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Practical Models of CIL/CIP Plants for Analysis and Prediction - Recording

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Published in 2016

Presenter: Dr Philip Stewart MAusIMM

Philip Stewart has been involved in the mining industry in Australia for over 50 years. His major professional qualifications are an honours degree (part time) in Chemical Engineering at UNSW, leading to a PhD at Cambridge (also in Chem. Eng.), followed 10 years later by an MSc in Mineral Process Design at the Royal School of Mines.

The webinar will discuss two specialised models of CIL/CIP plants for assessing and optimising plant performance. (These are readily programmable in Excel.)

Model 1 (data correction)

  • In order to obtain meaningful recovery data in a CIL/CIP plant allowance must be made for residence time and mixing in the plant
  • A method of correcting data from composite plant samples (shift, half-day, daily) so that a good estimate can be made of the head truly corresponding to any particular tailings sample, will be described.
  • Without such correction plant recovery data is virtually meaningless. With it correlation of performance data with major plant variables becomes possible.

Model 2 (plant simulation)

  • A CIL/CIP plant simulation model which permits projections to be made of losses of values in tailings solids and in solution will be presented.
  • The model can be used to consider such things as feedrate, plant configuration, carbon advance rate, use of leach only tanks, number of tanks, solution return from a thickener, etc.
  • The model is based on plant studies of leaching rates and the equilibrium between active carbon and metal cyanides in solution

Duration: 01:00:16

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