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AusRock 2014: Third Australasian Ground Control in Mining Conference

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2014

AusRock 2014: Third Australasian Ground Control in Mining Conference was held in Sydney, NSW. It was jointly hosted by the International Society of Rock Mechanics and its affiliates in Australasia, the Australian Geomechanics Society, the New Zealand Geotechnical Society and the Eastern Australia Ground Control Group. The conference provided an update to mining industry geotechnical personnel on best practice in both Australasia and overseas. It acted as an information exchange vehicle between the coal and metalliferous sectors of the industry, with a focus on new technologies and developments, industry needs and mine site problem solving and practical case studies. Papers presented covered all mining sectors, focusing on new technologies and developments, industry needs and problem solving and practical case studies related to ground control in mining.

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ProductAuthorsFile SizePrice 
A Bounding Surface Model for Sand Subjected to Blast-induced VibrationsT H Xu, L M Zhang and J Zhao
975.5 KB
A New Tool for Extensometer Data Analysis and Improved Understanding of Geotechnical Risk FactorsP Corbett, P Sheffield and M Szwec
22.6 MB
A Non-destructive Testing Method for Measuring Bolt ConditionB Jones and M Chappell
6.9 MB
A Strain-based Failure Criterion for Pillar Stability AnalysisO Gaede, C Schrank, I Canbulat and A Karrech
410.0 KB
An Introduction to Discrete Fracture Network Modelling and its Geotechnical ApplicationsF M Weir and M Fowler
6.9 MB
Analysis of Geotechnical and Support Parameters on Coalmine Entry Stability Using the Strength Reduction MethodG S Esterhuizen, M M Murphy and T S Bajpayee
3.6 MB
Application of Design by Measurement for Support and Pillar Design in Mechanised Room and Pillar Coal Mining in IndiaK M MacAndrew, A S Garcia, I D Gregson and A Gandhe
8.6 MB
Application of the Distinct Lattice Spring Model on Toppling Failure of a Jointed Rock SlopeG F Zhao, N Khalili and J Zhao
2.9 MB
Better Prediction of Performance of a Slope Using Time-series Monitoring Data at Multiple Points in a Multistep ExcavationX Y Li and L M Zhang
1.4 MB
Case Study – Application of RISKGATE to Managing Strata Failure in an Australian CoalmineJ Harris, J Turner and P Kirsch
6.1 MB
Coal Bursts in the Deep Longwall Mines of the United StatesC Mark
1021.1 KB
Coalmine Pillar Design and Performance during Mechanised Pillar Extraction in IndiaK M MacAndrew, A S Garcia and I D Gregson
2.1 MB
Comparison of Field Estimated StrengthsA Duran
1.8 MB
Confirmation of Multiseam Extraction Rules for Black Rock Manganese Operations, Assmang, Northern Cape, South AfricaJ W L Hanekom, M K C Roberts, M G Magwaza, R Lousteau and P Piper
8.2 MB
Creep Due to Chemical Alteration of Rocks – A Case Study in Brown CoalS Kim, R Mackay and B J Wight
337.5 KB
Designing Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar Surveys for Mine Monitoring with Accuracy AssessmentM D Henschel, S Sato, R Ahola and M A McParland
4.1 MB
Development and Implementation of Spin-to-stall Resin at Anglo American’s Australian Underground Coal OperationsJ Emery, I Canbulat, P Craig, J Naylor and A Sykes
9.6 MB
Estimating the Rock Mass Strength of Hawkesbury SandstoneR Bertuzzi
9.1 MB
Estimation of Regional Stress State and Young’s Modulus of Ground at Torigatayama Limestone Mine in JapanJ Kodama, T Sasaki, D Fukuda, K Kaneko, Y Fujii and R Kudo
14.9 MB
Experiments on Rock Burst and its ControlM He and L R Sousa
21.2 MB
Exploring the Use of Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete in Large Diameter ShaftsP B Hills, D A O’Toole, D J Kilkenny and K L Seah
9.3 MB
