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Iron Ore 2015

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2015

Iron Ore 2015 was the seventh in a very successful series of international iron ore conferences jointly organised by the AusIMM and CSIRO. The conferences have now become an important biennial bringing together geologists, geoscientists, mineralogists, metallurgists, managers, engineers, operators, equipment manufacturers and service providers from across the iron ore industry. This volume contains 80 papers, covering topics such as agglomeration, beneficiation, exploration and geology, ferrous burden performance, materials handling, mining, new equipment and environment, ore characterisation and geometallurgy, and project development.

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A Downhole Magnetic Tensor Gradiometer for Developing Robust Magnetisation Models from Magnetic AnomaliesK Leslie, C A Foss, D Hillan and K Blay
5.7 MB
A New Toolkit for Iron Ore CharacterisationE R Ramanaidou and M A Wells
3.6 MB
A Novel Approach to the Characterisation of Iron Ores and Concentrates Using Recent Advancements in Wavelength- and Energy-dispersive X-ray Fluorescence SpectrometersC Tsouris, A Komelkov and M Rayner
135.9 KB
Advances in Optical Image Analysis of Iron Ore SinterE Donskoi, S Hapugoda, L Lu, A Poliakov, M Peterson and A Haileslassie
30.1 MB
An Overview of the Weathering Process, Preliminary Density and Unconfined Compressive Strength Correlations for Fresh Itabirites in Vale Mines on the Western Side of the Iron Quadrangle, BrazilT A V Costa, P M Dight, K Mercer and E A G Marques
11.2 MB
Application of Different Drive Systems for Horizontal MillsB Wacker, W Kitz, C Murphy, M Neurohr and D Mensing
5.5 MB
Australian Research Council Research Hub for Advanced Technologies for Australian Iron Ore – An IntroductionK P Galvin, A Roberts, C E Loo, G M Evans, K Williams and S M Iveson
14.0 MB
Block Model Data Reduction and Sensitivity AnalysisJ E Everett
640.7 KB
Capacity Evaluation of Iron Ore Processing Facilities Utilising Dynamic SimulationsW Cele, L Furstenberg, M Richter and N Steenkamp
1.6 MB
Case Study Assessing Alternative Data Collection Techniques and Analysis Methods to Assist with Geotechnical Slope DesignH Baxter, C Bellia, A Maldonado and S Strong
6.4 MB
Case Study of Iron Ore Value Chain OptimisationT Kleinschmidt, J Foo, B Reynolds and K Kennewell
2.6 MB
Characterising the Blasting Properties of Iron OreA Scott and I Onederra
8.0 MB
Comparison of Min/Max Autocorrelation Factors, Kriging, Co-kriging and Inverse Distance Block Totals – A Magnetite Hematite Case StudyD Kentwell
934.2 KB
De-bottlenecking Iron Ore Transportation from Mine to PlantC E Hartford, C P Holmes and T Tan
5.2 MB
Dependence of Flame Front Speed on Iron Ore Sintering ConditionsJ Zhao and C E Loo
615.0 KB
Discovery of the Corunna Downs DepositsJ H Mainwaring, P J Howard and P Darvall
12.6 MB
Effect of Concentrate and Micropellet Addition on Iron Ore Sinter Bed PermeabilityA M Nyembwe, R Cromarty and A M Garbers-Craig
8.1 MB
Effect of Mineral Density for Milling Magnetite OresA Jankovic, P Baguley, W Valery and P Holtham
1.7 MB
Effect of Titania on the Sintering Performance of Hematite Iron OresA Dehghan-Manshadi, J Manuel, S Hapugoda, N Ware and E Donskoi
4.9 MB
Evolution of a Structural Framework for High-grade Iron Ore DepositsM S Egglseder and A R Cruden
22.2 MB
Flexigel™ – A Variable-density SolutionD R Andrew, K T Morrison and J F Tiedgen
4.6 MB
