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11th International Symposium on Rock Fragmentation by Blasting

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2015

The 11th International Symposium on Rock Fragmentation by Blasting (FRAGBLAST11) was held 24–26 August 2015 in Sydney, Australia. It was organised by the AusIMM, with support from the International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE) and the European Federation of Explosives Engineers (EFEE).

This volume reflects the incremental improvements and breakthroughs made at 11 global meetings. During the conference keynote speakers provided a range of insights and depth of experience spanning the fundamentals of rock fracture through to the practical implementation of blasting knowledge and know-how. A further 87 papers delved into many facets of the blasting industry, including blast modelling, blasting in challenging environments and geology, management of vibrations, airblast, dust and fumes, rock fragmentation – models, measurements and control, case studies/practical solutions to real-world problems, blast-induced damage – models, measurement and control, blasting impacts on downstream processes, recent research and developments in surface and underground rock blasting, specialised blasting methods for civil works and other applications, new and novel explosives and initiation systems, innovative blast measurement techniques, and rock dynamics and economics of blasting – production, technology and environment.

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A Further Study on the Attenuation Laws of Blasting Vibration FrequencyJ R Zhou, W B Lu, M Chen, P Yan and G H Wang
2.4 MB
A Holistic Approach to Managing Blast OutcomesT Goswami, E Martin, M Rothery and D Genge
908.7 KB
A Methodology for Rock Mass Characterisation to Control Blast-induced VibrationsE Hamdi and A Karrech
6.6 MB
A Multiple Blasthole Fragmentation Model – Its Concept, Formulation, Capability and Field Comparison ExamplesR Yang
785.4 KB
A Novel Blasting Technique to Create Drawbells and Eliminate the Undercut Level in Block Cave MiningA Tawadrous and D S Preece
616.5 KB
A Remote, Rapid and Accurate Three-dimensional Ore Waste Boundary Tracking SystemK R Blay, A T Spathis and K E Leslie
7.5 MB
A Simple Technique for Using High Energy in BlastingS J Hawke and L A Dominguez
1.1 MB
Adjusting Initiation Direction to Domains of Rock Mass Discontinuities in Aitik Open Pit MineA Beyglou, H Schunnesson, D Johansson and N Johansson
4.8 MB
Advanced Technology for Setting Out of Blastholes and Measurement while DrillingY Duan, D Xiong, L Yao, F Wang and G Xu
706.8 KB
An Automated System for Flyrock and Fume Monitoring of BlastsI Kharitonenko, C K McKenzie, B E Papillon and P Popov
623.7 KB
An Integrated Technology Solution for Optimised and Environmentally-controlled BlastsS Bhandari, C Parihar, R Garg and A Bhandari
3.8 MB
An Inversion Method for the Prediction of Peak Particle Velocity in BlastingM L Lawlor-O’Neill and A T Spathis
978.7 KB
Analysis of Rock Fragmentation and its Effect on Gravity Flow at the Kiruna Sublevel Caving MineM Wimmer, A Nordqvist, E Righetti, N Petropoulos and M J Thurley
1.2 MB
Application of Engineering Discipline and a Full-process Optimisation Focus – Productivity to Profitability without Profuse PruningW R Adamson
1.2 MB
Application of Lateral Crater Test in Open Pit Blasting Parameters OptimisationY M Wang, W Z Liu, X L Zhang and L F Li
534.3 KB
Assessment of Underground Production Blast Designs and Blasting PerformanceB Mohanty and D Zwaan
704.7 KB
Benefits Related to Applications of a Mass Blast in Open Cut MiningJ Vergara, C Muñoz, N Ortega and D Avilés
1.1 MB
Blast Design and Vibration Control at Kayad Lead-Zinc Underground MineM P Roy, P K Singh, M Sarim, P S Jaitawat and A Joshi
6.5 MB
Blast Design Parameters and Their Impact on Rock FragmentationP K Singh, M P Roy, C Drebenstedt and B Prasad
3.9 MB
Blast Fragmentation Impacts on Downstream Processing at Goldfields Cerro CoronaD La Rosa, K Caron, W Valery, R Diaz and H Mamani
3.4 MB
Blast Fragmentation Measurement Based on Three-dimensional Imaging in Sublevel Caving Drawpoints and Underground Excavator Buckets at LKAB KirunaM J Thurley, M Wimmer and A Nordqvist
1.3 MB
Blasting Approaches to Increase Mine Productivity and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Surface Coal MiningT Goswami and G Brent
