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Tailings and Mine Waste Management for the 21st Century 2015

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2015

The inaugural Tailings and Mine Waste Management for the 21st Century Conference was held in Sydney, Australia from 27–28 July 2015. This new conference series aims to be the benchmark for sharing knowledge and experience on tailings management and sustainable mining practice in Australia and the rest of the world. The two-day technical program included keynote presentations by four distinguished professors, as well as presentations on the following themes: dewatering of tailings; geochemical characterisation, treatment and environmental impacts; geotechnical characterisation and stability analysis; operation, maintenance, closure and post-closure; planning and management; and water management, seepage and groundwater control.

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‘Forget the Wet Chemistry’ – How the Australian Synchrotron Can Help with Tailings and Mine Waste ManagementK M Spiers, R N Collins and P Kappen
1.4 MB
A New Tool for Optimisation of Mine Waste Management in Potential Acid Forming ConditionsZ Fu, Y Li, E Topal and D J Williams
6.3 MB
ACARP Belt Press Filter Design, Operation and Maintenance HandbookD Mathewson and D Eschebach
9.8 MB
Acid Rock Drainage Prevention Using Inert Gas Mixture TechnologyL Ameglio and H Barrie
7.0 MB
Advanced Customisable Leach Columns – A New Kinetic Testing Method to Simulate Site-specific ConditionsS Pearce, J Pearce and M Barteaux
1.9 MB
Advances towards More Sustainable Management of Mine TailingsD V Boger
154.0 KB
An Integrated Approach to Proactive Tailings ManagementM Edraki, T Huynh, E Wightman, K Tungpalan and S Palaniandy
1.1 MB
Analysis and Adaptability of Belt Filter Presses and Other Technologies for Tailings Dewatering over a Range of Mineral Processes, Plant Designs, Conditions, Regions and Operating PhilosophiesM S Fenzel
5.6 MB
Best Available Practice or Best Available Technology? A Review of Some Dramatic Changes in Tailings Management in the Recent Past and Potential Changes in the FutureA Fourie
154.0 KB
Bituminous Geomembranes in Mine ConstructionB Breul and R McIlwraith
30.6 MB
Case Histories – Roller Compacted Concrete Dam Waterproofing with a Bituminous Geomembrane in Chile and a Tailings Dam in Peru Subject to an Earthquake of 8.1 MagnitudeB Breul and R McIlwraith
17.6 MB
Characterisation of a Deep, Under-consolidated Coal Tailings DepositK D Seddon and D A Pemberton
3.1 MB
Conceptual Design of a Dry-stacked Coal Rejects Facility in a Subtropical ClimateA M Barrett and P J Chapman
7.5 MB
Cover System Performance Monitoring for Tailings – Are We Doing It Correctly?R Barritt and P Scott
2.0 MB
Cyclic and Post-cyclic Behaviour of Four Australian TailingsD Reid, R Fanni and M Kulessa
1.5 MB
Effects of Shear on the Behaviour of Polymer-treated SlurriesD Reid and A Fourie
3.9 MB
Field Measurement of Transient Pore Pressures within Co-disposed Processing Rejects Placed in a Spoil DumpK Koosmen, G Langerak, J Simmons, S Fityus and R Van Laeren
14.1 MB
Geometallurgical Characterisation of a Tailings Storage Facility – A Novel ApproachE Louwrens, T Napier-Munn and L Keeney
3.7 MB
Geotechnical Centrifuge Technology for Characterising the Interaction of Tailings and Pore Water over Decadal Time PeriodsW Timms and D Anderson
4.8 MB
Impact of Co-disposing Mixed Plant Rejects on Spoil Pile SettlementsA K Kho, N Tucker, D J Williams and A Shokouhi
4.7 MB
Influence of Water on Particle Size Distribution of Clay Mineral-rich Coarse Coal RejectA Shokouhi, D J Williams and M S Zbik
4.0 MB
In-pit Tailings Disposal at Langer Heinrich – Tailings Storage Facilities in a Unique Hydrogeological SettingC Hore and D Luppnow
11.3 MB
Integrated Mine Waste Management – South Deposit Tailings Storage Facility, Savage River Mine, TasmaniaR Longey, D Brett and A Simmons
14.0 MB
Microanalytical Evaluations of the Savage River Old Tailings Dam, North- west TasmaniaL M Jackson, A Parbhakar-Fox, A Hughes, J Agius, T Ferguson and D Lester
24.9 MB
Modelling of an Integrated Waste Storage FacilityS Narendranathan, E C Lee, S Setchell and P Edmondson
2.4 MB
Newmont Tanami Operations – Tailings Storage FacilitiesS Thacker and M Noakes
1.9 MB
Observations on the Behaviour of a Gold Tailings with Hypersaline Pore FluidD Reid
977.8 KB
Quantitative Risk Assessment Tools to Assist with Waste Management and Placement GuidelinesS Pearce and S Lehane
5.1 MB
Responsible Tailings ManagementJ Boshoff
2.7 MB
Review of Static and Seismic Stability of a Cross-valley Sand Tailings Embankment in a High-rainfall, High-seismicity SettingP J Chapman, B P Wrench and M J Gowan
8.5 MB
Safety of a Tailings Storage Facility against Dam InstabilityJ Van Dyck, W Pytel, D Veneziano, R Snow and O Zanoli
4.6 MB
Seismic Design of Upstream-raised Tailings Storage Facilities in a Semi-arid, Low-seismicity SettingP J Chapman and D A Williams
402.9 KB
Seismic Stability Analysis of Sangan Iron Mine Project Tailings DamA Delavar, F Rashidi Nejad and N Ganjian
6.5 MB
Sludge Conditioning Technology to Reduce Sludge and the Cost of Acid Mine Drainage TreatmentC Dube and K Banerjee
8.5 MB
The Resistance of Cyclone Underflow Material to Flow LiquefactionJ Boshoff and D Reid
6.3 MB
The Risks of Excess Water on Tailings Facilities and Its Application to Dam-break StudiesH Rourke and D Luppnow
3.1 MB
The Use of a Large-strain Drying and Consolidation Model to Optimise Multilift Tailing DepositsP J Vardon, Y Yao, L A van Paassen and A F van Tol
3.0 MB
The Use of Rezoning Techniques to Model Historic Tailings FailuresD Reid
508.4 KB
Thermosensitive, Hydrophobically Modified Anionic Flocculants for Dewatering Kaolin ClaysS P Gumfekar, D R L Vedoy, L Botha and J B P Soares
1.3 MB
Towards the Elimination of Conventional Surface Slurried Tailings Storage FacilitiesD J Williams
12.4 MB
Tubular Drainage and Lining Geocomposite for Mine Tailings and Heap Leach PadsP Saunier, L Ameglio and Y Durkheim
11.2 MB
Ultramafic Mine Tailings to Treat Acidic Mine Water and Lock Away Carbon through Mineral CarbonationH Malli, S Bouzalakos and W Timms
5.3 MB
Upstream Raising of Laterite Nickel Tailings Storage FacilitiesD A Williams and J C J Boshoff
16.6 MB
Waste Not, Want Not – Rethinking the Tailings and Mine Waste IssueD van Zyl, D Shields, Z Agioutantis and S Joyce
202.9 KB
Whither Lime? In Situ Hydrotalcite Precipitation as a Method of Remediation for Acidic Mine LakesG B Douglas
6.0 MB