Fundamental Nucleus Assimilation Behaviour of Hematite- and Goethite-containing Ores in Iron Ore SinteringN Ware and J Manuel
17.7 MB
Geological Setting of Eliwana and Flying Fish Deposits along the North Limb of the Brockman Syncline, Hamersley Province, Western AustraliaD Barrett, R Perkins, D Kepert, S Robinson and C Fowers
9.0 MB
Geology – The Affirmative CaseD Kepert
4.5 MB
Geometallurgy of the South Middleback Ranges Magnetite Deposit – Predicting Plant Performance from the PitJ Gerber, D Gerrard and J Begelhole
3.2 MB
Geoscan Online Analyser Use for Process Control at Fortescue Metals Group Sites in Western AustraliaL Balzan, B J Beven and A Harris
14.9 MB
Granulation Behaviour of Specularite Fines in Ferrous Sinter MixturesD-Q Zhu, X-B Li, J Pan and B-J Shi
5.8 MB
Gravity Separation of Ultra-fine Iron Ore in the Reflux ClassifierD M Hunter, J Zhou, S M Iveson and K P Galvin
450.3 KB
Guidelines for Selecting Pellet Plant TechnologyM Huerta, J Bolen, M Okrutny, I Cameron and K O’Leary
4.3 MB
High Temperature Interactivity of Iron Ores in the Cohesive Zone of the Blast FurnaceX L Liu, S L Wu, W Huang and J M Zhu
445.4 KB
How Much Do We Need to Drill?C Taylor and E Retz
6.8 MB
Important Acid Ferrous Burden Properties in the Cohesive Zone of a Blast FurnaceC E Loo
6.7 MB
Improvements in Service Life and Cost Reduction for Gyratory Primary Crushers through Mantle and Concaves Optimisation – A Case StudyI Elias, S Chaffer and E Moya
11.8 MB
Iron Ore Final Grinding by High Pressure Grinding Rolls and Air ClassificationF P van der Meer, E Lessing and E Matthies
1.7 MB
Iron Ore Geometallurgy – Examining the Influence of Ore Composition on Sinter Phase Mineralogy and Sinter StrengthM I Pownceby, N A S Webster, J Manuel and N Ware
2.5 MB
Iron Ore Tailings Reprocessing to Maximise Ore ProductionR Jain and I Sherrell
7.2 MB
Iron Ore Ultrafines Challenges and OpportunitiesD Tucker and K Harney
905.4 KB
Iron Ore Washing – Achieve More with Fewer ResourcesS Silge and M Zlatev
10.8 MB
Iron Ore, Innovation and a (Not So) Quiet RevolutionA Littleboy
107.5 KB
Iron Sinter Process Control Using X-ray DiffractionU König and N Norberg
3.0 MB
Laser Scanning of Conveyor Ore ProfilesT Fares and S Grobler
4.8 MB
Lump Ore Properties and Their Impact on Value-in-use in IronmakingT Honeyands and L Jelenich
1.0 MB
Magnetite – A Higher-grade Blast Furnace Feed and Its Potential Benefits for the IronmakerA J J Mouton and K Edwards
1.0 MB
Maritime Bulk Cargo Transportable Moisture Limit Requirements for Iron Ore ShipmentsK Williams, T Honeyands, R Holmes, R Orense, A Roberts, M Pender, D McCallum and T Krull
3.6 MB
Maximising Productivity through Big Data, Simulation and Predictive AnalyticsM S Schneider and M T Grigoleit
3.3 MB
Mineralogical Quantification of Iron Ore SinterS Hapugoda, L Lu, E Donskoi and J Manuel
12.1 MB
Modelling Cohesion and Adhesion of Wet, Sticky Iron Ores in Discrete Element Modelling for Material Handling ProcessesW Chen, T Donohue, K Williams, A Katterfeld and T Roessler
2.3 MB
New Discrete Element Modelling Calibration Technology to Facilitate the Increased Efficiency of Ore Handling and Processing OperationsA P Grima, D Curry and P W Wypych
18.9 MB
Optimisation of Wash Water on an Iron Ore Spiral to Improve GradeC M Ramotsabi, W Erasmus and F Bornman
6.5 MB
Optimised Process Control in Iron Ore via Online Analysis of Light ElementsL Köresaar, J Timperi and J Moilanen
6.7 MB
Optimising Flow in the Mining Value ChainA Dunne, P G Laurens, R Kruger and H Coleman
8.1 MB
Ore Selection to Maximise ValueJ E Everett
1.6 MB
