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Conference Proceedings
Published in 2015

PACRIM 2015 was held 18–21 March, in Hong Kong, China. The conference focused on research, exploration and development of mineral deposits around the Pacific Rim. It attracted geologists, geophysicists and geochemists exploring in the Pacific Rim; people interested in the mineralisation processes of active tectonic margins; and those developing projects following discovery in these regions. The program included six keynotes and over 90 presentations, covering themes such as exploration techniques, mining investments, new project developments, mineralisation styles and processes, and case studies.

Note: the proceedings contains extended abstracts only.

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A Comparison of Fluid Origins and Compositions in Iron Oxide-copper-gold and Porphyry-Cu (Mo-Au) DepositsB Rusk, P Emsbo, R P Xavier, L Corriveau, N Oliver and D Zhang
4.0 MB
A Model for the Intrusive Sequence and Cu-Zn Skarn Formation at the Antamina Deposit, PeruS A Mrozek, Z Chang and L D Meinert
7.3 MB
Accumulation of Trace Elements into Black Shale – How to Identify a Viable Source Rock for Orogenic and Carlin-style Gold DepositsD D Gregory, R R Large, J A Halpin, E Lounejeva, S Wu, S W Bull, P J Sack, T Lyons and A Chappaz
887.7 KB
Advances in Research on Metallogenic Mechanisms for the Xitieshan Sedimentation-exhalation Lead-zinc Deposit, Qinghai Province, ChinaZ X Zhao, J H Wei, S N Liang and S Q Zhao
1023.1 KB
Amphibole Au-Cu Skarn and Massive Sulfide Replacement at the Peak Deposit, Eastern Interior, AlaskaP Illig and R Newberry
4.6 MB
Application of High-resolution Seismic Reflection Surveys to Exploration for Blind Vein Systems at the Cracow Low-sulfidation Epithermal FieldR Smith, J Cook, S Pike and D Pridmore
1.9 MB
Australia’s Potential for Nickel Sulfide Ore Systems – A New Continental-scale Time-space Framework for ExplorationR G Skirrow, H Dulfer, K Czarnota, D C Champion, J Thorne, M Cooper and J Claoué-Long
613.0 KB
Benefits of Due Diligence in Private Equity Mining Investments – Maximising Value and Unearthing Common RisksA Keogh, P Stoker and M Thomas
2.9 MB
Challenges in Maximising the Value from Epithermal Gold DepositsS Konopa, R Chesher, E Gleeson, P Allen and D Boakye
1.3 MB
Chromite and Platinum-group Elements Coprecipitation by Crustal Contamination or Magma Mixing Revisited – Genetic and Exploration ImplicationsS A Prevec
1.2 MB
Chromium and Rare Earth Elements Mobility by Sodium-bearing High-temperature Hydrothermal Solution – An Example from Mantle Diopsidite and Crustal DiopsiditeN Akizawa, S Arai and A Tamura
2.3 MB
Cogenetic Formation of the Peralkaline Syenite and Oxide Ore-bearing Layered Gabbroic Intrusion of the Baima Igneous Complex, Emeishan Large Igneous Province, South-west ChinaJ G Shellnutt, T W-Y Hsia, T-C Liu and Y Iizuka
1.9 MB
Composition, Lithochemistry and Radiogenic Isotopes of Porphyritic and Equigranular Intrusions in the Ertsberg Mining District, Papua, IndonesiaG de Jong, W Sunyoto and M Cloos
3.3 MB
Conceptual Exploration for Tin, Gold and Diamond Placer Deposits in ‘Sundaland’ (Indonesia and Malaysia) by Understanding the Late Cainozoic Stratigraphic ContextD A-F Batchelor
1.7 MB
Cracking the Metallogenetic Code for Fijian Epithermal Gold MineralisationK Collerson, S Lal, Q Williams and S Rost
2.6 MB
Diatreme Breccia-hosted Epithermal Gold Deposit at Ridge Mountain, Eastern Mindanao, PhilippinesJ Kucera
2.0 MB
Discovery Performance for Gold and Base Metals in the Pacific/South-East Asia – 2005–2014R C Schodde
3.8 MB
Disparate Tectonic Settings for Mineralisation in an Active Arc, Eastern Papua New Guinea and the Solomon IslandsR J Holm, S W Richards G Rosenbaum and C Spandler
2.5 MB
Elaine Dorothy Cu-Au (REE-U) Skarn DepositP Sha, C Spandler and Z Chang
