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Third International Future Mining Conference

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2015

The Third International Future Mining Conference 2015 was organised by the AusIMM and UNSW Australia and held in Sydney, NSW from 4–6 November. It followed two successful conferences held in Sydney in 2008 and 2011 and was organised in conjunction with the Second Off-Earth Mining Forum.

The conference addressed innovations and opportunities to transfer scientific and technological developments from other disciplines into the minerals industry. It also examined the human factors and skill needs for future operations, identified possible blue sky scenarios of ‘Mining in the Future’, strategies of mining education and research, novel mining systems and future commodities and directions.

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A Multilayer 3D Index Tool for Recursive Block Models Supporting Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Mine PlanningC A Lindley, C Sennersten, A Davie, O Goldstein, R Lyu, A Grace, B Evans, D Pentecost, T Thomas, L De Macedo Camargo, J Craig, G N Salomao, A Hellicar, D Biggins, G Timms, M Coombe, M S Shahriar, G Smith and A Rahman
5.5 MB
A Platform for Managing and Analysing Atmospheric Data in Underground CoalminesZ Agioutantis, S J Schafrik, E C Jong, K Luxbacher and M Karmis
5.7 MB
An Assessment of the Potential for Transformational Market Growth Amongst the Critical MetalsJ P Sykes, J P Wright, A Trench and P Miller
75.8 KB
An Integrated Economics Model for In Situ Resource Utilisation in Support of a Mars ColonyS Saydam, R Shishko, C Tapia Cortez, T de Roche, R Fradet, J Coulton and A G Dempster
1.8 MB
Comparative Life Cycle Impacts of Deep Ocean Minerals and Land-based CounterpartsB C McLellan
1.3 MB
Copper Price Uncertainties – Chaos Theory to Manage Risks in Mining ProjectsC Tapia Cortez, S Saydam, J Coulton and C Sammut
3.3 MB
Cutter Mining – Crossover Technology from Civil Engineering to MiningS K Schwank
22.6 MB
Effective Immersive Visualisation Systems for Mining Applications and BeyondT Bednarz, E Widzyk-Capehart, O Daud and N Cutmore
13.7 MB
Exploration and Mining Unified through Seismic ImagingG Turner, M Urosevic, D Pridmore and J Dwyer
18.4 MB
Fundamentally Transforming the Economic and Sustainability Signature of Mining AssetsM Jones
3.0 MB
Future Climate – Is Heat Stress a Real Risk for the Future and How Can We Better Manage It?C Killip
1.7 MB
How to Get a Social Licence to MineL Abrahamsson, J Lööw, M Nygren and E Segerstedt
290.7 KB
Integrating Measurement, Systems and Leadership to Build Safe, Productive CulturesM I Roberts
2.3 MB
Making Hard Rock In Situ Recovery a RealityL L Kuhar, P Breuer, D J Robinson and A McFarlane
318.8 KB
Mining–Community Conflicts – Can the Future Mining Sector Transform Social Responsibility?J Fraser and M Scoble
651.3 KB
Mining-RoX – Mobile Robots in Underground MiningS Grehl, M Donner, M Ferber, A Dietze, H Mischo and B Jung
8.6 MB
Monitoring Design and Data Management for a Multiwell CO2 Storage/Enhanced Coalbed Methane Test in a Stacked Coal Reservoir, Buchanan County, Virginia, USAE S Gilliland, N S Ripepi, S J Schafrik, C Schlosser, J Amante, A K Louk, E Diminick, S Keim, C Keles and M Karmis
5.4 MB
Pairing Magnetic and E-field through-the-Earth Communication Systems Based on Mine Site ConditionsE C Jong, S J Schafrik, E S Gilliland, C W Weiss and J Waynert
1.5 MB
Potential and Applications of Underground In Situ BioleachingR Schlueter and H Mischo
1.4 MB
Processing of Subsea Massive Sulfide Ores by Flotation – Similarity and Features with Terrestrial OresL O Filippov and I V Filippova
538.6 KB
Real-time Mining – Moving Towards Continuous Process Management in Mineral Resource ExtractionJ Benndorf, M W N Buxton, K Nienhaus, L Rattmann, A Korre, A Soares, A deJong, N Jeannee, P Graham, D Buttgereit, S Gehlen, F Eijkelkamp, H Mischo, M Sandtke and T Wilsnack
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Resource Efficient Mining Processes of TomorrowK Duffy, W Valery, A Jankovic and P Holtham
5.4 MB
Resource Recovery in SpaceS Ata, G Bournival and M Manefield
2.1 MB
Selection and Planning of Fully Mobile In-pit Crusher and Conveyor Systems for Deep Open Pit Metalliferous ApplicationsM Dean, P Knights, M S Kizil and M Nehring
4.3 MB
Status Quo and Future Evaluations of Global Rare Earth Mining (with Respect to Special Rare Earth Element-industry Criteria)G Barakos, H Mischo and J Gutzmer
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Swamp Works – A New Approach to Develop Space Mining and Resource Extraction Technologies at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center: Prospecting, Excavation, Load, Haul and Dump for In Situ Resource UtilisationR P Mueller, L Sibille, K Leucht, J D Smith, I I Townsend, A J Nick, J M Schuler and J J Fox
2.2 MB
Synergistic Collaboration of Humans and Automated Systems – Innovative Steps Towards Fully Autonomous and Continuous Mining SystemsJ Ruiz-del-Solar, E Widzyk-Capehart, P Vallejos and R Asenjo
10.8 MB
The Solwara 1 Deepwater Mining ProjectR Berndt
101.9 KB
The Use of High-intensity Monitoring Data to Better Characterise Geotechnical Properties of a Non-homogeneous Rock MassP Corbett and P Sheffield
43.9 MB
Trajectory Design and Economic Analysis of Asteroid Mining Missions to Asteroid 2014 EK24S Dorrington, N Kinkaid and J Olsen
3.5 MB
Unmanned Aerial Robots for Remotely Operated and Autonomous Surveying in Inaccessible Underground Mine VoidsC Sennersten, C A Lindley, A Davie, R Lyu, A Grace, B Evans, D Pentecost, T Taylor, L De Macedo Camargo, J Craig, G N Salomao, A Hellicar, D Biggins, G Timms, M Coombe, M S Shahriar, G Smith and A Rahman
14.2 MB
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Mine Environment MonitoringB P Banerjee, S Raval and P J Cullen
7.5 MB
Update on the Current State-of-the-art with DynaCut and Hard Rock Continuous Mining SystemsB Neilson
102.1 KB
Virtual Reality Scientific Visualisation – A Solution for Big Data Analysis of the Block Cave Mining SystemJ Tibbett, F Suorineni, B Hebblewhite and A Colebourn
3.5 MB
What the Internet of Things Means to MiningD Kent and D Eisner
4.3 MB
Work Organisation for Attractive Mining – Lean Mining and the Working EnvironmentJ Lööw and J Johansson
202.8 KB