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Life-of-Mine 2016

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2016

AusIMM's third event in this highly topical series attracted a broad and diverse range of professional disciplines, with contributions from industry, consulting, government and non-government organisations, providers of financial and legal services, civil society, academe and other research organisations. Participants and experts came together to share experiences, practices and case studies related to planning and sustainability issues embedded in the life and after-life of a mine. The conference, held in Brisbane, Australia in September 2016, was built around the following themes: strategies and planning for improving environmental performance; innovation for delivering better sustainability outcomes; incorporating societal and community factors into design and operation; and influences of global trends on the future of the industry.

Note: the proceedings contains extended abstracts only.

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‘MRC-wiki’ – a Mine Rehabilitation and Closure Knowledge Management Tool for Central Queensland Coalmine PractitionersC J Unger, C J Bond, T Baumgartl, V C Glenn and P Sabourenkov
562.2 KB
A Black Canvas – Planning a Greenfield Coalmine in New South WalesT W C Stambolie
830.2 KB
A Conceptual Framework to Understand the Local Community/Social Impacts of MiningT G Measham and D A Fleming
151.0 KB
A Decision-making Framework for Water Supply and Flood Protection Options in Net Present Value TermsH J J Boshoff and A J Karrasch
721.8 KB
A Simulation Approach for Improving the Assessment of Closure RisksD Trembath
145.1 KB
Accounting for Vegetation Dynamics in Landform Evolution ModellingJ Boyden, J B C Lowry, T J Coulthard, T Whiteside, G R Hancock and S Grant
5.3 MB
Application of Synthetic Rainfall Data to Long-term Modelling of a Rehabilitated LandformJ B C Lowry, D Verdon-Kidd, G R Hancock, M J Saynor and T J Coulthard
2.3 MB
Applications of Advanced Remote Sensing Systems during a Mine LifeB P Banerjee and S Raval
176.2 KB
Backfilled Pits – Laboratory-scale Tests for Assessing Impacts on Groundwater QualityA Watson, C Linklater and J Chapman
1.3 MB
Bed Load Losses from Experimental Plots on a Rehabilitated Uranium Mine in Northern AustraliaM J Saynor and W D Erskine
808.2 KB
Bowen Basin Coalmine Spoil Classification for Improved Mine Rehabilitation OutcomesB Emmerton, J Burgess, T Baumgartl and P D Erskine
2.8 MB
Can Australian Coal Alleviate Energy Poverty in India – a Case StudyA C Keith and H von Blottnitz
1.1 MB
Can Mining Be Part of the Circular Economy or Is It Squaring the Circle?G Corder and A Golev
444.2 KB
Characterising the Spontaneous Combustion Propensity of Waste RockB Beamish and J Theiler
526.4 KB
Closure Liabilities – Where Are We at?M Slight and H Lacy
118.8 KB
Defining Residual Risk for Successful Mine Closure – a Geochemical PerspectiveM Edraki, P Pham, J Park, T Baumgartl, B Noller and B Forsyth
99.2 KB
Derivation of High Reliability Water Quality Guideline Values for Cobalt in Freshwaters – Improving Water Quality Guidelines for Better Water Quality Compliance Management in MiningA C Hogan, A R Butler, F Butler and G E Batley
274.4 KB
Development, Simulation, Economic and Environmental Evaluation of a Coal Processing Flow SheetJ Huang, N Haque, M O’Brien, G O’Brien and J Tien
590.0 KB
Dynamic Decisions under Uncertainty – a Case Study on a Gold MineW Chen, N Langrené, T Tarnopolskaya, Z Zhu and M Cooksey
853.2 KB
Earthworks or Landforms? Designing for Lease SurrenderS J Henderson
501.2 KB
Emerging Technology for Economic and Ecological Sustainability in the Rehabilitation of Metal Mine TailingsL Huang
287.6 KB
Findings and Conclusions Following ‘Long-term’ Cover System Monitoring – Refinement of the Conceptual Design for Tailings Storage Facility ClosureR Barritt, K Albano and P Scott
