyrite Mine — A Field Laboratory for Acid Rock Drainage StudiesG F Taylor and R C Cox
675.5 KB
The Design, Construction, Instrumentation and Performance of a Full-Scale Overburden Stockpile Trial for Mitigation of Acid Rock Drainage, Grasberg Mine, Papua Province, IndonesiaJ Andrina, S Miller and A Neale
1.1 MB
The Goldamere Agreement — A Co-operative Mutually Beneficial Environmental Management Framework for the Remediation of Acid Rock DrainageS Kent
1.5 MB
The Hydrogeochemical Characterisation of an Unsaturated Waste Rock Pile, Key Lake, Saskatchewan, CanadaJ Stockwell, R Beckie and L Smith
681.6 KB
The Influence of Solar Radiation on Evaporation for Three-Dimensional Flux Boundary Modelling of Soil Cover Systems on Waste Rock DumpsB Weeks and G W Wilson
249.4 KB
The Integrity of Cover Systems — An UpdateG W Wilson, D J Williams and E M Rykaart
1.5 MB
The International Network for Acid Prevention (INAP) — Addressing a Global NeedR Batterham
110.2 KB
The International Network for Acid Prevention (INAP) — An Overview of ActivitiesR Gallinger and A-M Fleury
111.1 KB
The Medium-Term Performance of Waste Rock Covers — Rum Jungle as a Case StudyG Taylor, A Spain, G Timms, V Kuznetsov and J Benn
969.7 KB
The Nature and Implications of Resuspension in Subaqueous Sulfide TailingsE K Yanful and M H Mian
300.9 KB
The Performance of Trial Covers Used for the Rehabilitation of Acid Generating Coal Reject Dumps in Northern Kwazulu-Natal, South AfricaJ Vermaak and N Bezuidenhout
508.3 KB
The Role of Acid Mine Drainage in Heavy Metal DispersionC Magombedze and B Brattli
204.2 KB
The Status of Mine Water Pollution in South AfricaW Pulles
275.1 KB
The Sustainability of Biologically Treated Nickel/Copper Mine Effluent Suitable for IrrigationH Greben, A Geldenhuis, J Maree and M Hagger
180.3 KB
The Use of Field Measurements of Hydraulic Conductivity to Characterise the Performance of Reclamation Soil Covers With TimeG P Meiers, L S Barbour and M K Meiers
234.4 KB
Thoughts on Practical Tools for Early Identification of Environmental Challenges Associated With a Mining ProjectY T J Kwong
163.8 KB
Towards a Standardised Static Testing Methodology for Opencast Collieries in South AfricaL-M Cruywagen, B H Usher, F D I Hodgson and E de N
217.0 KB
Towards Achieving Sustainable Water Management for an Acidic Open Cut Pit at Mount Morgan, QueenslandD Jones, T Laurencont and C Unger
2.2 MB
Two-Dimensional, Evaporative Flux Cover/Cap Analysis for Prevention of Acid Mine DrainageG P Newman, L L Newman and J Krahn
746.7 KB
Use of Alkaline Industrial Wastes and Mine Tailings to Neutralise Acid Mine DrainageJ Duchesne and I Doye
175.5 KB
Use of an Intact Core and Stable-Metal Isotopes to Examine Leaching Characteristics of a Fluvial Tailings DepositJ F Ranville, K S Smith, P J Lamothe, B P Jackson
273.1 KB
Using Science to Develop a Sustainable Management Policy for Acid Sulfate Soils in Queensland, AustraliaC R Ahern and B Powell
291.5 KB
Waste Rock and Tailings Mixtures as a Possible Seal for Potentially Acid Forming Waste RockD J Williams, G W Wilson and C Panidis
391.3 KB
Waste Rock Characterisation and Management at Kaltim Prima CoalD Handiko and P Scott
479.0 KB
Water Flow in Uncovered Waste Rock — A Multi-Year Large Lysimeter StudyC Nichol, L Smith and R Beckie
359.3 KB