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Orebody Modelling and Strategic Mine Planning SMP 2014

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2014

The Orebody Modelling and Strategic Mine Planning Symposium 2014 followed the outstanding success of previous symposia in 2004 and 2009, reassessing methods and ideas proposed as well as highlighting the latest advances, state-of-the-art technologies, practices and concerns in the field. Over three days, internationally-recognised experts from Australia and around the globe discussed and analysed the following: simultaneous global optimisation of multiple operations and mining complexes; mineral supply chains; advances in optimisation of open pit and underground mine planning; increasing value and productivity in unforgiving markets; strategic innovation and research needs; open pit to underground transition; mine production scheduling, stockpiling and blending; cloud computing and advances in information technologies for optimisation; advances in conditional simulation for complex applications and advances and applications in mine optimisation.

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A Stochastic Optimisation Formulation for the Transition from Open Pit to Underground Mining within the Context of a Mining ComplexJ MacNeil and R Dimitrakopoulos
571.6 KB
Adaptation of an Open Pit Optimiser for Underground Strategic PlanningB Roberts and M Bloss
6.3 MB
Aligning Resource Estimates with Mine PlanningD Kentwell
420.2 KB
An Application of Simultaneous Optimisation – Improving the Payback Period of a Zinc-Copper Open Cut ProjectD J Thobaven
6.8 MB
An Open Pit Multistage Mine Production Scheduling Model for Drilling, Blasting and Excavating OperationsE Kozan and S Q Liu
393.7 KB
Applicability of Categorical Simulation Methods for Assessment of Mine Plan RiskA Jewbali, R Perry, L Allen and R Inglis
14.6 MB
Application of the Theory of Constraints to Strategic and Tactical Mine PlanningA Finch and T Elkington
2.1 MB
Applying Modern Heuristics to Maximising Net Present Value through Cut-off Grade OptimisationC A Myburgh, K Deb and S Craig
2.5 MB
Approaches to the Simulation of Compositional Data – A Nickel-Laterite Comparative Case StudyU Mueller, R Tolosana-Delgado and K G van den Boogaart
3.4 MB
Assessing Uncertainty with Drill Hole Spacing Studies – Applications to Mineral ResourcesG Verly, T Postolski and H M Parker
663.0 KB
Capital Expenditure Modelling for Strategic Mine SchedulingL Blackwell
2.8 MB
Comparison between Gaussian Processes and Dynamic Time Warping for Classification of Marker Shales in Iron Ore DepositsK Silversides and A Melkumyan
700.7 KB
Consideration for Multiobjective Metaheuristic Optimisation of Large Iron Ore and Coal Supply Chains, from Resource to MarketJ Balzary and A Mohais
549.8 KB
Cost Management OptimisationB King
478.8 KB
Cut-off Grade-based Sublevel Stope Mine Optimisation – Introduction and Evaluation of an Optimisation Approach and Method for Grade Risk QuantificationM T Bootsma, C Alford, J Benndorf and M W N Buxton
6.7 MB
Demonstrating Efficiency Gains from Installing Truck Turntables at CrushersM Brazil, P A Grossman, J H Rubinstein and D A Thomas
9.1 MB
Enhancing Risk Management in Strategic Mine Planning through Uncertainty AnalysisC Fricke, P Velletri and R Wood
561.9 KB
Geometallurgical Modelling and Ore Tracking at Kittilä MineD La Rosa, L Rajavuori, J Korteniemi and M Wortley
4.6 MB
Globally Optimising Open Pit and Underground Mining Operations under Geological UncertaintyL Montiel, R Dimitrakopoulos and K Kawahata
5.2 MB
Implementing a New Heuristic Approach to the Underground Mine Stope Layout ProblemD S S Sandanayake, E Topal and M W A Asad