From Sublevel Stoping to Sublevel Caving at Rana Gruber, Norway – Rock Mechanical AspectsI S B Bergh, N Q Trinh, A M Myrvang and B Nøst
9.5 MB
Geotechnical Challenges for Underground Commercial Space and Quarrying in AustraliaA B Bayooke and A C Robertson
7.8 MB
Geotechnical Management at the AGL Loy Yang MineB Jansen, J Missen and S Cyphers
6.9 MB
Geotechnical Models and Data Confidence in Mining Geotechnical DesignM J Dunn
286.9 KB
Laboratory Corrosion Tests of Frictional Rock BoltsD W Airey
834.5 KB
LaModel – A Program for Coalmine ModellingK A Heasley
2.9 MB
Longwall Mining beneath Critical Infrastructure – Prediction versus Performance of the Cataract Tunnel, New South Wales, AustraliaG Swarbrick, T J Sullivan and H Pinkster
10.2 MB
Measurement of Residual Shear Strength Using a Modified Direct Shear ApparatusL Tatnell, A Tolooiyan and R Mackay
8.2 MB
Mechanical Properties of Cementitious Grout Serving in Fully Grouted Cable Bolting SystemsJ Chen, P C Hagan and S Saydam
7.8 MB
Mechanical Properties of Cementitious Grout Serving in Fully Grouted Cable Bolting SystemsJ Chen, P C Hagan and S Saydam
7.8 MB
Mining through Sandfill Using Spiling BarsD Carroll
3.7 MB
Multislice Longwalling for Thick Seam Extraction – Properties of Goaf in the Roof and Gate Roads BehaviourS Prusek, Z Lubosik, M Plonka and B Syrek
5.6 MB
New Empirical Equations to Estimate the Hydraulic Aperture of Rock Discontinuities at Different DepthsM Zoorabadi, S Saydam, W Timms and B Hebblewhite
480.0 KB
Pillar Recovery Adjacent to Stabilised Rock Fill at the Ballarat Gold ProjectB L Sainsbury, D P Sainsbury, J Western, P E Petrie and V Mutton
11.7 MB
Prediction of Roof Collapse for Rectangular Underground OpeningsA M Suchowerska, J P Hambleton and J P Carter
1.7 MB
Redevelopment at Northparkes Following Significant Drive ClosureJ Samosir and L A Snyman
2.3 MB
Reflections on Empirical Methods in Geomechanics – The Unmentionables and Hidden RisksF T Suorineni
6.4 MB
RISKGATE – Shared Coal Mining Knowledge for Managing Risks across Ground ManagementP Kirsch, B Hebblewhite, D Sprott, J Harris, J Li, M Shi, B Whittaker, J M Galvin, P Bergin, R Mitra and D Williams
765.6 KB
Rock Mass Characterisation and Analysis for Excavation Design – A Discrete Fracture Network ApproachF M Weir and M Fowler
11.3 MB
Rock Strength Anisotropy and Its Importance in Underground Geotechnical DesignA Vakili, J Albrecht and M Sandy
5.8 MB
Rock Stresses at Ok Tedi, Papua New GuineaM F Lee, N R P Baczynski, K W Mills, I A de Bruyn and L Mollison
6.4 MB
Rock Stresses at Ok Tedi, Papua New GuineaM F Lee, N R P Baczynski, K W Mills, I A de Bruyn and L Mollison
6.4 MB
Rock Support System Degradation and Performance MetricsJ Hadjigeorgiou
Simulating Mine Backfill in a Fully Drained Condition Using Discrete Element ModellingA Hasan and A Karrech
2.3 MB
Temperature Monitoring of Hydraulic Fractures Used for Preconditioning Massive Conglomerate Strata to Reduce WindblastK W Mills, B G Blacka, R G Jeffrey and O Salisbury
6.3 MB
The Application of Rock Stress Inputs to Stability Assessments at Ok Tedi Mine, Papua New GuineaI A de Bruyn, N R P Baczynski, M F Lee, K W Mills, J Mylvaganam and D A Prado
22.5 MB
The Application of Virtual Reality Technology and Scientific Visualisation to the Understanding of Block Cave Mining SystemsJ Tibbett, F T Suorineni and B Hebblewhite
6.6 MB
The Consequences for Pillar Stability of Zero Confining Stress Brought about by Forced or Natural DrainageI Gray
1.2 MB
The Significance of Superincumbent Strata Stiffness and its Impacts on Coalmine DesignJ M Galvin
8.5 MB
The Strength Properties of Fibreglass and Other Polymer-based Dowels for Strata Reinforcement in CoalminesN Aziz, D Gilbert, J Nemcik, A Mirzaghorbnali and R Burton
15.6 MB
Towards the Implementation of Discrete Fracture Network Modelling as a Geotechnical Design Tool – Case Study of Callie Underground MineJ H Graaf, B J Barsanti, K Doumis and S F Rogers
7.6 MB