AusIMM Student Chapters

Providing opportunities for students to network and share knowledge with peers, members and industry.


Student Chapters enable those studying minerals related courses to participate in the AusIMM. They provide the opportunity for students to mix with each other and industry professionals through technical and social functions.

Run by an elected committee of students, Student Chapters play an important part in providing opportunities for networking and friendship as well as the chance to link in with professionals already in the industry.

Contact a Student Chapter President  or click below to see local Chapter's Facebook activity:


AusIMM Canberra Student Chapter (ANU)
Jack Dennison
Canberra SC Facebook


AusIMM Newcastle Student Chapter (University of Newcastle, UNE)
Maxine Park
Newcastle SC Facebook

AusIMM Sydney Student Chapter (UNSW, Sydney University, Macquarie University)
David Looyschelder
Sydney SC Facebook

AusIMM Illawarra Student Chapter (University of Wollongong)
Gordon Akauma
Illawarra SC Facebook


AusIMM Southern Queensland Student Chapter (UQ, QUT)
Leslie Meintjes
Southern Queensland SC Facebook


AusIMM Adelaide Student Chapter (University of Adelaide, UniSA)
Matthew De Gennaro
Adelaide SC Facebook


AusIMM Tasmania Student Chapter (UTas)
Brydon Derley
Tasmania SC Facebook


AusIMM Ballarat Student Chapter (Fed Uni)
Ryan Marshall
Ballarat SC Facebook

AusIMM Melbourne Student Chapter (Melbourne, Monash, RMIT, Swinburne)
Alejandro Mari Chatkiewicz
Melbourne SC Facebook


AusIMM Kalgoorlie Student Chapter (WASM)
Hendrik Enslin
Kalgoorlie SC Facebook

AusIMM Curtin Student Chapter
Anthony Pietruszko
Curtin SC Facebook

AusIMM Murdoch Student Chapter
Daniel Dass
Murdoch SC Facebook

AusIMM UWA Student Chapter
Julian Jackson
UWA SC Facebook


AusIMM Hong Kong Student Chapter
Cloud Lo
Hong Kong SC Facebook


AusIMM New Zealand Student Representative
Anna Eames and Fraser Shand
New Zealand Branch Facebook


AusIMM Tarkwa Student Representative
Faustina Amadiok
Tarkwa Students Facebook

If your university does not have a Student Chapter or you are interested in becoming involved please contact us via the feedback form.

Benefits of student membership

An association is a collection of people furthering the needs of their profession in the broader community.

Joining a professional association is a way of enhancing your network and taking charge of your career.

Becoming a student Member of AusIMM is the beginning of your professional pathway into the minerals industry.

Key student benefits