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Third AusIMM International Geometallurgy Conference 2016

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2016

The Third AusIMM International Geometallurgy Conference 2016 was held in Perth, Western Australia from 15–17 June 2016, and followed on from successful events in the GeoMet series for both 2011 and 2013. Delegates shared geometallurgical research, development and best practice, covering topics such as: ore characterisation and testing; orebody and variable modelling; geometallurgical program design and; application and mine planning. The program included one plenary, five keynote and 32 technical papers, and was very fortunate to have Professor Peter Dowd from the University of Adelaide as the Carrasco Plenary Keynote speaker.

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ProductAuthorsFile SizePrice 
A Geometallurgical Proxy for Nickel Laterite Heap LeachingJ Li, L L Kuhar, R Meakin, N Chapman, A McFarlane and J Yu
267.3 KB
A New Semi-automated Method to Rapidly Evaluate the Processing Variability of the OrebodyA Nguyen, J Jackson, K Nguyen and E Manlapig
2.0 MB
Adding Copper Recovery and Acid Consumption Variables to the Geological Model of Quebrada BlancaE Chait and R Schiller
8.3 MB
An Integrated Approach to Optimising All Concentrator Products, Including TailingsA Riles
191.6 KB
An Integrated Liberation-leach Model and Ore Characterisation Procedure for Gold OresA R Bax, T D H McGrath, J J Eksteen, W Staunton, E A Oraby and G Wardell-Johnson
918.2 KB
Characterisation of Gold Ore from the Nick O’Time Shoot (Tarnagulla, Australia) Using High Resolution X-ray Computed TomographyS C Dominy, I M Platten, Y Xie, B W Cuffley and L O’Connor
30.3 MB
Characterisation of Low-grade Hematite Ore Ultra-fine Size Fraction Particles by Heavy SuspensionL Koroznikova, J Begelhole and S McKnight
11.8 MB
Comparison of Diamond Drill Size on Iron Ore Geometallurgical ResultsB Wright, T Sua, B Robertson and B Van Dijken
1.7 MB
Comprehensive Mineralogical Characterisation at the Cerro Corona Cu-Au Porphyry Mine – the Fundamental Key for Geometallurgical ApplicationsR Baumgartner, P Gomez and G Escobar
5.0 MB
Critical and Deleterious Metal Deportment in Sulfidic Waste Rocks, Baal Gammon, North QueenslandN Fox, A Parbhakar-Fox and B G Lottermoser
25.5 MB
Developing Robust Hydrometallurgical Processes to Recover Metals from Deposits with Large Geometallurgical VariationJ J Eksteen, E A Oraby and B C Tanda
279.4 KB
Development of a Synthetic Ore Deposit Model for GeometallurgyV Lishchuk, C Lund and P Lamberg
1018.2 KB
Embedding Geometallurgy into Mine Planning Practices – Practical Examples at Olympic DamV Liebezeit, K Ehrig, A Robertson, D Grant, M Smith and H Bruyn
863.0 KB
Fingerprinting Environmental Impacts of Mining – a Test for Plant BioaccessibilityE van Veen, A Parbhakar-Fox, N Fox, J Hunt and B G Lottermoser
154.5 KB
From Mineral Resources to Sustainable Mining – the Key Trends to Unlock the Holy Grail?G M Mudd and S M Jowitt
3.4 MB
Geometallurgical Characterisation of Australian Iron Ores – from Ore to Processed ProductS Suthers, M I Pownceby, J Manuel, N Ware, E Donskoi and A Poliakov
16.3 MB
Geometallurgical Evaluations of Mine Waste – an Example from the Old Tailings Dam, Savage River, TasmaniaA Parbhakar-Fox, N Fox and L Jackson
7.9 MB
Geometallurgy – Beyond ConceptionS C Dominy and L O’Connor
9.1 MB
Geometallurgy – Bridging the Gap between Mine and Mill: a Case Study of the DeGrussa Geometallurgy ProgramC Butler, R Dale, S Robinson and A Turner
17.0 MB
Geometallurgy – Driving Innovation in the Mining Value ChainH J Glass
1.6 MB
Geometallurgy – Some Approaches and Some Remaining IssuesP A Dowd
97.2 KB
Geometallurgy at Rio Tinto Iron Ore – a New Angle on an Old ConceptM D Paine, C M W Boyle, A Lewan, E K C Phuak, P H Mackenzie and E Ryan
6.2 MB
How Details of the Geometallurgical Optimisation Influence Overall ValueK G van den Boogaart, R Tolosana Delgado, U Mueller and S Matos Camacho
507.5 KB
Impact of Mineralogical Variation on the Smelting of Cu-Ni-PGM ConcentratesJ J Eksteen
1.1 MB
Maximise Orebody Value through the Automation of Resource Model Development Using Machine LearningS Oliver and D Willingham
1.2 MB
Modelling Grade Variation in Crushed Ore at Cadia Ridgeway and Its Potential Consequences for Bulk Ore SortingP J Coghill, D Miljak and A McGann
5.4 MB
Ore Type – Everything to Someone but Nothing to AnyoneJ Jackson and M F Young
1.5 MB
Predicting Cu Species Classification Using Geochemistry at the Productora Cu-Au-Mo Deposit, ChileA Escolme, R Berry and J Hunt
759.3 KB
Predictive Model of Mineral Liberation for Geometallurgical ApplicationsG K N Subasinghe and R Dunne
2.8 MB
Progress towards Data-driven Mine Planning via a Virtual Geometallurgical LaboratoryA Lopez, A Barberan, M Alarcon, E Vargas, J Ortiz, N Morales, X Emery, A Egana, A McFarlane and C Friedrich
4.2 MB
Proposed Methodology for Utilising Automated Core Logging Technology to Extract Geotechnical Index ParametersC L Harraden, R Berry and J Lett
3.7 MB
Sampling and Test Work Protocol Development for Geometallurgical Characterisation of a Sheeted Vein Gold DepositS C Dominy, L O’Connor and Y Xie
630.6 KB
Strategic and Tactical Geometallurgy – a Systematic Process to Add and Sustain Resource ValueN McKay, J Vann, W Ware, C Morley and P Hodkiewicz
401.5 KB
The Biogeometallurgical Approach – the Information We Need to Increase the Sustainability of MiningB Dold
159.4 KB
The Biokinetic Test as a Geometallurgical Indicator for Acid Rock Drainage PotentialsA K B Opitz, M Becker, J L Broadhurst, D J Bradshaw and S T L Harrison
2.1 MB
The Business Case for Early-stage Implementation of Geometallurgy– an Example from the Productora Cu-Mo-Au Deposit, ChileG S King and J L Macdonald
5.2 MB
The Frieda River Project – a Novel Approach to Analysing Exploration Drill Core: How Broken is Broken?D Bennett and D La Rosa
12.7 MB
Use of a Modified Comminution Index to Predict Bond Work Index and SMC A*b at the Antamina Mine, PeruS J Windle, T Kojovic and J Sullivan
6.6 MB
X-ray Computed Tomography – a Geometallurgical Tool for 3D Textural Analysis of Drill Core?M Becker, M A Jardine, J A Miller and M Harris
6.6 MB
X-ray Computed Tomography – Determination of Rapid Scanning Parameters for Geometallurgical Analysis of Iron OreL C Bam, J A Miller, M Becker, F C De Beer and I Basson
3.3 MB