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Fundamentals of Professional Ethics: Elements and Examples

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Published in 2017
David M. Abbott, Jr

Presenter: David M. Abbott, Jr., FAusIMM(CP), Consulting Geologist LLC

David M. Abbott, Jr.'s first paper on professional geoscience ethics was published in 1989. Since then, he has presented many papers and talks on the subject. Beginning in November 1995, Mr. Abbott began compiling a column, "Professional Ethics & Practices," for the American Institute of Professional Geologist’s magazine, The Professional Geologist, and the column has appeared in each issue since. Mr. Abbott serves as the Chairman of AIPG’s Ethics Committee, which is responsible for inquiring into allegations of ethical misconduct by AIPG members and, when appropriate, prosecuting cases charging violations of AIPG’s Code of Ethics. Mr. Abbott is also a member of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy’s Ethics Committee.

Everyone is in favour of good moral and professional ethical behavior, but how do geoscientists ensure these are rigorously applied in their work?

This webinar explores the basic concepts of, and the differences between, common morality and professional ethics for geoscientists. It looks at how geoscientists can deal with issues such as:

  • Whistle-blowing
  • Avoiding the misuse of models
  • Corporate cultures aiding incompetent practice
  • Client confidentiality vs. protecting the public’s health, safety and welfare
  • Unrecognised bias
  • Acting within Professional Codes of Ethics and Conduct

Case histories will be used to illustrate the concepts presented and the methodology of ethical analysis.
What constitutes common morality and professional ethics? What steps are used to determine the legitimate basis for an allowable violation of a moral or ethical rule? What is the relationship between ethical behavior and integrity?
The webinar covers the differences between morals, ethics, integrity and honesty as they apply to those working in the minerals industry.

Duration: 00:51:10

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