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MetPlant 2015

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2015

MetPlant 2015 was held in Perth, Western Australia from 7-8 September 2015. The conference presented an update on advances in metallurgical processing and plant design, with the theme 'World's Best Practice'.

This volume will have ongoing relevance to the industry and value to those in design, specification and operation of metallurgical plants. Papers included in this proceedings focused on topics such as comminution, gold and copper metallurgy, operations, preconcentration, productivity improvements, sampling, smelting and tailings and water.

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A Novel Measurement for the Internal Operation of a Semi-autogenous Mill Using Acoustic Sensors – A Case StudyR A Pax and B Cornish
575.0 KB
A Progressive, Iterative Approach Leading to Reliable Metallurgical Accounting Sampling SystemsF F Pitard
271.4 KB
Application of Research Principles to Identify Process Improvement at Sunrise Dam Gold MineG R Ballantyne, N Clarke, P Elms, A Anyimadu and M S Powell
718.0 KB
Base Metals Concentrate Sales Contracts - Change Pavlov and the DogP D Munro and S E Munro
332.3 KB
Bottle Rolls versus Stirred Beaker Leach Testing – Which is Best?C Greet, A Lazamanana and G Small
406.1 KB
Carmen Copper – A Sustainable Approach to Tailings Thickener UpgradesS Morgan, H Mackie, C Maloloy-on and M Deiparine
1.0 MB
Commissioning and Ramp-up of the Albion Process at the GPM Gold ProjectP Voigt, M Hourn, D Mallah and D Turner
1.0 MB
Do All MetPlants Work Well? PlantMets can Ensure They DoP Cameron
468.9 KB
Do we Need a Gravity Circuit or Not? A Case Study in Applying Best PracticeA Giblett and K Afewu
395.2 KB
Does it Make Cent$ to use Flotation Columns for Phosphate Beneficiation?E Wingate, M Kelahan, J-S David and L Bartsch
562.0 KB
Fatal Flaws in Technical Due DiligencesA J H Newell
531.1 KB
Improved Copper Flash Smelting at Olympic DamM White, R Haywood, W Taylor, S Chen, J Ranasinghe and R West
1.2 MB
Improvements in Bi-metal Production at the Brunswick Plant, CosterfieldD Buchanan and V Cullinan
442.0 KB
Improvements in Flotation Cell Maintenance, Power Consumption and Operation at South32 CanningtonM Bird, B Oats and M Sganzerla
500.1 KB
Improving Cooling Tower Performance with Innovative Horizontal Outflow DesignT Hirsi, T Ritasalo and M Weatherseed
426.3 KB
Increasing Grinding Circuit Robustness with Advanced Process ControlA Rantala, P Blanz, K Aberkrom and O Haavisto
849.5 KB
Integrated Mining and Metallurgical Planning and OperationP L McCarthy
398.2 KB
Integrating Bulk Ore Sorting into a Mining Operation to Maximise ProfitabilityK Duffy, W Valery, A Jankovic and P Holtham
1009.1 KB
Karouni Gold Project from Drill Core to CommissioningK Nilsson and D Connelly
521.4 KB
Lessons Learnt and Performance – Installing and Commissioning an Ausenco Carbon Reactivation Kiln in AfricaJ K Claflin, S R La Brooy and D Preedy
304.5 KB
McArthur River Mine Heavy Medium Plant – The Benefits of Applying Modern Coal Plant Design Principles to Base Metal Heavy Medium SeparationJ Wallace, S Strohmayr and K Cameron
814.6 KB
Measuring and Taking Notice of Orebody Variability – An Essential Ingredient for Reliable Plant DesignD David
1.2 MB
Measuring the Influence of Sample Size on the Precision and Accuracy of Gravity Gold EstimationA Giblett and T J Napier-Munn
256.7 KB
Modified Nano-filtration Membrane Treatment of Hyper-saline Goldfields Water – An Overview and Benefits to Gold Plant Operation and EconomicsB Tapley, N Stoitis and L Lien
3.7 MB
Nyrstar Port Pirie RedevelopmentB de Villiers, G Bartel, W Watt and B Kretschmer
855.7 KB
Operating Strategies for Custodians of Company Assets Creating WealthA L Welsh and P S Newling
271.2 KB
Optimisation of a Semi-autogenous Grinding Mill through Trajectory and Power ModellingP Toor
759.0 KB
Optimising Plant Feed Quality and Process Performance Using Geoscan Elemental AnalysisH Kurth
497.0 KB
Pilot Tests for Heavy Metals Removal in Mine WaterT C Christensen, M Vendrup and C Dube
1.2 MB
Process Optimisation Using Real-time Tracking of Coarse Material in Individual Cyclone Overflow StreamsD Cirulis, S Dunford, J Snyder, E Bartsch, P Rothman, R Maron, D Newton, C O’Keefe and J Mercuri
3.7 MB
Sampling, Corporate Governance and Risk AnalysisG J Lyman and F S Bourgeois
658.0 KB
The Arrium IsaMill from Design through Commissioning and OptimisationM Larson, G Anderson, M Mativenga and C Stanton
1.5 MB
The Increased Recovery Project at the Phu Kham Copper-Gold Operation, Laos PDRA Hoyle, D Bennett and P Walker
2.7 MB
The Influence of Pyrite on the Pulp Chemistry and Copper Flotation Response of a Chalcopyrite OreC J Greet, P Karageorgos and L Teixeira
706.1 KB
The Pre-concentration of Precious and Base Metal Deposits Using the Inline Pressure Jig – Higher Feed Grades and More MetalN J Grigg and G J Delemontex
1.4 MB
Understanding the Effects of Liner Wear on Semi-autogenous Grinding Mill PerformanceP Toor, M Powell, M Hilden and N Weerasekara
1.2 MB