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Gold Leach Kinetics: Oxygen, Cyanide, Lead Nitrate and Ultra-Fine Grinding

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Published in 2018

Presenter: Martin Verster, Hydromet Consultant

Martin Verster has spent the last 10 years as a Consultant specialising in Au-Leach Kinetics in leaching circuits. He has consulted on characterisation of feed ores (O2 & CN demands), cyanide and oxygenation dosage systems (audit & specification) as well as determination of optimal NaCN & DO ratios to maximize kinetics. He has expert knowledge on dosage of reagents like peroxide and Pb-nitrate and influence of grind size -specifically UFG and kinetic modelling of gold leaching -applied to process optimization for new as well as existing circuits.

He has been involved in 108 projects at 52 various gold mines globally since 2005. Martin gained his BSc (Eng) Mechanical and BSc (Eng) Metallurgical in 1974 at the University of Pretoria and is currently based in South Africa.

Webinar Overview:
On very many gold plants, leach performance is directly determined by gold leach kinetics: Residence times are limited - often due to throughput exceeding plant name plate capacity. This webinar covers various aspects of in-plant leach kinetics:

  • Main process variables that determine the speed of Au-leaching in a leach circuit
  • Quantification (measurement & modelling) of the various kinetic factors
  • Optimisation of kinetic factors e.g NaCN & DO profiles, NaCN/DO ratios (determined by feed ore characteristics), Pb-nitrate dosage, effect of grind size (particularly UFG)......and the like
  • Practical means by which optimization can be achieved – allowing cost-benefit analysis

Duration: 01:07:20

PD Hours: 1

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