3.1 MB
Fire Behaviour in Buffel Grass Dominated Mine Site Rehabilitation in Central Queensland, AustraliaP McKenna, V C Glenn, P D Erskine, D Doley and A Sturgess
2.8 MB
Geostatistics and Sample Numbers from an Acid and Metalliferous Drainage PerspectiveD Kentwell, A Garvie and C Linklater
339.2 KB
Global Lessons for a Local Problem – Rehabilitation Bonds and Victoria’s Latrobe Valley CoalminesM L Cramer and N P Wines
163.1 KB
Improving the Reliability of Stream Diversion Designs in Mine Closure Plans Using a Morphological ToolS Szylkarski, B Willis-Jones, S Tjerry and I Dubinski
8.9 MB
Landscape-scale Assessment of Watercourses in Remote Arid South Australia to Inform Mine Planning to Mine ClosureC Ferguson, K White and M Harding
637.6 KB
Life-of-mine Planning Tools for a Changing Climate – Intuitive, Interrogative, IterativeJ H Hodgkinson, S Crimp, W Jin, P Kokic and M Grigorescu
2.2 MB
Life-of-mine Spillway Strategy – Managing Risk Associated with Surface Water at a Tailings Storage FacilityM J Ind, M Rynhoud and K Brand
688.4 KB
Long-term Monitoring and Targeted Assessments to Improve Management of Mine Wastes – the Batu Hijau ProjectB M Angel, S L Simpson and J Waworuntu
2.8 MB
Measurements and Modelling of Evaporation from Abandoned Mine Pit LakesD McJannet, A Hawdon, D Boadle, B Baker, T van Niel, A Littleboy, M Trefry, I Rea and R Fandrich
933.3 KB
Natural Capital Accounting – a Sea Floor Mining ApplicationR Grogan
153.0 KB
Optimising Land for Beneficial Use During and After MiningD Murdoch and J Purandare
99.2 KB
Out of the Box – the Power of Social Identities in Engagement ProcessesS Carr-Cornish and K Moffat
160.3 KB
Planning Effective Management of Gas Emissions in an Underground CoalmineD J Black
871.7 KB
Predicting, Assessing and Managing Sediment Plumes Generated by Sea Floor MiningR Grogan
1.1 MB
Preparing for Progressive Mine Rehabilitation Sign-off in QueenslandP D Erskine, A Fletcher and P Swart
4.2 MB
Progress in Tropical Nickel PhytominingP N Nkrumah, P D Erskine, G Echevarria and A van der Ent
915.2 KB
Rainfall Patterns Rather than Climate Classification Control Cover Design for ClosureT Baumgartl and B Richards
1.8 MB
Reassessing Rehabilitation Objectives and Targets for Mature Mining Operations in QueenslandA R Butler and T R Anderson
162.5 KB
Recognising and Integrating Stakeholder Landform Expectations into Life-of-mine PlanningA Hine and P D Erskine
669.5 KB
Responsible Management and Transparent Reporting across the Project Life CycleM A Noppé
159.5 KB
Simulating Integrated Hydrology in Mining Catchments from Planning to ClosureD N Graham and S Szylkarski
3.8 MB
Social Licence in Real-time – Using Dynamic Methods to Support a New Kind of Community RelationshipK Moffat, N Boughen, L Brooks and A Zhang
529.9 KB
Social Licence to Close?J A Braithwaite
626.8 KB
Sustainable Mining – Indigenous Community BenefitM G Annandale, G Castelain and J A Meadows
165.2 KB
The Social Licence to Operate and Drivers for Change – Resource Reporting and Mine Material CharacterisationG A Maddocks, G D Corder, J Heyes and R J Stewart
493.3 KB
Thermal Coal Industry – Is Longwall Mining Currently a Life-of-mine Option in Australia?T W C Stambolie
1.2 MB
Use of Landform Evolution Models to Assess Uncertainty in Long-term Evolution of Post-mining LandscapesG R Hancock, T J Coulthard and J B C Lowry
219.5 KB
Utilising Mineralised Mining Waste – Contributions to the Circular EconomyÉ Lèbre and G Corder
220.1 KB
Waste Rock Pile Construction to Lower Closure and Relinquishment CostsJ R Taylor, S M Pape, B S Davis and J A Muchan
3.0 MB
Water-related Data Requirements for Improved Life Cycle Assessment of Mining, Mineral Processing and Tailings ManagementS A Northey, N Haque and G Mudd
380.8 KB
Zooming Out – Learning to See Rehabilitation through Stakeholders’ EyesJ L Merritt
149.6 KB