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Iron Ore 2017

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2017

Iron Ore 2017, held from 24¬–26 July in Perth, Australia¬¬ was the latest in the well-established international iron ore conference series jointly organised by The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (the AusIMM) and CSIRO.

These conferences are an important biennial event featuring the latest developments in the genesis, geology, exploration, mining and processing of iron ores, bringing together geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, geostatisticians, mining engineers, mineralogists, metallurgists, managers, operators, consultants, research providers, engineering companies, equipment manufacturers, and analytical and metallurgical service providers involved in all aspects of the iron ore industry. The theme of the conference this year is ‘Building Resilience’, which is particularly relevant in the current challenging climate of fluctuating iron ore prices.

The papers included in these conference proceedings comprise a range of keynote papers from iron ore producers, consumers, government and market analysts, as well as more than 80 technical papers. As per previous conferences, technical papers were sought from a wide range of areas, including geology, geostatistics and ore reserve estimation, ore characterisation, mining, processing, automation, project optimisation and development, health and safety, environment and community, technical marketing, logistics, utilities and new equipment.

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‘Back to the future’ – resilience in historical context and implications for the futureA D Brent
65.6 KB
A batch elutriation technique for the density-based fractionation of iron oreD M Hunter, S M Iveson and K P Galvin
1.5 MB
A comparison of X-ray and electron-based analysis techniques for characterising the mineralogy and alumina distribution in iron oresM I Pownceby, C M MacRae and A Torpy
867.1 KB
A geometallurgical perspective on a high-grade iron ore deposit at Kiirunavaara, northern SwedenK Niiranen
879.1 KB
A millipot set-up for sintering investigation of iron oresH Li, R Zhou, D J Pinson, P Zulli, L Lu, R J Longbottom, S J Chew, B J Monaghan and G Zhang
1.1 MB
A novel sink-hole fluidisation method for dry separation of iron ore finesD Kumar, S M Iveson and K P Galvin
1.4 MB
Addressing the challenges associated with the modelling of iron ore in vibrating screensT J Donohue, W Chen, A Katterfeld and S Reid
1.1 MB
Advanced automation for centralised stockyard operationsR Stefansen
650.4 KB
Aeration induced moisture reduction of iron oreS Caldwell, K Williams, J Guo and W Chen
1.4 MB
Analysis ofindividual - mesh iron ore samples in a single Scanning electron microscope automated mineralogy sessionD C Grant, D J Goudie and E Baird
524.3 KB
Automation for efficient separation with the Outotec SLon® vertically pulsating high gradient magnetic separatorR Jain, I Sherrell and P Jansson
480.3 KB
Characterising the mineralogy of iron ore sinters – state-of-the-art in AustraliaT Honeyands, J Manuel, L Matthews, D O’Dea, D Pinson, J Leedham, B Monaghan, H Li, J Chen, P C Hayes, E Donskoi and M I Pownceby
1.1 MB
Correlation between high temperature sintering characteristics and sintering behaviours of iron ore finesD Q Zhu, Y X Xue, J Pan and B J Shi
867.4 KB
Decrepitation of lump iron oresL Lu, M Adam, S Hapugoda and M Kilburn
525.2 KB
Design to closure – construction of detailed rehabilitation designed iron ore waste rock dumps based on upfront site specific assessmentA Kemp, I Taylor and S C Lamoureux
845.3 KB
Determination of iron ore mineralogy using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and machine learningJ Carter, K Auyong and L Dixon
470.6 KB
Determination of the handleability index of adhesive bulk materialsM Carr, J Plinke, K Williams, A Roberts and W Chen
1.3 MB
Development of a slimhole downhole nuclear magnetic resonance tool for iron ore – some applications and limitationsT A J Hopper, K K Trofimczyk and B J Birt
767.8 KB
Development of an iron ore microparticle binder for increasing the concentrate content of sinter blendsC Kamijo, Y Yamaguchi, M Matsumura, T Kawaguchi and S Nomura
401.8 KB
