International Mine Management Online Series

In 2016 the AusIMM brought together key leaders for our International Mine Management conference to share how they have transformed their organisations to drive results in this time of low commodity prices.

Watch these exclusive presentations online in your own time as the foremost leaders in our industry detail the strategies used to bring in high-performance cultures and deliver value.

The recordings are available to all AusIMM members and non-members.

Jim AskewThe Route to Success for Resource Companies - a Corporate Perspective

Jim Askew FAusIMM
Chairman, OceanaGold Corporation

With 30+ years of experience, including serving on the boards of more than 35 listed companies, Jim Askew tells how CEOs and directors should view success through the eyes of their shareholders. He describes how capital markets and investor relations are fundamental to creating and cultivating success and the importance of choosing the right chairperson and board structure.

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Alex BatesSecuring a Sustainable Future

Alex Bates
General Manager, Newmont Boddington Gold

Learn how Newmont has gone about securing its future as the largest gold producer in Australia while striving to achieve zero harm. Using the example of the company’s Boddington mine, Alex Bates details the strategies that Newmont has undertaken in its ‘Reaching our Full Potential’ program to improve the underlying business and create value for stakeholders.

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Sandeep BiswasThe Owners' Mindset

Sandeep Biswas MAusIMM
Managing Director & CEO, Newcrest Mining Ltd

In this presentation, Sandeep Biswas details the organisational transformation program undertaken by Newcrest to rapidly create a high-performance culture. Using the Owners’ Mindset throughout the organisation, where managers act like owners of the business, the company has driven major improvements.

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Nick BowenIs modern mine management working?

Nick Bowen MAusIMM
Principal, Bowen Advisory

Nick Bowen has worked in hundreds of mines on six continents, including as CEO and more recently as a senior advisor and coach. He examines recent changes in the mine management function, and challenges whether they are working or holding us back. Is the mining industry becoming the victim of functional stupidity? Do we have the right balance between administration and innovation?

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Nick CernottaInnovation Delivering Results

Nick Cernotta
Director Operations, Fortescue Metals Group

Learn how FMG has fostered a culture of innovation to deliver outstanding results in the challenging business conditions of recent years. Nick Cernotta discusses the relevance and importance of values and how they are the DNA of a corporate culture that leads to performance and innovation, as well as the company’s focus on continuous process improvement, speed and flexibility.

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Andrew ColeThinking and acting differently - does success depend on it?

Andrew Cole
Managing Director & CEO, Oz Minerals

In this presentation, Andrew Cole discusses strategy and innovation and explains that what differentiates companies is not so much the strategic direction they have, but the execution of that strategy. He details how OZ Minerals has achieved its growth by concentrating on execution and creating a company culture where innovative behaviours are complemented by sound fundamentals.

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Jacqui CoombesPublic Reporting - The Ethics of Quality Communication

Jacqui Coombes
Principal, Coombes Capability

Jacqui Coombes discusses the results of her recent study into the quality of reporting under the JORC Code, as well as ASIC’s Information Sheet 214 and the mining industry’s ability to interpret the regulations around this. She explains the public reporting process and the requirements of a Competent Person and the company’s board to ensure quality reporting.

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Graham EhmWhat lessons have we learned from the gold boom and how are we applying those today?

Graham Ehm MAusIMM
Executive Vice President – Planning and Technical, AngloGold Ashanti

In this presentation, Graham Ehm details how AngloGold Ashanti has responded to the rapid and sustained fall in the gold price since 2013, and how it is shaping the future using lessons learned over the period of the previous gold boom.

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Matt GillPeople and Risk - Be Wary of What You Don't Know

Matt Gill FAusIMM
Chief Operating Officer, White Rock Minerals

Matt Gill shares his thoughts and experiences on people management from 30 years in the minerals industry. People are at the centre of any business, and managing risk is most often about managing people. But what do we really know about people? What do we know about ourselves? Understanding ourselves and others is the key to being an effective manager and managing risk.

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Dr Vanessa GuthrieUranium - Australia's Untapped Potential

Dr Vanessa Guthrie
Managing Director, Toro Energy Limited

Vanessa Guthrie discusses Australia’s uranium potential and the contribution we can make to the significant growth in global energy needs anticipated over the next 20-50 years. She details the current uranium industry in Australia and the effect that the regulatory environment has on our ability for future development. She also provides in-depth details on Australia’s leading uranium project at Wiluna.

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Owen HegartyResources Industry Outlook and Innovation as a Driver

Owen Hegarty FAusIMM
Chairman, Tigers Realm Group

Owen Hegarty examines the future demand for resources in China, India, Indonesia and other developing nations, as well as regional prospectivity in terms of supply. He discusses Australia’s leadership in innovation and technology, including case studies on FMG, Tigers Realm Group and EMR Capital.

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Nick HollandCan Gold Mining Avoid the Sins of the Past?

Nick Holland
Chief Executive Officer, Gold Fields Ltd

In 2012, Nick Holland gave a seminal presentation at the Melbourne Mining Club detailing how, despite a boom, gold mining companies had not delivered value to their shareholders and called for change. Four years on, he looks at where we are now. Have we done enough? Are we ready to tackle what we hope will be the next bull run in the gold price?

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Andrew RansleyThe Age of Smart Iron

Andrew Ransley
General Manager, Asia Pacific, Caterpillar Global Mining

Andrew Ransley discusses the current technology revolution, the age of ‘smart’ iron, autonomous machines and the Internet of Things. What do these mean for mine management, improving safety and productivity and lowering costs?

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Mike SpreadboroughEmbracing innovation and driving change across the value chain

Mike Spreadborough FAusIMM
Chief Operating Officer, Sandfire Resources NL

Innovation and transformational change is becoming a critical theme for the minerals industry. Mike Spreadborough shares his perspective on the important role that innovation is playing across the value chain, from exploration to operations. Using the Sandfire Resources story, he demonstrates how innovation is no longer optional but must be part of the culture of every organisation.

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Franz WentzelDown but Not Out - Where to Next for the World's Top Miners

Franz Wentzel
Partner, Consulting – Energy, Utilities & Mining, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Slower, lower, weaker… but not defeated. Franz Wenzel presents PwC’s latest analysis of the global trends in the minerals industry.

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