6.0 MB
Blasting Harmonics and Controlling Peak Particle VelocityA J Moore, A B Richards and T J Laing
1.7 MB
Characterising Rock Mass Properties for Fragmentation ModellingA Scott and I Onederra
905.5 KB
Classification and Development in Grade Control Blasting for Surface MinesT N Little
598.6 KB
Comparison of Empirical Fragmentation Models at the Gol-Gohar Iron Ore MineM Jahani and M Taji
1.3 MB
Comparison of Experiment and Simulation of Blast Loading on the Steel BeamM Taji, A Hosseinzadeh Barforoosh and A Abedi
750.6 KB
Comparison of the Generation of Shear Wave with Different Simulation ApproachesQ D Gao, W B Lu, Y G Hu, M Chen and P Yan
2.9 MB
Controlled Blasting for Twin Tunnels with a Shallow Cover under an Operating Railway LineG Gopinath, H S Venkatesh and R Balachander
2.2 MB
Design of Equipment for Dynamic Burden MeasurementsN Petropoulos, D Mihaylov, D Johansson, M Wimmer and A Nordqvist
2.6 MB
Detonation and Breakage Performance of a Hydrogen Peroxide-based Explosive FormulationI Onederra and M Araos
945.5 KB
Dilution, Ore Grade and Blast Movement Calculation ModelJ F D Domingo, F S Leite, V G Mirada and I C Carrasco
1.1 MB
Directional Blasting Rock Cutting TechnologyW Z Liu, X L Zhang, H T Yang and Q Q Shi
387.3 KB
Discrete Element Modelling of Blast Fragmentation of a Mortar CylinderC Yi and D Johansson
6.7 MB
Dynamic Displacements from a Blast-triggered Seismic EventD P Blair
5.8 MB
Effect of Dynamic Pressure on Electronic Detonator TimingG Teowee, H Solis, B E Papillon and R Ibarra
1.0 MB
Effect of Vibration Sensor Mounting Method on the Quality of Vibration MeasurementsP Segarra, J A Sanchidrián, R Castedo, L M López and I del Castillo
3.3 MB
Effects of Joint Intensity on Rock Fragmentation by ImpactS Aziznejad and K Esmaeili
6.3 MB
Effects of Specific Charge and Electronic Delay Detonators on Fragmentation in an Aggregate Quarry – Building Fragmentation Model Design CurvesF Ouchterlony, U Nyberg, M Olsson, K Widenberg and P Svedensten
959.8 KB
Establishing the Design Parameters of a Control Blast for Long-term Stability of the Hang Wall at Rampura Agucha MineP Rajmeny, R Shrimali, L Shekhawat and A Joshi
769.8 KB
Evaluating the Effects of Non-coaxial Charges for Contour BlastingJ Seccatore, F Golin, M Cardu, E Munaretti, J Bettencourt and J C Koppe
874.3 KB
Evaluating the Inclusion of the Implementation Variability into Fragmentation ModellingH Parra and D Zenteno
1.2 MB
Evaluation of a New Vision System Algorithm for Automated Fragmentation Measurement from a ShovelM J Noy
1.2 MB
Fragmentation Optimisation – Adopting Mine to Mill for Reducing Costs and Increasing ProductivityA C Silva, P A A Martins, E M S Silva, A L S Fonseca, A J D Ferrari, E B Cunha, V M Silva, V O Matthew and D R T Vilela
588.1 KB
Geological Modelling and Bench Face Survey to Improve Blasting FragmentationR Schaarsdmit, I Pablos, J C Koppe, E Gabriel, A Gomes and P Crispim
620.7 KB
Geophysical Techniques Applied to Blasting DesignL Vieira and J C Koppe
411.5 KB
Higher Energy Bulk Explosives – Matching Products to Rock Types Using an Energy Map ConceptD Wilkinson, G Rigby, J Norgard and S Thomson
3.2 MB
High-speed Video – An Essential Blasting ToolD Adermann, D Chalmers, C Martin and S Wellink
5.2 MB
Improving Drive Stability through Efficient Development Blasting Design and PracticesP Klaric
408.5 KB
Influence of Blasthole Delay Times on Fragmentation as well as Characteristics of and Blast Damage behind a Remaining Bench Face through Model-scale BlastingP Schimek, F Ouchterlony and P Moser
541.5 KB
Influence of Distorted Blasthole Patterns on Fragmentation as well as Roughness of, and Blast Damage behind, Remaining Bench Face in Model-scale BlastingR Ivanova, F Ouchterlony and P Moser
717.8 KB
Jones-Wilkins-Lee Parameters for Civil ExplosivesR Castedo, J A Sanchidrián, L M López, P Segarra and A P Santos
2.0 MB
Managing Coal Loss Using Blast Models and Field MeasurementM Nagarajan, A Green, P Brown and P Dare-Bryan
700.1 KB
Measured and Modelled Response of a Multistory, Urban Structure to High-frequency Blasting ExcitationC Dowding, C Aimone-Martin and P Abeel
4.8 MB
Measurement and Assessment of Bulk Explosive ProductsG Cavanough, A C Torrance, J Rock and A Olsson
848.6 KB
Measurement of Blast-induced Pressure in Bench Blasting and Deciphering Explosive Performance through Rock Mass Response Analysis – A MethodologyA K Raina and V M S R Murthy