787.7 KB
Exploration and Mining – The Need for InnovationJ F H Thompson
425.1 KB
Exploration for Epithermal Gold Deposits in New ZealandA B Christie and R G Barker
2.0 MB
Exploration Implications from Variations in Whole-rock and Mineral Chemistry around the Volcanic-hosted Massive Sulfide Deposits of the Que-Hellyer Volcanics, Tasmania, AustraliaS Wu, J B Gemmell, A W McNeill and S M Richardson
2.6 MB
Exploration in the Pacific Rim – Evolving Geology amidst Challenging GeopoliticsM Canby
377.9 KB
Exploration of the Townsville Cu-Au-Ag Skarn, Western Province, Papua New Guinea – Preliminary Observations of Paragenesis and ZoningR W Smillie, P J Pollard, D R Hastings, A Yame, M Tangwari, J Garu and E Atase
1.2 MB
Exploration Success at the Martabe Gold Mine, IndonesiaS Crispin, J Hertrijana and P Albert
2.6 MB
Fluid Inclusion and Isotopic Constraints on the Mineralisation of the Shagou Ag-Pb-Zn Deposit, Henan Province, ChinaJ-S Han, J-M Yao and H Chen
467.4 KB
From Waste to Wealth – Mineral Extraction from Geothermal BrinesE Mroczek, M P Simpson, M Climo and B Carey
823.1 KB
Genesis of the Large-sized Fozichong Lead-zinc Polymetallic Deposit, Guangxi, South China – Constraints from the Sulfide Mineralogy, Fluid Inclusions and Isotope GeochemistryW Fu, H Q Zhang, M C Chai, Q J Yang, H Y Chen and L M Wei
1.1 MB
Geology and Geochronology of the Mo-polymetallic Ore Deposits in Hainan Island, South ChinaD R Xu, G C Hu, C J Wu, Y R Fu and H Chen
2.4 MB
Geology, Chronology and Isotope Geochemistry of the Yaojialing Zinc-gold Deposit, Tongling Ore District, Anhui Province, ChinaG X Zhong, T F Zhou and Z S Chang
3.1 MB
Geology, Mineralisation and Alteration of the Tuwu-Yandong Porphyry Cu Deposit, North-west ChinaB Xiao, H Chen, Y Wang and J Yang
712.8 KB
Gold Deposits in the Xiong’ershan District, Southern North China Craton – Products of Triassic Deformation and Cretaceous Craton DestructionJ-W Li and K F Tang
460.5 KB
Gold Mineralisation along the Nam Xiang Fault, Vieng Kham Project, North-east LaosM Greentree, M J M Cunningham and J H Liu
1.1 MB
Granitoids Associated with Porphyry Cu Deposits in the Central Asian Orogenic Belt – Characteristics and Oxygen FugacityP Shen, K Hattori, H Pan, S Jackson and E Seitmuratova
2.0 MB
High-grade Porphyry Copper-gold Mineralisation in North-west Ecuador – The Alpala Cu-Au Porphyry DiscoveryB Rohrlach, O Poma, B Rosero, J Silva and J Ward
5.5 MB
High-resolution Characterisation of Gold Mineralisation at Plutonic Gold Mine, Western Australia – Evidence for the Late-stage Deposition of High-grade GoldM F Gazley, G Duclaux, L A Fisher, R M Hough and M A Pearce
1.1 MB
High-sulfidation Epithermal Cu-Ag-Au Deposit, Kluwih, Eastern Java, Indonesia – Alteration and Implications for Potential Porphyry Cu MineralisationJ S-L Chan
1009.9 KB
How Leaky are Oceanic Ridge Axes? A New Assessment of the Spatial Density of Submarine Hydrothermal DischargeE T Baker, J A Resing, F Martinez, R Haymon, S L Walker and V Ferrini
1.9 MB
Hydrothermal Alteration Process in Active Sea Floor Hydrothermal Systems in the Okinawa Trough, from a Viewpoint of a Modern Analogue for the Kuroko-type Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide DepositsJ Ishibashi and Y Miyoshi
1.9 MB
Hydrothermal Rare Earth Element Mobilisation Processes in the Yinachang Fe-Cu-(REE) Deposit, South-west ChinaX Li and M-F Zhou
905.3 KB
Iron Isotope Fractionation in Magmatic-hydrothermal Minerals – A Porphyry Copper Case Study from the Batu Hijau Deposit, Sumbawa, IndonesiaC M Wawryk, J D Foden and S L Garwin
2.3 MB
Kainantu Gold-copper System, Papua New GuineaA J Vigar, B Lueck, I Taylor, K Prendergast and P Dale
5.2 MB
Kiruna-type Iron Deposits in the Mesozoic Ningwu Volcanic Basin, Eastern China – Origin and Relationship to Subvolcanic Dioritic IntrusionsX-F Zhao, L-P Zeng and J-W Li
