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A Multidisciplinary Approach to Improved Exploration Success - Recording

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Published in 2016

Presenter Ben Jupp, BSc Hons (Geology), Senior Consultant, SRK Consulting

Ben Jupp has over ten years' experience specialising in geology and 3D geological modelling. He has worked in several commodities within Australia and internationally, including iron ore, nickel, gold, copper, lead-zinc and titanium.

This webinar will provide a snapshot of some of the current issues exploration geologists are facing in making significant mineral discoveries. It will present methods being employed to combat some of the complexities being faced by geologists in searching for deposits typically now at greater depths and in more complex and mature environments. This will focus primarily on how an integrated multidisciplinary approach to data interpretation is being employed to improve understanding of the subsurface and as a result better informing decisions for effective exploration. The Common Earth Modelling approach for data integration will be discussed which employs 3D geological modelling to constrain geophysical inversions to provide robust interpretations that are consistent with input datasets, i.e. geology and geophysics. The talk will also look at some of the current innovations being employed in data capture, as well as some of the future issues geologists will face as datasets are provided faster, become larger and more complex.

Duration: 00:46:38

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