Development of prereduced agglomeration process using carbon composite iron ore briquette in travelling grateM K Wang, S H Son, J I Park, H K Jeong and B K Cho
1.4 MB
Digital rocks for iron ore sinters – towards a D quantification of sinter texturesB Godel, B Ellis, D O’Dea, T Honeyands and T Harvey
1.4 MB
Dirty goethite – a geochemical characterisation of some western Robe River channel iron depositsE Beattie, C Placzek and K Blake
1.3 MB
Discriminating hematite/magnetite via scanning electron microscope–mineral liberation analyser in the - mesh size fraction of iron oresD C Grant, D J Goudie, C Voisey, M Shaffer and P Sylvester
862.4 KB
Dry processing of magnetic iron ores – addressing cost and environmental issuesC G Kelsey, J R Kelly and W Skinner
1.2 MB
Enabling iron ore concentrate for the production of direct reduced iron with pre‑existing beneficiation linesJ Martens, L Petzold and B Hiebl
384.3 KB
Enhancing magnetite concentrate granulation by blending with hematite oreM Adam, J Addai-Mensah, J Begelhole, K Quast and W Skinner
280.0 KB
Evaluation of sintering behaviour based on ore characteristicsT Higuchi and L Lu
1.2 MB
Functional safety impacts on study stages of major projectsM C Goode
372.5 KB
Geological and metallurgical characteristics of banded iron formation associated detrital iron mineralisation in Central West AfricaB De Waele, M Lacorde, K Bischoff, G Loveday and F Linares
864.8 KB
Goethite classification, distribution and properties with reference to Australian iron depositsJ R Manuel and J M F Clout
925.3 KB
High accuracy .D airborne electromagnetic inversion method for banded iron formation and other geological settingsR Paterson, J Silic, D FitzGerald and S Jakica
2.4 MB
Highlighting key features of the pore structure of iron ore sinter using mercury intrusion porosimetry and X-ray computed tomographyT Harvey, D O’Dea, G Evans, B Godel and T Honeyands
955.7 KB
Improvement of sinter productivity by control of magnetite ore segregation in sintering bedY Iwami, T Yamamoto, N Oyama, H Matsuno, N Saito and K Nakajima
1.0 MB
Influence of feed moisture on high pressure grinding roll pellet feed grindingF Heinicke, H Günter and P Hunger
1.7 MB
Influence of shear rate on separation of iron ore fines using the REFLUXTM ClassifierD M Hunter, J Zhou, S M Iveson and K P Galvin
185.9 KB
Infrared spectroscopy in BHP Billiton iron ore with a focus on in-mine infrared sensingM Haest, D Mittrup and L Edwards
882.3 KB
Iron ore benefits from neutron pulsed geochemical toolsP Jeanneau, V Flahaut and R A M Maddever
644.9 KB
Iron ore developments in India – the view from a growing mining and steel industryA Kumar
66.6 KB
Iron ore grade modelling using geostatistics and artificial neural networksB C Sarkar, R K Singh, D Ray, A Kumar, P K Sinha and V Sarkar
850.0 KB
Iron sinter process control using X-ray diffraction – part : monitoring of low temperature degradationU König and N Norberg
786.1 KB
Managing excess temperature and high risk levels of Legionella bacteria in eyewash safety showersH A Challenor
1.4 MB
Microhardness testing of hematite-goethite Fe ores – implications for their textural characterisation and geometallurgyM J Peterson, J R Manuel and S Hapugoda
1.0 MB
Minimising the water loss associated with mine tailings disposalC Vuillier and A Roshdieh
1.6 MB
Mining Innovation State of PlayTM – iron ore insightsG Stanway, C Griebel and P Mahoney
236.0 KB
Multi and Synchroblasting – maximising operational productivityG Wyartt
234.6 KB
New generation Western Australian iron ore – strategic insights far beyond the Pilbara?L Barrere, A Trench, J P Sykes and R S Davies
500.2 KB
One perfect (production) day – a bulk solids handling perspectiveG A Wellwood
349.7 KB
Online elemental and mineral measurement of slurries in iron ore beneficiationL Koresaar, N Khajehzadeh, O Haavisto and J Timperi
469.1 KB
Optical image analysis of iron ore pellets and lumps using CSIRO software Mineral/RecognitionA Poliakov, E Donskoi, S Hapugoda and L Lu
1.4 MB
Overview of ArcelorMittal mining operations and research and developmentM Gotelip Barbosa, A Correa De Araujo and T Sylow
1.6 MB
Pelletising performance of Western Australian ultra-fine magnetite concentrate and strengthening technique by optimising ore matchingJ Pan, X Hu, D-Q Zhu and C-C Yang
747.3 KB
