Mining Roundup

Mining Roundup Cairns

The 'Mining Roundup' is a one-day technical session held annually in Cairns, with around 15 speakers, discussing matters of interest to the mining industry in Far North Queensland. Papers are presented on a wide variety of subjects from economics, history, geology, mining, metallurgy, exploration, drilling, education, social aspects, mine closure.

This event was held in May 2018, 2017, 2016.



Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility Mining Roundup

Capricorn Copper Mine - Unearthing a Rare Copper Opportunity

Alkane resources - Corporate Presentation

South Johnstone Bauxite Project

Tomra Ore Sorting

Exploration & Mining Roundup - Projects in the Far North



GSQ-funded mineral geoscience research projects in north Queensland

Updated Geology & Metallogeny of the Chaters Towers-Ravenswood Gold Fields

A New Metallogenic Map of the Charters Towers Region

Metallica Minerals limited - Investor update

Alice Queen Ltd - Horn Island Project

Australasian Drilling institute pty ltd - Resourcing the future

The VALMIN Code - Some Further User Reflections

Butcher's Creek / Maytown - Three Jacks Project

What mining had done for Far North Queensland - a historical view

Laneway Resources - Sherwood Deposit, Agate Creek, North Queensland

Sustainable Solutions Global - Mine Closure Planning

Eloise Copper Mine - 20 years strong

Alkane Resources - Gold Producer and Developing the Strategic Dubbo Zirconia Project

Exploration & Mining Roundup - Projects in the Far North



Presentations from previous Mining Roundup events can be obtained on request from the Far North Queensland Branch .