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Mine Planning and Equipment Selection (MPES) 2010

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2010

The 19th International Symposium on Mine Planning and Equipment Selection (MPES 2010) has been recognised as one of the leading forums for promoting international technology transfer, with the main focus on all aspects of mine planning, as well as mining equipment. Some of the topics covered in the proceedings include: advances in surface and underground mine planning design and computer application; drilling, blasting and excavation engineering; environmental issues; automation; equipment selection, utilisation and maintenance; feasibility case studies; health and safety; mine planning and block modelling; mining methods and planning; mining system monitoring and simulation; rock mechanics, geotechnical applications and mine environment and sustainable development.

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‘She’ll be Right Mate’ – Culture and SafetyP Milnes, N S Melkoumian, D Mather, T Milnes, A Stewart and L Tan
246.7 KB
A Comparison of Rebar and Spiral Bolts using Laboratory Pull-Out TestsS S Kang, D K Je, A Hirata and D Kim
1.8 MB
A New Effective Labour-Planning Model for MinesL D Meyer
255.0 KB
A New Genetic Algorithm for Open Pit Design – The Two-Dimensional CaseJ Saavedra-Rosas
363.2 KB
A New Model to Improve Ore Grade Reconciliation Between the Exploration Model and the MineA Parhizkar, M Ataee, P Moarefvand, V Rasouli and A H Bangian
523.6 KB
A Non-Linear Programming Model for Open Pit Mine Equipment SelectionA Aghajani Bazzazi, M Osanloo and B Karimi
1.1 MB
A Review of the Theory and Application of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Techniques in Mine PlanningC Musingwini
196.5 KB
A Simulation Approach for the Comparison of In-Pit Crushing and Conveying and Truck-Shovel Mining MethodsR Bearman and S Munro
3.7 MB
A Tool for Benchmark Study of Roadway Development PerformancesG Gibson and E Y Baafi
1.8 MB
Adaptation of Hydraulic Shovels for Arctic Temperature of Yakutia RegionR Y Poderni and H R Koelsh
59.9 KB
Advances in Continuous Miner AutomationJ C Ralston, M T Dunn, C Hargrave and D C Reid
11.0 MB
An Innovative Scaled Model to Simulate the Perimeter Hole Blasting in TunnelH-S Yang, H-D Jang, W-B Kim and P Rai
3.9 MB
An Investigation to Integrate Optimum Long-Term Planning with Short Planning in Underground Mine Production SchedulingM Nehring, E Topal, M Kizil and P Knights
214.2 KB
Application of Genetic Algorithms for Reliability Assessment of Two Mine Hoisting SystemsN Vayenas, X Wu and S Peng
280.8 KB
Application of Multi-Slicing Highwall Mining System with Stowing at Surface Coal Mine in ThailandA Hamanaka, T Sasaoka, H Shimada, K Matsui, H Takamoto, P Meechumna and P Laowattanabandit
7.4 MB
Assessment of Occupational Exposure to Whole-Body Vibration for Drivers of Mining Equipment V Dentoni, G Massacci and L Piras
143.2 KB
BATMIN – Business Analysis Tools for MiningD Heugh
340.5 KB
Blast Vibration Monitoring and Elastic Wave Reflection Models to Assess Blast-Induced Damage to Mine Infrastructure – An Underground Case StudyK G Fleetwood and E Villaescusa
3.8 MB
Case Study – The Mogiana Quarry ReclamationA Curi and O Quaglio
123.2 KB
Coal Bed Boundary Detection using Infrared Technology for Longwall Shearer AutomationK Nienhaus, F Mavroudis and M Warcholik
2.4 MB
Computer Simulation of Roadway Development to Support Longwall MiningE Y Baafi and I Porter
666.5 KB
Defining Optimal Post-Mining Land use for Different Sections of Mined Land Multi-Attribute Decision-Making Techniques in Through Different Open Pit MiningA Gholinejad and A H Bangian
330.8 KB
Determination of Fracture Toughness of Anisotropic Rocks Under Water Vapour Pressure by Semi-Circular Bend TestM Kuruppu, Y Obara and M Kataoka
2.5 MB
Developing Algorithms and a Computer Program to Predict the Peak Particle Velocity After Blasting in Open Pit Mines and Quarriesİ Topal, B Elevli and K Erarslan
255.5 KB
Economics of Mine Planning and Equipment SelectionI C Runge
156.5 KB
Energy Conservation in the Indian Mining Industry – An OverviewG K Pradhan
4.4 MB
Enterprise OptimisationG Whittle
345.8 KB
Equipment Selection – What is the Issue? What About the Application of Simulation Packages?M Campbell
201.6 KB
Fundamental Study of Acid Drainage Control using FlyashH Shimada, T Sasaoka, K Matsui, G J Kusuma, J Oya, H Takamoto, S Kramadibrata and B Sulistianto
186.9 KB
Fundamental Study on Fracturing Grouting for Shaft Lining Reinforcement at Deep Alluvium Seam in Eastern ChinaQ Yu, H Shimada, T Sasaoka and K Matsui
768.0 KB
Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm for Block Aggregation in Open Pit MinesH Askari-Nasab, M Tabesh, M M Badiozamani and H Eivazy
2.1 MB