1.7 MB
Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Study on Fluid Inclusions of the Baiyinnuo’er Skarn Zn-Pb Deposit, North-east ChinaQ Shu, J Hammerli, Z Chang, Y Lai and J-M Huizenga
3.7 MB
Mapping Hydrothermal Minerals in New Zealand Geothermal Fields Using Reflectance Spectroscopy (VNIR-SWIR) and Application to Mineral Deposit ExplorationM P Simpson, G Bignall, A J Rae, A B Christie and I Chambefort
1.2 MB
Mesozoic Metallogeny in East China and Their Geodynamic ProcessesJ W Mao, G Q Xie and Y B Cheng
479.4 KB
Metallogeny and Related Tectonic Settings in ChinaF Pirajno
2.9 MB
Misima Gold Mine – A Case Study in the Use of Historical Data for an Updated Mineral Resource EstimateS Konopa, R Lewis, R Logan, C Switzer and P Stoker
1.4 MB
Modelling Structural and Lithological Controls on the Mobility of Fluids and Gold in Orogenic Belts – Examples from New Zealand and TaiwanP Upton and D Craw
1023.9 KB
Non-magmatic versus Magmatic Fluids in the Genesis of Archean and Palaeoproterozoic Iron Oxide-copper-gold Systems of the Carajás Mineral Province (Brazil)R P Xavier, L V S Monteiro, C P N Moreto, G H C Melo and E S B Santiago
2.2 MB
North Baikal Region Ni-Cu DepositsE V Kislov
1.1 MB
O and C Isotope Study of Bastnäs-type Rare Earth Element Mineralisation, Bergslagen, SwedenF Sahlström, E Jonsson, K Högdahl, C Harris, V R Troll and E M Jolis
2.1 MB
Orogenic Gold Deposits – A Two-stage Process of Gold EnrichmentR R Large
1.2 MB
Platinum Group Elements in the Baima and Taihe Fe-Ti Oxide-bearing Gabbroic Intrusions of Emeishan Large Igneous Province and Problems on Propensity of Magma Series for Sulfide- versus Oxide-dominated Deposit TypesG Ma, J G Shellnutt and L Qi
1.3 MB
Platinum Potential of the Pacific Rim of Ural-Alaskan-type IntrusionsYu Nazimova and G Ryan
732.7 KB
Podiform Chromitites Do Form beneath Mid-ocean RidgesS Arai
470.1 KB
Proterozoic Iron Oxide-copper-gold Mineralisation in the Kangdian Region, South-west Yangtze Block, China – A Case Study on the Yinachang Fe-Cu-Au-Rare Earth Element DepositL Hou, J Ding, J R Zhang, S B Zhu, S Y Wu and H J Peng
3.7 MB
Rare Earth Element Deposits and Prospective Areas in South-East AsiaK Sanematsu
962.4 KB
Recent Advances in Porphyry Copper Geology and Their Exploration UtilityR H Sillitoe
1.6 MB
Recent Developments in Understanding of and Exploration for Epithermal Deposits in Volcanic ArcsJ W Hedenquist
1.9 MB
Remnants of Ancient Australia in Vanuatu – Implications for South-west Pacific Tectonics and Mineralisation PotentialC Spandler, J Buys, R J Holm and S W Richards
4.2 MB
Resource Definition in the World-class Macraes Gold Mine, New ZealandJ Moore and S Doyle
2.5 MB
Review on the Ore Deposit Denudation DegreeS N Liang, J H Wei, Z X Zhao and S Q Zhao
468.9 KB
Rheological Controls on the Geometry of the Currawong Volcanic-hosted Massive Sulfide Deposit, Lachlan Fold Belt, Victoria, South-east AustraliaT G Blenkinsop, D Macklin and R Hammond
1.0 MB
Secular Variations in the Abundance and Characteristics of Volcanic-hosted Massive Sulfide Deposits – Implications for Evolution of Convergent Tectonics and Ocean GeochemistryD L Huston, B Eglington, S Pehrsson, S Piercey and M Doublier
865.6 KB
Setting for Success – Private Equity Exploration and Mining Project Buy-in to Listing and DivestmentP Allen, P Stoker and A Keogh
465.1 KB
Skarn-porphyry Transition – An Example from the Antamina Skarn, PeruZ Chang, S A Mrozek, L D Meinert and S Windle
840.3 KB
Stope Stability at the Big Gossan Skarn Deposit, Papua, IndonesiaK Sari, G de Jong, P Silalahi and W Sunyoto
3.3 MB
Stratigraphy of the Thomson Orogen – New Insights from Mount McLaren, North-east AustraliaM Lee, C Verdel, K Welsh and A Oorloff
1.7 MB