Pilbara creek diversions – resilience gained through increased ore recovery and an integrated approach to designS Atkinson, A Markham, M Rafty and M Heyting
948.5 KB
Predicting iron ore sinter strength through X-ray diffraction analysisN A S Webster, M I Pownceby, N Ware and R Pattel
653.1 KB
Predictive maintenance modelling for bearing-based equipmentD Willingham and Y Xie
224.4 KB
Rapid and reliable flow property testing – a modified uniaxial approachW Chen, K Williams, A Roberts and J Miller
653.4 KB
Real-time shovel-mounted coal or ore sensingA T Job, M L Edgar and P R McAree
343.4 KB
Real-time slurry elemental analyser for iron ore beneficiation plant controlG Noble, A Stabile, E Portes and J Roberto
821.8 KB
Recent development and application of SLon vertical ring and pulsating high gradient magnetic separators in the iron ore and ilmenite processing industriesX Dahe
1.0 MB
Recent Port Kembla experience with iron ore use – sintering and blast furnaceN Di Giorgio, A Bennett, B Osborne and S Chew
515.5 KB
Recent progress of ironmaking technologies in JapanK Araki, C Kamijo and K Higuchi
53.0 KB
Reducing total project cost in the study phase using zero base designJ Merrells
449.8 KB
Relocatable modular beneficiation creates value from wasteT Graham
Research into improving the efficiency of water spraying airborne dust control techniques in the iron ore industryJ M Roberts and P W Wypych
635.5 KB
Reverse cationic flotation of iron ores with complex silicate gangue mineralsC H Veloso de Melo, A Correa de Araujo and L O Filippov
381.0 KB
Separation of ultra-fine particles using the REFLUX™ GravitonJ L Carpenter, S M Iveson and K P Galvin
618.7 KB
Simulation investigation of flow patterns and feeder loads at hopper/feeder interfaceJ Guo, A W Roberts, K Williams, M Jones, B Chen and J Y Guo
758.8 KB
Sintering technologies of sinter mixtures containing high proportions of magnetite concentratesH Han and L Lu
930.3 KB
Study of microwave-assisted magnetising roasting and mineral transformation of low‑grade goethite iron oresV Nunna, S Hapugoda and M I Pownceby
1.0 MB
Summary of results of an international X-ray diffraction round robin for mineralogical analysis of iron oresM D Raven and S L Birch
258.0 KB
Tensile strength and shear strength properties of the adhering layer of granules in iron ore sinteringM Zhou, H Zhou and T Honeyands
1.5 MB
The autonomous rail conveyor significantly reduces ore haulage costsT Graham
865.8 KB
The Central Eyre Iron Project – developing a new iron ore mine in a challenging climateK L McPhee, A G Hunt and L J Ingle
953.5 KB
The development and future of BHP Billiton’s Western Australian iron ore geological reconciliation systemS J Loach
982.7 KB
The dynamic adhesion of wet and sticky iron ores onto impact platesM Carr, K Williams, W Chen, B Hayter, A Roberts and C Wheeler
1.2 MB
The importance of iron ore to Western Australia’s economyD Flint, N Wyche, T J Beardsmore and T J Griffin
274.1 KB
The importance of mineralogy and petrology on the beneficiation of iron oxide ores, primarily those containing goethiteK Quast, J Addai-Mensah and W Skinner
158.2 KB
The Iron Bridge magnetite depositsC Simpson
1.4 MB
The practical characterisation of ferrosilicon for dense medium applicationsJ Bosman and W Blair
671.8 KB
The relationship between mineralogy and shear strength of Pilbara Hamersley Group shales across the weathering spectrumA Maldonado, K G Mercer and A Robert
1.4 MB
The softening and melting behaviour of single and mixed iron ore burdensL X Wang, S L Wu, Y N Lu and B B Du
1014.4 KB
The use of drill core blends to predict sintering performanceM Gotelip Barbosa, G Siboni, M J Venturini and A Correa de Araujo
959.7 KB
The use of filter aids on iron ore finesT Haskell, S Dickie and Y Joe
222.9 KB
Three case studies on the implementation of new technology in the mining industryA T Job and P R McAree
1.8 MB
Trommel panel development for iron ore applicationsR Wilson, B Freeburn and R Williams
517.1 KB
Using airborne electromagnetics to solve a structurally complex geological puzzle in the Hamersley Province, Western AustraliaR Murray, R Neroni, D Kepert and J Bresnahan
811.1 KB
Variation in property parameters of iron ore granulated mix with moisture contentC Li, R Moreno-Atanasio, D O’Dea and T Honeyands
1.2 MB
VisuMet – analyses of lumpy iron carriers with image processingB Kain-Bückner and H Mali
430.4 KB