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Australian Mine Ventilation Conference 2017

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2017

This years’ Australian Mine Ventilation Conference, held in Brisbane, Australia, from 28–30 August, aimed to remedy the deficiencies in our current knowledge around management of health and safety risks. Its aim was to encourage the exchange of knowledge and operational experiences in mine ventilation management and to enable debate of time honoured standards, and associated practical and implementable controls.

The immediate benefits from the biannual conference were definitive in that it provided a large and representative group of delegates from all spheres a space to meet, talk, listen and think about the administrative, technical and engineering problems with mine ventilation management. The suggestions, practices and recommendations made during the conference need to be scrutinised with further discussions, to both debate their intentions and their logic for innovative operational practices, and to improve mine health and safety for all.

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Heat load assessment and mine cooling strategies for a longwall coalmineL van den Berg and M Olsen
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Inertisation of coal augering holesM Watkinson and B Leisemann
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Optimal goaf hole spacing in high production gassy Australian longwall mines – operational experiencesB Belle
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Pairwise evaluation of PDM3700 and traditional gravimetric sampler for personal dust exposure assessmentB Belle
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Products of reactive pyrite oxidation in the mine environment – implications for coal workers’ pneumoconiosisB B Beamish, C R Ward and D Chalmers
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