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Eighth World Conference on Sampling and Blending 2017

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2017

The Eighth World Conference on Sampling and Blending (WCSB8), held 9–11 May, in Perth, Western Australia was the latest in the very successful conference series held in Denmark (WCSB1), Australia (WCSB2), Brazil (WCSB3), South Africa (WCSB4), Chile (WCSB5), Peru (WCSB6) and France (WCSB7). The conference brought together all involved in sampling and blending and papers were sought over an extended range of areas. These included: sampling theory, geostatistics, sampling and blending mineral commodities, quality control and metallurgical accounting, sampling and quality control in the pharmaceutical and food industries, sampling of feed, agricultural and biomass products, sampling of wastes and recyclable materials, environmental sampling and monitoring, standards development, new equipment, future technologies and case studies.

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A generalised form of Gy’s equation for gold ores – empirical evidenceR C A Minnitt
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A new approach to implement quality assurance and quality control to technological innovations – quality of spectral data capture and processes in the minerals industryD Mittrup, O Dominguez and M Haest
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A new sampler for grain and other free-flowing particulatesG J Lyman
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A practical guide to sampling in coal preparation plantsB W Atkinson and J Docherty
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Access, select, include – a review of the commercial sampling of traded bulk commodities in the context of Gy’s Theory of SamplingD A Vogel
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An automatic sampling methodology to determine contractual particle size distribution in rapid train load out stationsS C Labram and A Stabile
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Assessing and monitoring food and feed safety – a 15 year quest for proper samplingC Paoletti
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Bailer uncertainty evaluation in a lithium salar depositS A Séguret, P Goblet, E Cordier and A Galli
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Blasthole sampling (replicate and variographic experiments) in LKAB open pit iron ore mines – fit‑for-purpose representativity?K Engström and K H Esbensen
1.7 MB
Common pitfalls in sampling iron oreR J Holmes
802.5 KB
Comparative evaluation of manual sampling and Outotec MSA 2/50 metallurgical slurry samplerJ Loimi, P Minkkinen and T Korpela
952.0 KB
Dependence of the variance of lot average on the sampling mode and heterogeneity type of the lotP Minkkinen
1.7 MB
Does process control sampling always have to be a compromise?R C Steinhaus, J J Rust and M Singh
848.3 KB
Evolution of the concept of the liberation factor and a surprising new resultD François-Bongarçon
641.1 KB
From errors to uncertainty – a clarification for proper use by the Theory of SamplingF F Pitard
1.0 MB
Geometallurgical sampling protocol validation by bulk sampling in a sheeted vein gold depositS C Dominy, L O’Connor, Y Xie and H J Glass
889.9 KB
Heterogeneity tests and core logging – a final reconciliationF L S P Villanova, A Heberle and A C Chieregati
910.1 KB
Inline analysis of washability parameters for process controlC C Bachmann, J F Bachmann, M P Cipold, H B Wurst and J Ha
725.3 KB
Integration of Visman and Ingamells’ works into the Theory of Sampling – a necessity to expand possibilities in sampling practicesF F Pitard
1.1 MB
ISO/TC 34/SC 16 horizontal methods for molecular biomarker analysis – molecular biomarker analysis and sampling management systemM D Sussman
1.2 MB
Modelling ore flow in the design of high-capacity sample cuttersM Hidding and R Shaw
858.8 KB
Near real-time assay with downhole assay tool (FastGrade™ 100)B Chi, R A M Maddever, A Mahanta and O Dominguez
2.0 MB
New online/atline splitter designs for laboratory automation – feasibility resultsM Lischka, A Hollweg and K H Esbensen
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Online quality control of a coal blending yardC C Bachmann, J F Bachmann, M P Cipold and J Ha
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Online X-ray fluorescence spectrometer for accurate monitoring and improving blending sharpness in liquid production processesM G C Zoontjes, T van der Maten, L Kempenaers and U König
960.6 KB
Optimising multivariate variographic analysis with information from multivariate process data modelling (partial least squares regression)Q Dehaine, L O Filippov and H J Glass
1020.7 KB
Pitfalls in Vezin sampling for finely crushed materialsC J Kruger and E le Roux
979.6 KB
Plastics recycling and samplingH J Glass and S C Dominy
811.7 KB
Proposed workflows for portable X-ray fluorescence and near infrared instruments for soil and drill hole samplingN H Jansen and H L Bridgwater
859.6 KB
Quantifying segregation of minerals and metals in particulate materials using computed X-ray tomography and variographyR C A Minnitt, T Jashashvili, G Gilchrist and S C Dominy
1.8 MB
Sampling and blending in geoenvironmental campaigns – current practice and future opportunitiesA Parbhakar-Fox and S C Dominy
888.4 KB
Sampling coarse gold-bearing mineralisation – developing effective protocols and a case study from the Ballarat mine, AustraliaS C Dominy
1.6 MB
Sampling for the percentage moisture in the iron ore industryB Ziegelaar and M Fritz
995.6 KB
Sampling hall of fame versus sampling hall of shameK H Esbensen
977.9 KB
Sampling the supergiant Olympic Dam iron-oxide Cu-U-Au-Ag deposit, South AustraliaK J Ehrig and F F Pitard
1.2 MB
Sampling, monitoring and source tracking of dioxins in the environment of an incinerator in the NetherlandsA Arkenbout and K H Esbensen
813.1 KB
The benefits of automated metallurgical accounting for plant samplingJ P Vagenas and D W Wall
1.4 MB
The impact of the weighting errorG J Lyman
1.0 MB
The sampling characteristics of grains contaminated by mycotoxinsG J Lyman and S A Tittlemier
1.1 MB
Theory of Sampling – from missing link to key enabler for process analytical technologyR J Romañach
1.1 MB
Theory of Sampling – what’s next?K H Esbensen
919.8 KB
Theory of Sampling and geostatistics – the ultimate linkD François-Bongarçon
579.7 KB
Theory of Sampling and geostatistics for twin drill holes analysis in a niobium mine in Araxá, BrazilM T G C Marques, T M El Hajj, J M Braga Jr, A C Chieregati and H Delboni Jr
1.2 MB
Theory of Sampling meets the National Science Foundation I-Corps™ programC Pinzón-de la Rosa, V Rodríguez, M Hormaza and R J Romañach
558.7 KB
Underground bulk sampling, uniform conditioning and conditional simulation – unrealistic expectations?I Clark and S C Dominy
2.2 MB
Use of variography to measure improvement of sampling practices for the quality control of graphite consistency in marble used for carbon-sensitive applicationsC Haughy and F F Pitard
846.0 KB
Validation of a modified cross-belt sampler for reconciliation purposesA C Chieregati, E A Amaral Jr and J C O Souza
927.8 KB
Variographic case study for designing, monitoring and optimising industrial measurement systems – the missing link in Lean and Six SigmaE Thisted, U Thisted, O Bøckman and K H Esbensen
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