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Mine Closure – Social Impacts and Opportunities

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Published in 2018

Presenter: Sabrina Genter, Principal Consultant, Environmental Resources Management

Sabrina is a Principal Consultant with Environmental Resources Management based in Perth, Western Australia. She started her career as an environmental scientist –but she quickly recognised the value of effective community engagement while involved in the remediation of several high profile contaminated sites. She then shifted her focus to community engagement and social and health impact assessment and management. Over the past 15 years, she has worked with a range of extractive industry clients to help identify, understand and manage their social risks, impacts and opportunities from design to decommissioning across the Asia-Pacific region. She holds a BSc from Michigan State University, USA, and a MPhil from Murdoch University, Australia.

Webinar Overview:
Mine closure can bring about a range of changes. This includes impacts on host and neighbouring communities as well as the home communities of fly-in-fly-out and drive-in-drive-out workers. Although many of the impacts are likely to be negative, such as a reduction in employment, there may also be positive outcomes, such as a reduction in noise or air emissions. There are also often opportunities, such as repurposing mine infrastructure where economic diversification is possible. To capitalise on the opportunities and minimise the impacts, early planning, involving stakeholder engagement, is required. This webinar will explore a variety of social issues and opportunities that should be considered in the mine closure planning process.

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