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What do Mining Stakeholders want and how can Miners deliver it?

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Published in 2018

Presenter: Brian Hall, FAusAMM CP (MIN) Principal Mining Engineer, AMC Consultants.

Brian Hall is a Principal Mining Engineer with AMC Consultants Pty Ltd, based in Melbourne, and has over 40 years’ experience in the mining industry. He began his career as a Graduate Trainee with Consolidated Gold Fields Australia, and worked at a number of Gold Fields’ operations for nine years in Australia and South Africa before joining Mount Isa Mines, where for twelve years he performed a number of operating and planning roles. Brian joined AMC in 1994 and has worked on numerous planning projects, technical audits, feasibility studies, and simulations of mining systems. Over the last 15 years he has specialised in the optimisation of strategic mine plans for both open pit and underground mining operations and a variety of downstream metallurgical processes worldwide. . His authoritative text book “Cut-off Grades and Optimising the Strategic Mine Plan” was published by the AusIMM in 2014. Brian presents courses on these topics and also delivers a Project Evaluation unit for Curtin University’s Master of Mineral and Energy Economics program.

Webinar Overview:

  • The various stakeholders in a mining company want a variety of returns from its operations. This talk illustrates how it is possible to evaluate these and generate a mine plan that actually delivers the required returns, taking account of the trade-offs that may be needed to deal with the often-conflicting goals.
  • The problem is then for all concerned to identify how well the company is progressing in its delivery of those outcomes in both the short and long-term. Unfortunately, the focus on measures such as costs and productivities by fund managers, industry analysts, and mining company executives often drives strategies away from those that will deliver the desired goals.
  • The talk will show how we can generate value-maximizing plans that will see us safely through the latest downturn and set us up to do better than before in the coming up turn. The challenge is in identifying and rewarding the companies and people who actually do that.

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