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EXPLO 2011

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2011

The theme of Explo 2011 was ‘Blasting – Controlled Productivity’ and a number of those applications of controlled productivity, along with technology advancements and case studies, are covered in the excellent papers assembled in this proceedings. The papers also cover themes such as blast damage, blast design and management, measurement, underground, vibration control and modelling over a range of areas including Leighton Wahana, Hail Creek Mine, Sunrise Dam and George Fisher Mine.

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Application of Technology for Final Wall Damage Control at Cerro Vanguardia, ArgentinaW R Adamson, V Muñoz and G Sarapura
1.5 MB
Applying Controlling Blasting to Minimise the Damage at the Water Dam Ramp 23 at Ensham ResourcesI Villalba
755.3 KB
Assigning Value to a Drill and Blast Wall Control Program Through Reduction in the Risk ProfileS B Sheldon
590.5 KB
Blasting Near Mine Surface InfrastructureA J Moore and A B Richards
1.2 MB
Controlled Blasting for Civil Construction in an Urban EnvironmentR Domotor
1.3 MB
Controlled Explosives Demolition of Concrete Bridge – Canberra 2010: Blast Design, Procedures, Risk Assessment and ExecutionN Elith, A Gordon and R Leeson
1.3 MB
Detonation Pressure and Temperature Measurements of Conventional and Low-Density ExplosivesI Onederra, G Cavanough and A Torrance
791.7 KB
Exploring Optimised Delay Timing for FragmentationC K McKenzie and W R Adamson
644.6 KB
External Influences on Electronic Detonator Blasting Systems and how to Protect Against Such InfluencesR van Wyk
512.7 KB
Geological Controls on Drilling and Blasting OperationsT N Little
1.6 MB
Impact of Initiation Mode of Explosives on Energy Release CharacteristicsP K Singh, A Sinha and V K Singh
764.1 KB
Improving Open Stope Productivity at Sunrise DamK Guilfoyle and S Tombs
579.5 KB
Improving Safety and Production – The Transition to Electronic Detonators at George Fisher MineM Breen and S Combrinck
631.0 KB
Making the Most of Blast MeasurementsD P Blair
805.1 KB
Modelling Dust Plume Movement Resulting from Surface Blasting OperationsS Bhandari
1.0 MB
Non-Ideal Shock Energy Factor versus Powder Factor for Open Pit Blast Design – ANFO and Chemically-Sensitised EmulsionsK G Fleetwood and E Villaescusa
585.1 KB
Planning for the Unexpected – The Origins of Quantity-Distance TablesD L Kennedy
473.7 KB
Prevention of Blast Induced Damage to Underground Mine Infrastructure from Open Pit Operations – A Case StudyA Campbell, K Henley and C Lilley
2.2 MB
Productive Partnership – Controlling Vibration and Maintaining Critical Electricity SupplyM Nagarajan, B Duncan, E Martin and M Rothery
2.2 MB
Quantification of Drill Hole Deviation – Century Mine Case StudyC D Pocock and P Stewart
620.2 KB
The Importance of Data Collection to the Blasting ProcessJ Hutchings and M Humphreys
2.9 MB
Through Seam Blasting – Leighton Wahana ExperienceS Agdaca, Yukiman and H Wibowo
2.1 MB
Utilising Electronic Detonators at Hail Creek Mine for ‘Dynamic Buffering’A Baker, D Skinner and R Lindsay
1.2 MB
Vibration Reduction to Presere the Integrity of an Aboriginal Rock Shelter Near Blast OperationsD P Blair and B P Kearney
861.7 KB