3.9 MB
Improving the Accuracy of Uncertainty Models through High-order ConditioningM Godoy and C Meagher
155.4 KB
Incorporation of a Full Process Plant Model as an Active Constraint for Mine Planning and Production SchedulingR A Bearman, P Cesare, S Munro and D Wandel
3.3 MB
Is Truck Queuing Productive?D Kostyuk, S Thomas, P Malkin and P M Stone
6.9 MB
Joint Simulation of Correlated Variables Using High-order Spatial Statistics for Orebody ModellingI Minniakhmetov and R Dimitrakopoulos
3.1 MB
Life of Asset Planning, Uncertainty and Value Optimisation of the Iron Ore Business – From Exploration, to Market, to ClosureJ McCluskey and N Barros
3.7 MB
Mineral Supply Chain Optimisation under Uncertainty Using Approximate Dynamic ProgrammingC Paduraru and R Dimitrakopoulos
1.3 MB
Modelling Open Pit and Underground Production Scheduling in ConcertB King
1.5 MB
Multivariate Block Simulations of a Lateritic-type Nickel Deposit and Post-processing of a Representative SubsetO Bertoli, J Deraisme and P Epinoux
6.5 MB
Not for the Faint-HeartedJ Whittle
174.9 KB
On the Joint Multipoint Simulation of Discrete and Continuous Geometallurgical ParametersK G van den Boogaart, R Tolosana-Delgado, M Lehmann and U Mueller
2.3 MB
Open Pit Strategic Mine Planning with Automatic Phase GenerationG Juarez, R Dodds, A Echeverria, J I Guzman, M Recabarren, J Ronda and E Vila-Echague
760.0 KB
Open Pit Transition Depth Determination through Global Analysis of Open Pit and Underground Mine Production SchedulingK Dagdelen and I Traore
5.1 MB
Optimal Inference of Modelling Parameters to Simulate Complex Trends across Soft Boundaries – A Case Study in Heavy Mineral SandsT Wambeke and J Benndorf
4.0 MB
Optimising a Mineral Supply Chain under Uncertainty with Long-term Sales ContractsJ Zhang and R Dimitrakopoulos
1.0 MB
Optimising the Long-term Mine Waste Dump Progression and Truck Hour Schedule in a Large-scale Open Pit Mine Using Mixed Integer ProgrammingY Li, E Topal and S Ramazan
7.1 MB
Ore Selection Optimisation for an Iron Ore Deposit Using Linear ProgrammingM Aros and L Reilly
1.5 MB
Parallel Implementation of a Tabu Search Procedure for Stochastic Mine SchedulingR Senécal and R Dimitrakopoulos
815.3 KB
Predicting Mill Ore Feed Variability Using Integrated Geotechnical/Geometallurgical ModelsJ Jackson, J Gaunt and M Astorga
1.7 MB
Production Schedule Optimisation – Meeting Targets by Hedging against Geological Risk while Addressing Environmental and Equipment ConcernsM Spleit
1.4 MB
Sensor-based Real-time Resource Model Reconciliation for Improved Mine Production Control – A Conceptual FrameworkJ Benndorf, M W N Buxton and M S Shishvan
3.7 MB
Simulating Extraction Shapes to Understand Financial Risk Using High Performance ComputingE Lima, D Gregory, A Lapworth and C Faria
2.8 MB
Simulation Optimisation of Mine Operational PlansH Askari-Nasab, S P Upadhyay, E Torkamani, M Tabesh and M M Badiozamani
1.2 MB
Solving a Large Stochastic Integer Programming Model for Production Scheduling at a Gold Mine with Multiple Processing Streams and Uncertain GeologyM de Freitas Silva
1.4 MB
Stochastic Optimisation of Mineral Value Chains – Developments and Applications for the Global Optimisation of Mining Complexes with UncertaintyR Goodfellow and R Dimitrakopoulos
1.6 MB
Stochastic Production Scheduling – Solution through Langrangian Relaxation with the Branch-and-cut AlgorithmS Chatterjee
1.1 MB
Strategic Underground Mine Access Design to Maximise the Net Present ValueK G Sirinanda, M Brazil, P A Grossman, J H Rubinstein and D A Thomas
1012.6 KB
Strategies for Mine Planning and DesignP A Dowd, C Xu and S Coward
13.1 MB