526.5 KB
Megablasts – Enabling Technologies in BHP Billiton Iron OreB Green
2.9 MB
Mist Diffusion Experiment and Evaluation of Water Tube for Blasting Demolition Dust ControlY-H Ko, J-K Kim, S-J Kim, H Park, H-S Kim, S-H Cho and H-S Yang
1.0 MB
Mitigation of Post-blast Fume in Soft Ground and Wet ConditionsL Julian, A Musunuri, E J Sellers and S S Kanchibotla
506.8 KB
Modelling Full-scale Blast Heave with Three-dimensional Distinct Elements and Parallel ProcessingD S Preece, A Tawadrous, S A Silling and B Wheeler
836.6 KB
Muck Pile Shaping for Draglines and Dozers at Surface CoalminesS Esen and M Nagarajan
765.3 KB
On the Influence of Fundamental Detonics on Blasting PracticeA Minchinton
4.4 MB
Optimisation of Drill and Blast for Mill Throughput Improvement at Ban Houayxai MineJ Gaunt, D Symonds, G McNamara, B Adiyansyah, L Kennelly, E J Sellers and S S Kanchibotla
3.0 MB
Parameter Determination of an Ignition and Growth Model from Emulsion Explosive TestsC Yi, U Nyberg and D Johansson
598.6 KB
Performance of Different Constructive Solutions against Explosions in Full-scale Masonry WallsL M López, P Segarra, R Castedo, J A Sanchidrián, J Navarro, A P Santos and M Chiquito
642.2 KB
Physical and Technical Evaluation of Possibility Using Low-density Explosives in Smooth BlastingS A Gorinov and I Y Maslov
895.5 KB
Potential of the Overburden Cast Blasting Technique in Indian Surface Coalmines – A Modular Approach and its Financial ImplicationsM D Uttarwar and R R Yerpude
457.0 KB
Prediction of Rock Fragmentation Using a Gamma-based Blast Fragmentation Distribution ModelF Faramarzi, M A Ebrahimi Farsangi and H Mansouri
4.6 MB
Protection of Underground Mine Structures Due to Adjoining Open Pit Mine BlastingP K Singh, M P Roy, R K Paswan, L S Shekhawat and A Joshi
681.5 KB
Ranges of Validity of Some Distribution Functions for Blast-fragmented RockJ A Sanchidrián
2.0 MB
Reducing Crest Loss at Barrick Cowal Gold MineR Battison, S Esen, R Duggan, K Henley and P Dare-Bryan
1.3 MB
Reducing the Effect of Wind on Airblast Measurement During BlastingK Henley
660.2 KB
Scientific Evaluation of Fauna Sensitivity to BlastingD Martin
595.3 KB
Should the Blast Exclusion Zone Be Based on a Qualitative or Quantitative Analysis? A Practical Implementation ConundrumK Muller and T Oosthuizen
2.0 MB
Simulation of Damage Zones Induced by Destress BlastingA Sainoki and H S Mitri
4.8 MB
Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Modelling of Blast-induced Fracture Processes in Naturally Jointed Rock MediumD Deb and R Pramanik
698.9 KB
Soft Computing Approach to Predict Blast-induced FlyrockR Trivedi, T N Singh, N Gupta and S Bhandari
1.8 MB
Stope Blast Vibration Analysis at Dugald River Underground MineR Hassell, E Villaescusa, R de Vries and J Player
3.3 MB
Study of the Effect of Blast Pattern Design on Autogenous and Semi-autogenous Mill Throughput at Gol-e-Gohar Iron Ore MineA Hakami, H Mansouri, M A Ebrahimi Farsangi, M R Dehghan and F Faramarzi
5.7 MB
The Effect of Delay Time on Fragmentation Distribution through Small- and Medium-scale Testing and AnalysisP D Katsabanis and O Omidi
594.8 KB
The Effect of Drilling and Blasting Performance on Fragmentation in a Quarry and Time for Loading, Secondary Breakage and CrushingT Marin, E Melo, J Seccatore, M Cardu, F Galvão, A Rezende, J Bettencourt and G De Tomi
6.5 MB
The Influence of Charge Distribution on the Grindability of the Blasted MaterialJ Seccatore, J Romero Huerta, G Sadao, M Cardu, F Galvão, L Finoti, A Rezende, J Bettencourt, and G De Tomi
7.0 MB
The Median versus the Mean Fragment Size and Other Issues with the Kuz-Ram ModelF Ouchterlony
2.3 MB
The Relationship between Blasting Parameters and Muck Pile ConfigurationS P Singh and D Van Doorselaere
322.3 KB
The Response of Rock Materials to One-dimensional Shock LoadingQ B Zhang and J Zhao
5.9 MB
The Role of Stress Waves and Fracture Mechanics in FragmentationW L Fourney
1.3 MB
The Wedge Theory of Borehole Charge Design for Bench Blasting and Its Numerical SimulationJ Yang, Z-Y Chen, Q Yu and G Ren
690.9 KB
Transfer Function – New Method to Accurately Predict Resonant Frequencies of a HighwallR Osterman
5.2 MB
Underground Stope Drill and Blast Designs Optimisation ProgramD Roy, T Williams and C Preston
1003.6 KB
Wall Control BlastingD P Blair
7.4 MB
What is Relative about Energy?A C Torrance and A Scott
1.0 MB