Improvement of Mechanical Tool Performance by Waterjet AssistanceR Ciccu and B Grosso
1.6 MB
Information and Methodical Base of Simulation Modelling of Excavator-Truck-Conveyor Complex OperationS Zh Galiyev, A A Boyandinova and Zh A Adilkhanova
543.2 KB
Infrared Imager as a Tool for Monitoring of Power Shovels, Gearcase Bearings and Electric MotorsV Sergeev, M Zhuravlev and R Y Poderni
766.3 KB
Investigating the Sensitivity of Different Estimation Techniques over Block DimensionsA Hekmat and M Osanloo
1.2 MB
Mass Mining using Room and Pillar Methods at Estonia Oil Shale MineR Freeman and O Nikitin
1.4 MB
Mining Environmental Impacts Evaluation in a Karstic Zone using Geographical Information SystemsA Curi and V C Garcia
1.7 MB
Mining the LG6 Chromitite Layer – A Comparison of Two ApproachesS M Rupprecht
1.5 MB
More than Coal MiningJ Tourek
50.1 KB
Never Touch a Running System? Longwall Cutting Sequences and their PotentialK Nienhaus and S Hetzel
235.1 KB
Numerical Modelling of Monorail Support Requirements in Decline DevelopmentB Besa, M Kuruppu and E K Chanda
5.6 MB
Open Pit Production Scheduling Optimisation – Why the Mining Industry Needs a New Phase Design ApproachK Dagdelen
46.6 KB
Operative Expert Estimation of Innovative Policy of Mining Enterprise Technological Development using Sustainable Development PrinciplesS Zh Galiyev, A A Boyandinova and K K Zhusupov
142.9 KB
Optimisation Challenges in Underground Mine Planning and DesignH Rubinstein, M Brazil, P Grossman, D Lee, D Thomas and N Wormald
49.2 KB
Optimisation Improvements in Whittle using Stope Optimisation SoftwareS Keane
997.9 KB
Optimum Equipment Management Through Life Cycle CostingB Hall
129.2 KB
Path Planning and Position Control for Autonomous Loading Operation by Wheel LoaderS Sarata and N Koyachi
768.3 KB
Performance Evaluation of Machinery used in Dimensional Stone Mining and ProcessingS S Rathore and S C Jain
2.7 MB
Performance of the Coal Mine Openings and Pillars in Anisotropic Stress FieldÖ Yılmaz and T Ünlü
700.7 KB
Planning the Kotre Basantpur-Pachmo Coking Coal MineM D O’Brien, R Srikanth, A L Vidale and G M Springbett
844.7 KB
Precision Surface Mining – Choosing the Best Tool for the JobJ Hutchins
48.7 MB
Prediction of Near-Field Rock Damage Due to Production Blasting in Limestone Quarries, JapanS Wahyudi, H Shimada, T Sasaoka, S Kubota, Y Ogata and K Matsui
1.7 MB
Preliminary Study on the Improvement of Afforestation Techniques Applied to Aggregate Mines in JapanY Sakai, Y Sato, K Matsui, H Shimada and T Sasaoka
1.9 MB
Production Capacity Optimisation in the Presence of Grade UncertaintyT Elkington and F Grobler
1.0 MB
Ranking of Belt Conveyor Systems for Prefeasibility Study E Y Baafi and D A Bedward
396.0 KB
Reopening and Production Planning of Kırdar – Yoncalı Quarry, Turkeyİ Topal, B Elevli, H Akçakoca, K Oğul and M M Güleç
1.6 MB
Robust versus Flexible Open Pit Mine DesignB Groeneveld, E Topal and B Leenders
346.9 KB
Role of Ore Preparation During Chrysotile ManufacturingK K Zhusupov and S Y Punenkov
477.4 KB
Role of Physico-Mechanical Properties in Cutting Performance of Diamond Wire Saw in Marble Quarrying OperationS C Jain and S S Rathore
6.1 MB
Simulation and Animation Model for the Millerton Coal Mine (New Zealand)T O’Connell and J R Sturgul
117.0 KB
Simulation for Dependable Mining AutomationN Hillier and J Ryde
2.9 MB
Software Tools for Open Pit Trucking StudiesS Law
853.6 KB
Steel and Iron Ore Scenario – An Indian PerspectiveV S Rao
88.6 KB
Study on Utilisation of Flyash for Barrier Layer/Buffer Materials for Radioactive Waste DisposalT Sasaoka, H Shimada and K Matsui
1.5 MB
System Optimisation of Design and Scheduling of Open Mining OperationsB Bekmurzayev, D Bukeikhanov and Y Zulkarnayev
181.6 KB
Systematic Monitoring of Operation of Mining Companies and BranchesА Zharmenov, S Galiev, А Lisenkov and S Zhumabekova
107.5 KB
The Application of Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Processing to Define Optimal Post Mining Land use for Pit Area to Recognise Reclamation Costs in Open Pit MiningA H Bangian, M Ataei, A Sayadi and A Gholinejad
1.5 MB
The Effect of the Australian Carbon Trading Scheme on a Large Scale Open Pit Mining OperationE K Chanda, F Ball, J Dunstan, H Maier, P Mumford and C Shaw
934.7 KB
The EMESRT Approach to Equipment Design – Bringing End Users into the PictureG von Horsten
52.7 KB
The Next Challenge in Optimising Mining OperationsJ Whittle
124.8 KB
The Role of Cost Estimating in Mine Planning and Equipment SelectionJ B Leinart and O L Schumacher
900.1 KB
Ultimate Pit Limit of Iron Ore Mines using Maximum Flow AlgorithmsM Osanloo, M Rahmanpour and A Sadri
285.5 KB
Using Haulage Accidents and Incident Reports to Identify the Impact of Substandard Haul Road Design on Operational SafetyR J Thompson
1.1 MB