Perspectives on the Long-term Outlook for Iron OreJ P Barkas
1.4 MB
Process Amenability Studies on Goethite-abundant Iron Ore FinesV Nunna, S Hapugoda and T Raynlyn
11.3 MB
Production of High-quality Sinter by Controlling the Sintering ReactionB J Chung and Y K Ji
4.7 MB
Project Development and Regulation Red Tape – A Comparative Analysis: Does It Need to Be So Complex?C Pope and M Tannock
267.2 KB
Rapid Logging of Different Magnetic Phases in Banded Ironstones Using a Travelling Three-component Vector MagnetometerC A Foss, K Leslie and C Arnold
6.8 MB
Real-time Through-belt Moisture Analysis for Iron OreL Balzan and A Harris
638.5 KB
Reaping the First Fruits – Infrared Spectroscopy: the New Standard Tool in BHP Billiton Iron Ore ExplorationM Haest, D Mittrup and O Dominguez
1.9 MB
Recent Advances in Iron Ore SinteringL Lu and O Ishiyama
9.2 MB
Recent Progress in Japanese Ironmaking TechnologiesK Saito
106.6 KB
Recovery of Iron Ore Fines and Ultrafines from Tailings by Using Wet High-intensity Magnetic Separation – JONES WHIMSM Steinberg, T Graham and M Gerards
2.5 MB
Reduction Kinetics and Mechanism of Pellets Prepared from High-chromium Vanadium-titanium Magnetite ConcentrateG J Cheng, X X Xue, J X Liu, Z G Liu, M S Chu, T Jiang, B Liu and P N Duan
12.4 MB
Related Genesis for Iron, Manganese and Gold-copper Ores in Western AustraliaP B Schwann
10.9 MB
Research and Application of New Dust Control Technologies for the Iron Ore IndustryP W Wypych, D B Hastie, S Wangchai and A P Grima
23.4 MB
Rio Tinto Iron Ore – Being the BestM Gollschewski
107.9 KB
Semi-automated Geological Interpretation Using Assay and Infrared Spectroscopic Sensing Parameters towards Improvements in Geological ModellingD Mittrup, F Flitti, G Hird, M Haest and O Dominguez
1.2 MB
Shifting Waters in the Pilbara’s Iron Ore IndustryI Brandes de Roos
265.1 KB
Test Work and Design of a Gravity Circuit for Iron Road’s Central Eyre Iron ProjectA G Hunt, G J Showers and P Botman
4.0 MB
The Cenozoic Detrital Iron Deposits of the Hamersley Province of Western Australia – A Tribute to Mal KneeshawR C Morris
9.9 MB
The Effect of Carbonate Alteration on Detrital Mass Strength and Implications for Geotechnical Slope DesignH Baxter, M Eggers, A Muhairini and J Smith
4.5 MB
The Use and Optimisation of Ferrous Feed at the Whyalla Blast FurnaceJ Tsalapatis, M Middleton, R Keil, S Kerec and G Caddy
5.5 MB
The Use of Common Business Intelligence and Analytics Tools in the Operation and Optimisation of Iron Ore Process PlantsM R Fry, T Nassis, P Louw and T du Toit
3.2 MB
Three-dimensional Mapping of Magnetite and Hematite Concentrations from Reprocessing of Detailed Aeromagnetic DataD A Clark, C A Foss, J Austin and D Hillan
10.3 MB
Understanding the State of Innovation in the Iron Ore IndustryG Stanway, P Mahoney, D Andrew and C Griebel
4.4 MB
Unlocking Plant Capability through Targeted Debottlenecking of Arrium’s Magnetite ConcentratorC Stanton, M Mativenga, J Gerber and C Jenkins
1.9 MB
Unravelling the Factors Impacting on Concentrate Quality by Geometallurgical Data Analysis at Fortescue Metals Group’s Iron Bridge Magnetite MineA Manfrino
13.2 MB
Using Geometallurgy during Process Optimisation Activities at the Southern Middleback Ranges Magnetite ConcentratorJ Gerber, C Stanton and D Olwagen
2.7 MB
Waste Not, Want Not – Delving Deeper into the Simbili Iron Ore Deposit using HyLogging™ Scanning TechnologyM A Wells and E R Ramanaidou
6.7 MB
What is the Future for Magnetite Projects in Australia and Why Have Some of the New Projects Been So Problematic?D Connelly
3.8 MB