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Life-of-Mine Conference 2018

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2018

Life-of-Mine 2018 was held from 25–27 July in Brisbane, Queensland. The fourth event in this highly topical series, it focused on five primary themes: incorporating societal and community factors into design and operation; integrating mine planning and processing for environmental performance; strategies and planning for improving rehabilitation outcomes; innovation for delivering better sustainability outcomes; and influences of global trends on the future of the industry.

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A decision framework for comparison of coal void rehabilitation optionsS Henderson and A Hocking
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A process-based approach to mine rehabilitation decision making using Bayesian modelling and risk-based principles for dispersive spoil rehabilitationG Dale, K Reardon-Smith, E Thomas, J Bennett, L McCallum and S Raine
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Are our closure planning and regulatory processes adequate to identify, quantify and appropriately transfer residual risks after successful mine rehabilitation?P B Swart and P D Erskine
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Arsenic pathways in copper mining – sustainability issues and potential solutionsM Tayebi-Khorami, M Edraki, E Manlapig, E Forbes and D Bradshaw
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Assessment of approaches, data requirements and methodologies for estimating long-term pit lake water levelsH J J Boshoff
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Assessment of climate risk in the Australian mining industryM Allen
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Balancing the benefits and impacts of future copper demand – climate change and arsenicG D Corder and P J Bangerter
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Case studies for integrating rehabilitation planning with mine planning in strip miningI Neilsen, A Walker and A Hooper
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Conclusions from long-term cover system performance monitoring – a case studyR Barritt
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Contour banks in spoil rehabilitation – a matter of timingJ L Merritt
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Diversion decision making with an integrated approach to design for operations and mine closureS Atkinson, A Markham and M Rafty
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Evaluation of sustainability of copper production value chain from ore to metal using advanced simulationS Horn, A Remes, T Kotiranta, M Talikka and A Dennis
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Extending mine life through application of an in situ recovery approachD J Robinson and L L Kuhar
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Geomorphic design and landscape evolution modelling for best practice mine rehabilitationG R Hancock and J F Martín Duque
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Iron ore mining in proximity to a significant Aboriginal heritage rock shelter, Pilbara Region, Western AustraliaB G Bow and J J Jiang
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Is your mine closure a sustainability failure? Transform your asset and create a self supporting neighbouring community. It’s as easy as ABCD!K Cochrane
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Landscape regeneration lessons learned from Mulloon CreekP Hazell, C Wilson and C Hall
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Listening to Local Voices – a systematic approach for understanding what a social licence to operate means for Rio Tinto in the PilbaraK Moffat, L Dawson, S Carr-Cornish, N Boughen and S Masterson
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Martabe integrated life-of-mine optimisationK J Grohs
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Measuring the recovery of coal mine rehabilitation following fire in Queensland using remote sensing and ground surveysP McKenna, P D Erskine, S Phinn, V Glenn and D Doley
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Mine closure bonds (financial assurances) – the ‘how much?’ conundrumA Bowden and G Byrne
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Mount Isa Mines Rehabilitation Materials Sampling and Analysis program for closure planningK Mandaran, J Jones, C Nucifora, G Maddocks, M Landers, A Forbes, W Wilson and S Newman
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Olympic Dam mine closure planning processD Grant, M Tyler and G Hill
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Permitting in the face of uncertainty – how to deliver confidence to regulators and investorsR L Grogan
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Planning for (not so) final land useJ Durbin
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Planning revegetation for relinquishmentS D Fox and P B Swart
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Practical waste rock management at the Roy Hill iron ore mine, Western AustraliaV de San Miguel, B Miles and J Pearce
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Quantifying the effect of climate and surface materials on post-mining landscape erosion – a risk approach using landscape evolution modelsG R Hancock, D C Verdon-Kidd, T J Coulthard, J B C Lowry and M J Saynor
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Risk management for minesite closure planning and execution – start now! Lessons from the closure of the Leigh Creek Coalfield, South AustraliaB Williams and A Querzoli
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Sensitivity of a hydro-economic model in a mining region to changes in hydrological and economic inputsJ Ossa-Moreno, N McIntyre, J Smart and D Rivera
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Sustainable post-closure development – is it achievable?P Scholtz
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Sustainable production from rehabilitated coal mine pastures in southern Queensland’s Brigalow Region – Acland grazing trial resultsJ F Clewett, T Newsome, C Paton, J Bennett, A Melland, J Eberhard and C Baillie
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The golden thread of waste characterisation from exploration drilling to waste rock placementR Marton, R Wright, M Lowry and M Bettison
166.2 KB
The impact of rip lines on erosion at the Ranger Mine SiteM J Saynor and J B C Lowry
1.6 MB
Using an undisturbed landform to calibrate long-term predictions of the evolution of a rehabilitated landformJ B C Lowry, M Narayan, K G Evans, M J Saynor and G R Hancock
668.5 KB
Utilising mine planning to deliver closure landforms through productive movementN Taylor, R Wright and M Bettison
122.1 KB
Valid spontaneous combustion hazard assessment for surface mine environmental impact statementsJ Theiler and B Beamish
125.6 KB
Water treatment in perpetuity – or not?R J Higgins and M Edraki
25.3 KB
Wetting and drying cycles as a means to determine the effect and consequences of tailings ageingR Akesseh, M Shaygan, B Usher, M Edraki and T Baumgartl
155.4 KB
World-class mine planning for a sustainable future in Kazakhstan MiningC Catania
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