Structural and Lithological Controls on the Location of Orebodies in the Baizhangzi Lode Gold Deposit in Western Liaoning Province, ChinaL Xiong, J H Wei and W J Shi
1.8 MB
Structural Controls on Gold Mineralisation in the South-eastern Truong Son Fold-thrust Belt and its Significance in Regional MetallogenyH T Tran, K Zaw, T X Le and T Manaka
1.5 MB
Structural Controls on the Localisation of Low-sulfidation Epithermal Mineralisation in West Java, IndonesiaM J M Cunningham, M Muharam, L Damanik, E Hermawan and J Widjaja
7.2 MB
Study on the Huoqiu Banded Iron Formation, West Anhui Province, East ChinaX Yang, L Liu and B Wang
1.7 MB
Style of Veins in Penjom Gold Mine, Malaysia – Implications for Gold Mineralisation and Structural EpisodesZ Endut, T F Ng, J H Abdul Aziz and G H Teh
996.9 KB
Technical Considerations of Public Listing and Ongoing Compliance for Minerals CompaniesM Berry, P Stoker, P Stephenson, C Arnold and G Mosher
461.1 KB
Tectonic Severance of Links between Placer Gold and its Sources, Southern New ZealandD Craw and P Upton
1.3 MB
The Calc-silicate-hosted Watershed Tungsten Deposit, Far North Queensland, AustraliaM Griessmann and J Williamson
6.3 MB
The Composition of Disseminated, Gold-bearing Sulfides within the Three-dimensional Framework of Bulk Au, As and Sb in the Globe-Progress Orogenic Gold Deposit, Reefton Goldfield, New ZealandP M J Durance, A B Christie, C McIntosh and M Carder
1.4 MB
The Connection between Evaporites and Iron Oxide-apatite Deposits, Yangtze River, China – Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Na, S, Cl and Br in Fluid InclusionsW T Li, A Audétat and J Zhang
1.1 MB
The Discovery of the Nam San Copper-gold Deposit, Phu Kham, LaosP W Leaman, B A Tucker and K J F Logan
3.1 MB
The Frieda Kiss – Keeping It SimpleL D Queen and S J Tear
1.9 MB
The Gosowong Goldfield – A World-class Epithermal Gold-silver District in IndonesiaN Fitzpatrick, A Harris, F MacCorquodale and D Wardiman
4.8 MB
The History of Mining in Hong KongJ C T Chu and J S-L Chan
1.7 MB
The Kharmagtai Porphyry Breccia Complex – Characteristics of Early Carboniferous Porphyry Mineralisation in the Gurvansaikhan Belt, Southern MongoliaA L Stewart and M Baatar
1.4 MB
The Kulumadau Epithermal Breccia-hosted Gold Deposit, Woodlark Island, Papua New GuineaD Burkett, I Graham, L Spencer, P Lennox, D Cohen, H Zwingmann, F Lau, B Kelly and D Cendon
3.6 MB
The Mabilo Copper-gold-iron Deposit – A New Skarn Discovery in the PhilippinesN A Reynolds, R Ayres, R N McLean and G Maude
2.9 MB
The Mesozoic Iron Oxide-copper-gold (IOCG) Mineralisation in the Central Andes – A Refined IOCG Ore-forming Model in the Palaeozoic Continental MarginH Chen
464.9 KB
The Sepon Copper Deposits (Laos) and Their Relation to Carlin-like Gold MineralisationJ B Cannell, J Stewart, P Williams, M Wallace, C F Burrett and B Davis
5.5 MB
The Tectonics, Geology and Gold-copper Metallogeny of New GuineaS L Garwin
2.7 MB
The Tifalmin Porphyry Copper Gold District, Star Mountains, Western Papua New GuineaL D Queen
1.1 MB
Timing and Geodynamic Setting of the Late Palaeozoic Polymetallic Mineralisation in Chinese North-western Tianshan – Insights from Geochronology and Petrogenesis of GranitoidsN Tian, J H Wei, L-B Fu and J Tan
468.5 KB
Two Hg-Au Occurrences in the West Sumatra Permian Volcanic-Plutonic Arc West of Bangko in Sumatra, IndonesiaM J Crow, I M van Waveren and F Hasibuan
1.3 MB
Using Sedimentary Pyrite Chemistry to Inform Regional Exploration for Sediment-hosted Gold Deposits – A Gold Fertility Case Study from the Selwyn Basin Area, YukonP J Sack, D D Gregory, R R Large and L V Danyushevsky
905.5 KB
Where is the Source of the World-famous Nanling W–Sn Polymetallic Mineralisation?H Li
471.1 KB
Zircon Trace Elements and Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf Isotope Systematic of the Halasu Porphyry Cu Belt, North-east Xinjiang, ChinaC Wu and H Chen
454.2 KB